Matchday 28: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Union Berlin 0-0

Posted: April 2, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Finally, Welcome Ryo 🙂


Ryo Miyaichi’s first appearance in Millerntor was the most important thing that happened yesterday evening, in a game between two squads that both wanted to win but both feared each other at the same time. Full time, FC Sankt Pauli 0 – FC Union Berlin 0, nice try you Boys in Brown, welcome (back) Ryo 🙂


Back after 2 weeks, entering the final sprint of the season, having already secured the season (for some) or having already lost our promotion chances (for some others), one way or another walking the last part of the road free from any kind of pressure – no worries, just football. This sounds quite good and relaxing at the end of a working week, especially when looking one year back – Fridays back then weren’t so relaxed 🙂 Off to Soridon then for a high-prestige game vs a tough as always opponent, coming together with some 3000 fans, should be interesting one way or another 😉

Tight game from the beginning but with Union being slightly bolder, hence creating a first minor situation with a Brandy parallel to the goal and very dangerous cross on 7′ but fortunately Hornschuh cleared the mess to a corner. First serious visit to the other end for the Boys in Brown, a Sobota tight-angled shot from within the upper left of the penalty box on 15′ – JUST over the bar, whoaaah! On with a tight game, both in and out of the pitch (where the loud presence of the Union crowd made things interesting, with both sides shouting/chanting and creating occasionaly a sonic chaos in Millerntor!), next BIG chance (21′, ouch!) for Union with a Pogatetz corner driven header just over Himmelmann’s crosbar and another big one on 31′ with Brandy failing to capitalize on Redondo’s poisonous cross from the left, in a situation where the entire FCSP defence got completely outrunned by the Union lads… FCSP finally started responding after sometime and almost opened the score on 32′ with a Sobiech supposed-to-be-goal header but the Union keeper Busk had a differenent opinion and dived to the end of the world, managing finally to touch the ball just as was required, in order to get (after maybe a contact with his left post first) the fuck out!  Thy’s dangerous pivot attempt, almost from the penalty spot, was successfully blocked by Leistner on 31′ – last big moment of the 1st half (39′) belonged to Union. Right flank free kick by Daube (who agreed with the Berliners almost a year ago with FCSP being at the bottom of the table, maybe just a coincidence, who knows…), Kreilach “and now you die” header and…an incredible save by Robin Himmelmann 😀 Half time, FCSP 0 – Union 0, after a half in which both squads could have score but with the guests being half a speed ahead.

Ewald :-)

Ewald 🙂

A complete deadlock at the beginning of the 2nd half with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happening (inside, on the terraces things were slightly better 🙂 ) until 67′ where a Rzatkowski direct shot from the edge of the box, facing the net, ended far away from target… A spectacular attempt by Thy and a good chance for FCSP on 74′ with our forward controlling with the chest (and his back on the net) Sobota’s cross and performing a Karate reverse kick with the ball ending only centimeters over Busk’s crossbar. Almost the shock on 77′ but Kreilach’s goal header was (correctly as the replay indicated) called off for offside position by the assistant referee… Thankfully we survived and, moments later, we all had the joy to get up and applause along with 30.000 in Millerntor and many more everywhere else Ryo Miyaichi at his first ever Millerntor appearance after a very unlucky season. Welcome boy, good times starting…NOW 😀 There was a little more left and we could have a last time Hell on Earth in Millerntor if Picault’s attempt to pass the ball over Busk on 87′ was only a little better but it didn’t happen – I suppose that full time whistle found both sides more or less satisifed after a match that could be lost as easily as won.

Picault's last chance on 87' - close...

Picault’s last chance on 87′ – close…

Fair result overall. Both wanted to win, noone wanted to lose (noone ever wants, you dummy 😀 ) even though there was nothing big at stake here except a tiny part of club prestige maybe, passion was there for both. Union was probably marginally better in details but looks safe to tell that after kickoff both sides left the field satisfied. So did we, if you’re a Sankt Pauli fan and your ass is not frying, you can live just fine without victories as long as passion and will are there 🙂

From now and until the end of the season, it’s a good chance for Ewald Lienen to try a few things and perhaps give a few chances to guys that don’t have so much playing time so far. Still this should be done carefully, meaning that next match should probably be excluded, at least at a “radical” level. We’re going to the south to play Freiburg and this is not a joke. These guys are marching towards Bundesliga full speed ahead, they feel good with it and they have no intention or reason to slow down, any slackness will be probably brutally punished! We don’t expect a victory there (not that we don’t want one) but we don’t want to see the squad getting devoured by SC Freiburg either 🙂 Tough challenge lies ahead but, as the poets of love, Bolt Thrower, say “No Guts, no Glory” 😉 So, get down there you Boys in Brown and give us a good reason  to wake up the neighborhood next Sunday – Forza!

Line Up:


Hornschuh Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Rzatkowski (Maier 71′) Nehrig

Sobota (Miyaichi 77′!) Alushi (Picault 82′) Buchtmann


Match goals:


Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobota(6), Buchtmann(6)

Match highlights

Our horrible/adorable Aprils Fool mascot, Zecki 🙂

andreas-rettig-posiert-mit--zecki- (1)

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