Matchday 33: FC Nürnberg – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: May 9, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2015-16
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No Harm Done

Ok seriously it is all about the fun of it now. We got nothing to lose and mathematically we’re far from any 1st league pursuit. So why not enjoy the game, drink beers and expect nothing more than a game filled with Sankt Pauli? Yep. Sounds like a plan!


First half started and things from our side seemed a bit jammed. We couldn’t reach FCN box easily while on the other hand, FCN was in and out of ours pretty often. Early action on 3’  when Leibold and Burgstaller go wild for a minute untouched with a great 1-2 on our left side but luckily their pass never got through. Then on 5’ Füllkrug earns a corner kick, Möhwald executes but our defense is granite. Our first break comes on 8’ with a great diagonal pass to Picault but with no luck. The next 10 minutes belonged to FCN. Burgstaller get’s stopped dangerously by Ziereis some cm away from our nets but Ziereis’s tackle is clean. On 14’ Leibold executes a new corner kick blocked by Himmelmann, who blocks the first big chance of FCN to open the score on 15’ with Behrens header. On 18’ Stieber tries a really distant shot but Himmelmann was there alright and blocked it. On 22’ though he couldn’t do enough. While FCN had ball control and had the shots on target on their side, it was pure luck that helped them open the score. Margreitter tries something that doesn’t work but Füllkrug is there on the rebound. He slips but some way he manages to hit the ball which ends in our nets. On 33’and after long time behind we saw SP push forward. Maier to Buballa try to unfold an attack but they get stopped. On 37’ Burgstaller tries a 20 meter shot that get’s repelled and the ball ends to the high on gasoline Picault, who runs a really really fast counter but get’s stopped before anything bad for FCN happened. Whith this and that  we reached 40’ when Füllkrug tries a distant shot(22 meters) but of course ends high above Himmelmann’s post. Another big sprint-speed-counter from Picault with no luck and this was pretty much the first half.

Moment of the FCN goal (image source:

Moment of the FCN goal (image source:

Second half starts and again early on 50’ we get weary when Stieber passes to  Blum in front of Himmelmann who interferes and repels. On 52’ Nehrig tries a really distant pass but no one is there. No danger yet for FCN. On 65’ Möhwald finds  Margreitter with a distand pass but the second one luckily blows it. On 78’ Maier is in the spot. It is his place exactly as we all know that Maier has certain meters (plus-minus) where his shot get’s effective. This was his spot. Foul got executed but went a little up from Rakovsky’s upper post.On 80’ another difficult moment for us when Teuchert finds  Füllkrug and he shoots a nasty one. The ball curves and Himmelmann barely drives the ball to corner. Big game from Robin Himmelmann . On 85’ another free shot from Maier. 25 meters. Ball ends up a little above Rakovsky’s post again. No luck here. From here and on it was mostly Sankt Pauli. Sobiech kind of took it all on him. On 90+1’ he tries a header with no luck and then on 90+2’ a desperate shot that shared the header’s luck. Final whistle blew.

Sonderzug return trip madness by Kleiner Tod :-)

Sonderzug-return-trip-partywagon-madness by Kleiner Tod 🙂

Let’s be honest here. No one stole the game from us. FC Nürnberg was tough. We knew that, and we also knew that they had much at stake here, so they would give their left leg before they left the field with no points.  That was clear. And of course at this point in the season it is clear why these guys are third in the ranks. Their entire game play was one step ahead of us every time. So yeah they deserved to win and we have no complaints in losing. We gave them headaches on many occasions and in the end we were one breath away from earning at least one point. The season has one more game to go and this is the time to evaluate Lienen’s work. The man took a drowning team and started turning it again into a nasty dog that bites. Well done every one. Last game of the season is taking place next Sunday in Millerntor against FC Kaiserslautern. Big day as Scum agents are going to be in Hamburg for the day. In or out, all our hearts and minds will be there. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


 Ziereis Sobiech Gonther (Sobota  57′) Keller (Thy 57′)

Hornschuh Nehrig

 Buchtmann Maier Buballa

Picault(Miyaichi 83′)

Match goals:

1:0 Füllkrug (22′, Right Foot Shot, Margreitter)

Spectators: 50000(Sold Out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(3)

Home block DIY highlights until the goal (they probably got bored afterwards ^^)

Further reading:


PS: Clean sheet draw for our U23, it all comes down to next matchday with 4-5 relegation candidates, let’s do it right and save ourselves 😉


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