Matchday 31: Fortuna Düsseldorf – FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: April 23, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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Badly played, well fought

The Boys in Brown, after throwing the first half in the bin, managed to come back at a level and leave from Esprit Arena with a draw against desperate for points Fortuna, after a game that in the end left probably none of the opponents absolutely happy – still, if anyone should feel better here, it’s probably FCSP. Regarding us, it was mostly about enjoying our squad playing only for the brown white jersey and fighting hard for it. Evening completed in the most pleasant possible way by our U23 at Hoheluft 🙂


Relaxed mood before the game, mainly because of our table status which seems fit for fans over 65, no big thrills, nothing bad can really happen and maybe there’s a candy surprise around the corner (not anymore after today’s results) but don’t really think about it 🙂 This, combined with the fact of playing away vs an opponent that needed points immediately, were suggesting a game that anything can happen along its course, with the odds leaning towards the other side. Add the fact that Fortuna isn’t the most deadly enemy of ours and you have the picture more or less 🙂

Of course all these didn’t helped much when the opening goal came for Fortuna, with barely 5′ on the clock, but helped us face with more stoicism the rest of the half 🙂 5′ in the game and goal for Fortuna, Demirbay the scorer with a header after a left cross from Schmitz, with the Brown White defense providing free slumber lessons…Nothing much for a while, with Fortuna actually still in control of the game, until a Rzatkowski shot out of the box on 20′ which ended 3-4m wide Rensing’s left post. Another blocked shot from Ziereis on 21′ and then complete radio silence until 33′ when Demirbay’s 40m free kick, passing between everybody in the box, almost fooled Himmelmann with disastrous consequences but Robin saved the day on the last moment. These happened during a 1st half whose highlight was a St. John observation “he needs to have an eye more where the ball is” regarding Picault around 26′, combined with a spectacular run from Fafa, chasing a pass that was a few meters behind him, seconds later 😀

Guest block :-)

Guest block 🙂

Good omens for the 2nd half, with attack after kickoff resulting after 14″ to a Sobiech header that was blocked by Rensing, nothing extraordinary but finally an attempt inside the opponent box after years (oooh, fuck off Greg 😀 ). Nevertheless, and despite the omens, it was Fortuna that approahced really close to another goal (53′) with a Mavrias shot, into the box, to the right, result of a really fast counter attack but Himmelmann was there and kept FCSP in business by stopping the ball which took an unpleasant course, returning to Mavrias, but fortunately FCSP defense saved on the rebound. Phew, this would be a real pity with FCSP having already earned space and trying to get back in the game – didn’t happen and 4′ later (57′) it was our turn to approach a goal, with a double (!) Sobiech header chance but Rensing, with an EXCELLENT effort, saved Fortuna twice, stretching to Hell first and being back in no time ready to block Lasse’s rebound header immediately afterwards, shit! The Boys In Brown had started warming up for a good and shortly afterwards (63′) FCSP approached once more the equalizer, with Buballa (dog of war!) winning everybody with lots of persistence on the left flank before he enters the box for a shot (from an acute angle) that left just over Rensing’s crossbar! The pitch now was leaning clearly towards Fortuna’s end and the hosts were now visiting seldomly our end, like the 71′ occasion with a Sobottka header that didn’t caused serious worries for Himmelmann. The very next thing to happen in the game was…the equalizer 🙂 Fast forward FCSP, ball to Buballa, cross from near the left corner towards the heart of the box where furiously incoming Picault finished perfectly for the 1-1! Excellent execution from Fafa who, this time, had his eyes already for sometime EXACTLY where the ball was 😀 Nobody really risked a lot until the end of the match. Fortuna, normally expected to do so, probably feared the risk of losing it all, FCSP “rationalized” positions in the pitch, hence nothing really big happened except maybe a good 20m Sobota shot (84′), saved to a corner by Rensing (didn’t really had to, ball was going out but I suppose you don’t play with that shit ^^). FT 1-1, not what both squads wanted but fair overall.

Fafa has done it again, looks like we are to see good things next season :-)

Fafa has done it again, looks like we are to see good things next season 🙂


OK, we could really do better here but no complains should exist here, at least regarding the passion shown in the pitch. There was a loss of focus that costed as big and a lack of ideas for the entire 1st half, however squad significantly improved in the 2nd and managed at least to get the draw, against a squad that was needing victory much more than us. In my opinion, the worst thing that happened yesterday is that, due to the ongoing battle of the U23 in order to avoid relegation (read below), a fight that hopefully will not have to go until the very end, Ewald Lienen did not have the ability (and probably will not have it for the remaining part of the season, at least at the desired level), to test the youngsters that he would probably wanted to. What the Hell, we can’t do it on Summer, let’s first secure the youngsters and we take it from there 🙂

Next week? 1860 München (they should never leave the pyjama man go 😀 ) is coming to Millerntor and, if we were talking desperation regarding Fortuna, wait to see here… A win in Millerntor it’s probably their last hope in order to keep their limited chances of staying in Liga 2. Sorry but not here, not this week… Our duty is to send them in Liga 3, not because we hate them or anything but just because whoever we play against, we should always play for the honour and pride of FC Sankt Pauli, like we more or less did yesterday 😉 Again fuckin Friday, again spliting from work in panic, let’s home that next week we’ll get a little more to see – forza!

Line Up:


Ziereis Sobiech Gonther Buballa

Nehrig (Choi 46′) Rzatkowski

Sobota (Dudziak 88′) Alushi Buchtmann

Picault (Maier 81′)

Match goals:

1-0 Demirbay (5′, Header, Schmitz)

1-1 Picault (71′, Right foot shot, Buballa)

Spectators: 30820

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(2), Picault(2)

Match highlights

Derbysieger U23! FCSP II 2 – H$V II 1!

U23_pauli_hsv_1516_01Around the time Fafa equalized at Esprit Arena, our U23 youth started playing the small in league level but huge in significance derby vs the H$V youth, with both teems struggling for points, being around the relegation zone line. The Boys in Brown didn’t gave any chance to the opponent, caught them with the pants down with 2 early goals (Deichmann 3′, Schneider 11′) and turned the derby into an easy ride, at least until 82′ when H$V reduced the gap with Müller. Now, FCSP 4pts clear of the relegation zone, H$V just 1pt above the line but with 1 game less, 2-3 more involved in this, in a few words, Hell is coming for breakfast… The odds look now in our favor but it’s going to be extrmely tough until the very last matchday, let’s hope that this was the decisive battle, C’MON you Boys in Brown!

Further reading:


Condolences to Nord Support who mourn the loss of one of their own, walk on…


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