Matchday 30: FC Sankt Pauli – VfL Bochum 2-0

Posted: April 17, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Fafast and furious 😀

Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt (dpa)

Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt (dpa)

Thanks to two goals from Fafa Picault, another big Himmelmann performance and a little dose of luck FCSP did the job yesterday, prevailing 2-0 over always dangerous VfL Bochum, and made another step towards securing the 4th place which of course hasn’t any serious significance but for sure is much better than chasing 16th 🙂 Keep playing you Boys in Brown, the Athens fans need you in shape on matchday 34 😀



Πορεία1604Quite an active day, starting actually 3-4 hours before the game with a march towards the local refugee detention DSC_0124ecenter (not the airport refugee camp probably known from the media), located actually very close to Soridon. A small ex-police facility, holding detained about 45 female refugees, some of them actually on an ongoing hunger strike, one of the dirty secrets of the local governance, not even known to some of us until a few days ago. Weather helped (was actually excesively helpful, fucking summer heat!) and 400 to 500 people, a number at least satisfactory for a suburban event, participated under a discreet police presence (nothing more along the way than a couple of motorcycles ahead organizing traffic and a few more of course at the destination) and without any incidents of violence. Good stuff and another proof (more came later in the evening) that something has started moving in the South for the past 3-4 years 😉

The match

From sunny Elliniko directly to equally sunny but a little breezier Millerntor. Full house, choreos both in Süd and Nord, perfect football conditions and game on…with Bochum having a slight initiative in the field and FCSP looking more like waiting the opponent. First chance of the game, on 9′ for Bochum when Terodde, coming in alone from the right, instead of approaching further into the box, preferred to try to win Himmelmann with a lob that fortunately ended just over our crossbar – phew! More of the same in the game…until 21′ and the colossal Bochum triple chance, result of the guest pressure in the midifield! 1. Himmelmann wins BIG Terodde in the 1-1 duel, 2. ball goes to Eisfeld whose direct shot is blocked by last man, Lasse Sobiech, 3. Terazzino’s rebound bicicle kick ends just by our right post – CHAOS!!! Goal avoided, squad survived and with the clock reaching the 30′ mark, we had our first big chance in the game but Fafa Picault, receiver of the Maier assist in the heart of the Bochum box, lost the initial control and the chance with a lame finish that Riemann managed to deflect away to safety. A balanced game for the remaining 1st half, without any further heartbreaking thrill, half time whistle 0-0.

Pure horror in the box, Sobiech has just saved a certain Bochum goal

Pure horror in the box, Sobiech has just saved a certain Bochum goal

2nd half turned to be a different story as we managed to take a lead quite early in the game – GOAL for FCSP on 52! Organized siege by the Boys in Brown, ball to Buchtmann and a poisonous, parallel to the line, cross from the left, towards the first post where Sobota, making either a grand fuck up or a true genious move (we take option b) for our man 😀 ), left the ball to incoming Picault who did things right this time from 5m, killing Riemann and setting Millerntor on fire 🙂 The odds now had turned, FCSP had established the lead, Bochum had to risk, leaving open spaces in the back and this could result in our 2nd goal on 59′ but Fafa, receiver of a long forward ball, coming from beyond the center, having only Riemann in front of him, screwed up his ball control enough for Bastians to catch up with him and block him in the end. No open spaces for Bochum, who were searching the solution in unorthodox ways, like the Hoogland wide shot response on 60′, more spaces for us, not only because of the Bochum gaps in the back but due to loss of their defensive focus as well – new BIG one for FCSP on 61′, with Picault getting beaten by Riemann, after a good try this time but from a somehow acute ungle, another one on 64′ with Maier being a little too late in front of Riemann, AND THE FINAL PUNISHMENT on 65′ with Fafa Picault, doing all alone the full run from the center until the opposite box correctly and finishing the right way, without giving Riemann any chance this time, 2-0 fo FCSP!!! Bochum didn’t quit from the game but this was obviously too much for them. A 20+m shot from Bulut block by Himmelmann on 74′ and a good one on 75′, with Terodde getting the ball again in front of Himmelmann (slightly to the left) but yesterday wasn’t his day, Robin beat him once again 😉 A few more things in store also for FCSP, a Buchtmann shot on the counter attack, saved to corner by Riemann (83′) and an even better one on 85′ with Buchtmann again, forcing Riemann, with a venomous 17m shot, to a very deep dive at the bottom of his left corner to save this one – during the chaos that followed Miyaichi won the header (!) but in the meantime Riemann had returned in position and was ready 🙂 Full time, FCSP 2 – Bochum 0, well deserved considering our 2nd half performance 😉



Good work overall for the Boys in Brown after a somehow sloppy fair half and a good football afternoon for the 30 thousand that packed Millerntor once again. Thumbs up for Fafa Picault who justified 1910% Lienen’s choice to trust him in the starting 11 to replace injured Thy. This youngster is fast as Hell, if he improves his finishing touch he can probably do big things in the future 🙂 Good also watching the Boys in Brown playing good and passionate football without any special motive, hope the same will happen next Friday at Esprit-Arena, against desperate for points Fortuna Dusseldorf as they’re fighting their survival battle. A club we really like and a club that we don’t think that balongs to Liga 3 but this is football, we should go there and play our fuckin’ best for the brown white jersey anf get with the 3 points back home 😉

Line Up:


Sobiech Ziereis Gonther Buballa

Alushi Rzatkowski

 Sobota (Nehrig 71′) Maier (Miyaichi 84′) Buchtmann

  Picault (Choi 77′)

Match goals:

1-0 Picault (71′, Right foot shot, kicker says Buchtmann, we say Sobota 😀 )

2-0 Picault (81′, Right foot shot, Sobota)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (well done)



ypostegoCouldn’t think of a better closing for the day than the event scheduled at “Ypostego” social space, with a discussion about FC Sankt Pauli and “speakers” both from us and the Athens Club. Really nice intro with the Athens Club guys and girls having already set up a table with t-shirts, stickers and stuff and me realising a) that I have forgot the fuckin’ stickers at home and b) I have no bloody intention to go and get them ( 😀 ) and a really lively discussion afterwards with the “audience” being a pleasant surprise as it was consisted from people that wasn’t completely unaware of the Club but people that knew what FCSP is about and simply wanted to learn more 🙂 The most pleasant surprise of all was the place itself, with lots of activity taking place (the initiative was actually involved in the morning solidarity march) and a group of people looking really commited about helping people who need help, without fuzz and big talk. A tiny shame that, although we were aware of their presence via web, didn’t got personally met earlier, the place it’s in our very neighborhood, hope we’ll have more chances from now on 😉

Match goals

Squad entrance from Haupttribune (impressive, there were people STANDING UP 😀  )

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