Matchday 32: FC Sankt Pauli – 1860 München 0-2

Posted: April 30, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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That’s a joke, right?


Unfortunately not…that was a black Friday indeed. I mean, on one side, you got the fuckin clergy with their stupid doctrines about a bearded hippie that died upon a cross and got resurrected and blah blah blah…you got them all Friday long insulting your intelligence by waving around a wooden effigy of a tomb crying about how their savior died…..Anyway you get the point. Supposedly this crescendo of stupidity was going to be swept away by the sight of our beloved Sankt Pauli crushing 1860 München…NOOOOT!


The first minutes started with all good omens for SP. Good ball circulation, and TSV seemed troubled and barricaded in their box trying to keep their nets intact. Some clever movement from Buballa and Maier but nothing special as the boys seemed to be finding their steps in the field. Just at that moment when we felt comfortable in our seats declaring how SP should crush the losers of 1860, Alushi made sure to remind us that when it comes about Sankt Pauli you should never feel certain. On 8’ he tries to pass forward but fails terribly and Claasen takes the ball. He marches untouched for about 20 meters, shoots and opens the scoreboard for 1860 München. On 13’ Hornschuh opens a high ball to Picault. Header with no luck. Sankt Pauli seemed willing to push and turn this quick. Maier on 15’ fires off a nice distant shot but goes a little to the side of Ortega’s nets. SP seemed to be taking advantage of the space TSV provided by locking themselves behind, choosing to threaten only via counter, but had no luck offensively. Picault had a leading role in the action. On 21’ he gains a nice free shot close to TSV quarters after  an attempt he made on breaking their defense. On 32’ Maier earns a nice corner (failed on execution though) and on 33’ Alushi on the distant shot fails to threaten as  Mauersberger gets  in the way. On 38’ Sobota flanks and opens to Maier who shoots but still…not enough. His shot ends a little away from TSV nets. On 40’ Picault sent a header directly to Ortega’s hands and the same luck had Gonther’s header on 39’ after  Buchtmann’s high pass. The action stops on 45’ with Rzatkowski looking to cause problems in TSV nets. After a quickly executed free shot he tries to break their defense but with no luck. Half Time.

Second half underway and all our hopes lied with a quick evener and 2-3 more goals to soften the shock from the first half. On 50’ Maier again flanks from left and shoots but the ball ends up in Ortega’s hands. On 53’ Buballa flanks again from left with no luck. On 64’ Picault rushes to make it to a really fast through ball behind TSV defensives but Ortega is faster and secures it.  Again on 65’ and 67’ Picault takes it on him and tries to break TSV defense. No luck though. München wanted those three points so bad. All 11 were packed in their box forming a granite wall impenetretable. And this proved Sankt Pauli’s offensive weak spot that is none other than tight defenses. With this and that we reached the 80th minute of futile efforts and the score board was still writing 0-1. On 83’ a free shot for SP had the same luck as all other attempts we made in this game. Our offensive infertility was punished by the law of football. The one who misses chances, takes the ball out of his own nets.  Counter for München and Okotie opens for Aycicek who ends the game. 0-2 for München and really nothing left to do. 4’ of xtra time and the final whistle blew in Millerntor. Game ends.

Ok now…Let’s be realistic. If the priests weren’t so loud and into our faces, we wouldn’t mind the loss so much. I mean…we didn’t lose anything that big today. Our pursuit for play offs had stopped couple of weeks ago. We are 4th on the ranks which gives us the luxury of scratching our balls till the end of the season doing nothing.  But the combination of religious bullshit and a minor team entering Millerntor and stealing our three points is what made the day intolerable. Anyway, what’s past is past. Next Sunday we march at Grundig Station against FC Nürnberg. We got nothing to lose. What we want to see is a game of excitement. Winning or losing is of no importance now. Two matchdays left so what we wanna see is our beloved Sankt Pauli giving hell. Forza SP.

Line Up:


Hornschuh Sobiech Gonther Buballa

Alushi RzatkowskiChoi 67′)

Buchtmann  MaierNehrig 79′) Sobota(Dudziak 65′)


Match goals:

0:1 Claasen (8′, Left Foot Shot)

0:2 Aycicek (88′ , Right Foot Shot, Okotie)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Buballa(3), Buchtmann(7)

Match highlights

Further reading:


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