Matchday 29: SC Freiburg – FC Sankt Pauli 4-3

Posted: April 11, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Still cleaning the shit out of the seats.


How can I even describe this? Sankt Pauli lost eventually but seriously who gives a fuck? We gave all kinds of nightmare to a game Freiburg originally thought to be a walk in the park. Scum gathered along with friends from the Athens Club in Soridon café for another glorious SP adventure, with my stupid ass being certain of our victory (we’ve slain all the beasts of the second league after all), and Uncle Zouzounos being satisfied with a modest and humble 2-0 loss. Well SP somehow proved us both wrong but happy with the result.


The action started early in this game. On 3’ and after a corner kick Himmelmann cannot stop a shot from Kempf. So an early 1-0 sets the pace for the outcome of the game. Thy answers on 6’ with a header a little out of the posts. On 13’ Grifo fires of a thunder from 30 meters but causes no threat for Himmelmann. Way above him. Shots from both sides and many attempts. Sobota had the flanking duty on this game. Many attempts on goal started from him, but almost all of them had no luck ending on opponent feet or on the opponent keeper. Even though SP tried, Freiburg seemed to have the upper hand in this first half and gave us hard time on many occasions. On 22’ Niederlechner  opens the ball for Petersen. He misses and then the rebound gets blocked by Himmelmann. On 34’ another attempt for Freiburg with Stenzel. Himmelmann drives the ball out to corner. Right then when we felt kind of secure and discussing how unlucky we were to have a bad start to the game, there comes Grifo on  36’ with a direct free shot to drop even colder water to our shoulders. On 41’ Sobota against everyone, ends up in Freiburg’s box and tries to open the ball to Thy but Schwolow secures it. On 45’ he tries again the same thing only this time takes the shot on him. Not much chance though between three Freiburg defensives. Easy job for  Schwolow. Half time.

Second half underway and Sankt Pauli’s defensive and offensive frustration translated in an early substitution, unusual for Lienen, but again something should be done so we could get more precise. Kalla out and Maier in.  Things though didn’t seem ready to change yet. Petersen on 48’ and Niederlechner on 52’ brought heat to our box but Nehrig on 55’ decided to alter the scenario.  Corner kick and an air fight between Nehrig and Schwolow with the ball ending in the nets. Quick response on 60’ from Philipp who marches half of the field almost unattended and shoots changing the score to 3:1. Sankt Pauli though seemed to be walking up from the slumber of the first half. Continuous passes and ball down instead of high lobes lead to creative game play. Hornschuh attacks from right and takes many defensives upon him before he opens the ball to Alushi who fires from 19 meters and adds another one to our table. 3:2 and Freiburg desperately tried to answer to that as they found themselves unable to secure the score. On 85’ came their supposed salvation when Kempf was higher than everyone for the corner kick and with a nice header lead the score to a 4:2. Safe score right? Wrong. On 90′ Hornschuh gets slamed in Freiburg’s box. Ref whistles for penalty and Sobiech nails it. The extra time was Freiburg’s nightmare. Sankt Pauli constantly pressing forward for the evener, but unfortunately we needed one more minute. Final whistle sounded and the nightmare ended for Freiburg.

First time we lose with smiles on our faces. Who gives a fuck about winning or losing now? All we did was go out in a hot field like the one of Freiburg and drive them nuts. That’s the Sankt Pauli we know lads. This is the stuff of champions. Winning or losing we always should turn the opponent bloody no matter what. No matter what, hear that? This is what Sankt Pauli did. Proud to be in this squad damn it. It is like all those bad boys in the macho movies like to say. We may lose, but we’ll give you hell before we do. Next Saturday it is VFL Bochum stepping foot into Millerntor. We know what we wanna see now. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Hornschuh  Sobiech Ziereis Buballa

Buchtmann Nehrig (72′ Miyaichi) Alushi Kalla (46′ Maier)

Sobota Thy (79′ Picault)

Match goals:

1:0 Kempf (3′, Left Foot Shot, P. Stenzel)

2:0 Grifo (36′, Right Foot free kick)

2:1 Nehrig (55′, Header, Ziereis)

3:1 Philipp (60′, Left Foot Shot, Torrejon)

3:2 Alushi (75′, Right Foot Shot, Hornschuh)

4:2 Kempf (85′, Header, Grifo)

4:3 L. Sobiech (90′, Right Penalty Shot, Hornschuh)

Spectators: 24000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(6), Sobota(7)

Match highlights

Further reading:


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