Matchday 34: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Kaiserslautern 5-2 :-)

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The Rookie feeling

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you ;-) )

Right image: Steve Watkins (thank you 😉 )

Dreamlike season closing for FCSP in an afternoon full of football, feelings, vindication and farewell with the Boys in Brown thanking with actions the sold out Millerntor for the season support by winning big time FCK and keeping the crowd for sometime after the end of the match applausing them for a decent and hard working season. Dreamlike weekend also for the Scum ambassador in HH for the game (my sorry ass) who, despite having already by now a quite satisfactory amount of Hamburg flying hours (not talking planes here) in his record, felt again in a few occasions the magic feeling that only someone who arrives for the first time in Sankt Pauli and realises exactly where he has come to can experience 🙂


OK, let’s try to put things in some elementary order here…

Saturday: The OTHER match!

YSPThis weekend it wasn’t only about the Club’s birthday (we became 106 this Sunday 🙂 ) but also about another annniversary as well. On Friday the 13th, Yorkshire St. Pauli (if you don’t know who they are, try the tiny “x” button on your browser’s upper right corner, will display help text) became 5 years old and they decided to celebrate the anniversary with a party at the Jolly (of course)…and a friendly game vs the (too hot to handle as proven along the way 😀 ) boys of FC Lampedusa Hamburg! The overweighted, out of shape, incompetent when was active anyway and weed smoking/booze drinking professor author of this had the honor to serve as goalkeeper the British side and the privilege to get hammered 10 (TEN!) times by the continuously greedy for more demons in red and yellow 😀 Final score 10-1, after an epic 1st half (only 2-0!) and a last moment goal by Yorkshire Colossus Scott from the kickoff spot which probably got the Lampedusa keeper (had already scored one!) either too happy or too generous. Yorkshire fought well, had actually a couple of big chances for goals but, after the fuel on our rusty engines ran out, submitted as expected and supposed to the superiority of the Lampedusa youth 😀 Score could reach astronomical dimensions but thankfully our opponents were more enthusiastic than serious and we were lucky enough to have 3-4 Lampedusa/Non-YSP to fill the squad, play on, no one is illegal 😉

From the FC Lampedusa photo gallery: after the massacre :D

From the FC Lampedusa photo gallery: after the massacre 😀

To the serious side of the story, simply impressed. Impressed with these youngsters (some of them still kids), impressed with their strength, impressed with their positive energy, impressed with their love for what they’re doing and their commitment to the group they finally belong. Impressed with the local FC Lampedusa crew, impressed with the responsibility and the sensitivity that they are handling these boys. I consider a real privilege for a decayed fuck like me having the chance to participate while having fun in something like this and get for free a few lessons about life. This along with the feeling of being cold, drunk, getting wetter every second by the rain that is falling sideways, losing 3-0 (big deal 😀 ) but feeling like a 10 year old at the same time while being 47, not only worth the fact that I still can’t move properly after 3 days (fuck the years since the last time, you were the keeper ffs 😀 ), they’re simply priceless – thank you FC Lampedusa, thank you Yorkshire St. Pauli for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this 🙂

After the game, first to the Sankt Pauli Museum wine bar (with the malt master/ Hardcore Paulianer (and a few more things 🙂 ) Schönke having equipped the bar with some SERIOUS bottles!) and then to the Jolly for the conclusion of the evening which was even more kick-ass than expected (tbh, just being at the Jolly is a kick-ass situation on its own) and ended for me around 4:30, after exactly 24 hours without sleep, only in order to get a few valuable hours and be in the minimum required condition for the main dish, next day 🙂

More about the “match” in pictures, thanks to Petros from the Athens Club, for more stuff visit the FC Lampedusa photo gallery 🙂




Sunday: The match

After completing the toughest task of the day (get up from the bed and stand straight), it was now all about celebration, regardless of the outcome of the game. Closing of a season along with Club birthday, in fact you don’t need any additional reason to set up a feast 😉 All venues open and packed from the morning, the known sea of people all around Millerntor, speaking all possible languages, a lot of friends to be found, a few FC Lampedusa young lads laughing big time in front of the merchandise bench with my physical condition and my “hope you’re happy with what you achieved” description of it and finally (having already lost, as a bloody idiot I occasionally am, Petros, Vaggelis and Panagiotis from the Athens Club) off to Gegengerade for the last show of the season.

The usual routine: Süd upper level/HT empty, USP and allied forces ready and willing :-)

The usual routine: Süd upper level/HT empty, USP and allied forces ready, reporting for duty 🙂

A lot happening before the match in the pitch, what I was able to identify within all the buzz were some nominations to the guys who for various reasons are leaving FCSP, there are many of them, a slightly more detailed reference can be found at the closing of the match section. Goosebumbs while singing “Das Herz von Sankt Pauli“, Hell’s Bells (FUCK OFF AC/DC, FUCK OFF AXL ROSE!!!) with a BIG Gegengerade choreo and off to the juiciest probably Millerntor match of the season 🙂

Moments before entrance, 1910 is up, Hell is about to break loose in Millerntor :-)

Moments before entrance, 1910 is up, Hell is about to break loose in Millerntor 🙂

The shock of 0-1, with a Görtler goal on 4′, at the first time that FCK passed the center with the entire FCSP defense somewhere else, lasted only seconds as Ryo Miyaichi turned Millerntor to Fuji Jama at work in 30″ (5′) with a sweet left reverse volley that left Müller watching! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Fuck yeah, what a conclusion in such a fucked up season for Ryo! Orgies expected in front along with Fafa next season 😀 Double action on 17′ with Miyaichi asking for a penalty after a shot in the box and FCK spreading rapidly on the counter attack with final recipient Bödvarsson who wasted his chance off our left post. Obligatory change on 19′ for FCSP, with Hornschuh getting in for injured Ziereis (get well soon!) and GOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLL for FCSP on 22′ with a bouncing Thy (leaving) header after an assist from Miyaichi ( 🙂 ) that executed Müller, silenced the guest block and fired up for good the rest of the place! Game on, with duels getting harder in the pitch and FCK adding one of their own in the injury list (30′ Zimmer, get well too) before the last good opportunity of the 1st half with Müller saving to a corner a Maier shot from the edge of the box, slightly to the left (35′) – only remaining notable moment was Himmelmann’s temporary injury, thanks to Gortler’s idiocy but, fortunately, nothing serious. Half time FCSP 2 – FCK 1 and doesn’t get any better than this…yet 😉

Ryo Miyaichi marked the beginning of the 2nd half and provided us a fancy preview of what we all will (hopefully) witness next season. First with the big chance on 50′, when his finish from close distance but a very acute angle shook for good Müller’s crossbar and then on 57′ with the his 2nd goal in the game which shook not the crossbar but the entire Millerntor this time! Ball to the Samurai into the right upper corner of the box, heads up, aim, fire, ball to the opposite corner, 3-1, simple as that! FCK could close the gap on 68′ but Bödvarsson’s close attempt from 2m failed thanks to the tough spot and the crowd in the area, and like this wasn’t enough for them…4-1 on 72′ with a close finish from Maier (leaving also) and the FCK defense looking like ours in the opening goal – CHAOS AM MILLERNTOR!!! This was turning into a feast for FCSP and a bloodfeast for FCK but Jenssen’s splendid goal on 76′, with a fireball a little just outside the box that Himmelmann probably saw for the first time later in the evening on TV, “rationalized” the gap, maiking it 4-2. Cherry on the cake was put by Buchtmann on 79′ with an 18m surgical shot which ended up in Müller’s right corner – 5-2, game/season over 🙂

Season over and a "thank you" from the squad for the entire season support

Season over and a “thank you” from the squad for the entire season support

This was sooo < your word of choice here > 🙂 2 goals, huge performance and matchday 34 Kicker MVP award for the unluckiest Paulianer of the season, Ryo Miyaichi, goals for departing Thy & Maier, brilliant victory accompanied by free and good football, the best possible finale for a decent season, a season completely different than the last one. The Boys in Brown and the Men in Brown behind deserve all the applause and even more, a special mention should be made and a “thank you” should be said to the Paulianers who are leaving the brown white vessel, at least the ones who are sure as we speak:


Goodbye Big John, goodbye Lenny, goodbye Seb, goodbye Enis, goodbye Okan, goodbye Andrej, goodbye Yannick. Some of them closed their circle, some of them simply decided to move on, some of them couldn’t fit to future long term planning. We don’t have the right to judge anyone’s motives here, we don’t even have the full picture and the adequate football knowledge to evaluate technical decisions, we (talking on behalf of the Scum here) will only make a short reference to Okan Kurt who is 21 years old and 14 years in FC Sankt Pauli, since 7, all his life… All of them more or less have been proper players of FCSP, all of them washed the brown white jersey with sweat, all of them will be missed… Good luck you Boys in Brown, YNWA!

And  now? The summer break torture, this year in steroids thanks to the fuckin’ Euro 2016… We will find our awkward summer steps one way or another, we always do, still the Athens fans here we have one more stop to make. On May 28th (CL final evening, WE DON’T GIVE A FUCKING FUCK 😀 ) South End Scum along with the usual partners in crime, Athens Club we will have an end-of-season party at our venue, Soridon. There will boxes for donation whose content will go to the support of the local refugee population (we live in Athens, need not to add anything further), most of us we hope, good mood, lots of Rock’n’roll including lots of brown white sounds, lots of booze of course and who knows what else. Locals can find all the details on the poster located on top of the main page, link leads to the venue Faceboo(oooooooooo)k event. See you there then, for the rest a nice summer and we will meet somewhere along the terraces next season, forza Sankt Pauli!!!

Line Up:


Kalla Sobiech Ziereis (Hornschuh 18′) Buballa

Nehrig Buchtmann

Miyaichi (Sobota 70′) Choi (Picault 81′) Maier


Match goals:

0-1 Görtler (4′, Right foot shot, Bödvarsson)

1-1 Miyaichi (5′, Left foot shot, Maier)

2-1 Thy (22′, Header, Miyaichi)

3-1 Miyaichi (57′, Right foot shot, Maier)

4-1 Maier (72′, Left foot shot, Sobota)

4-2 Jenssen (76′, Left foot shot, Bödvarsson)

5-2 Buchtmann (79′, Left foot shot, Maier)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(7)

Match highlights


Post game round of applause


…and a few words about the weekend 🙂

So much, so fast, so good, the adrenaline, the joy and , yesss, the magic, the magic that is always there but this time was so strong that reminded the very very first 24 hour trip for the legendary 3-2 over Hansa Rostock, back when Fin Bartels was wearing the blue, not many years but many many trips ago 🙂 Except from squad, FC Lampedusa and YSP, huge thanks to everybody in the neighborhood and all other friends, coming from every possible location, for making this a beauty with first in line Hans, Ruben, Martha, Giannis, Thomas, Kimon (without actually even seeing him!), Tröööt and the Fortuner along with the comrades/cotravellers of the Athens Club 🙂 Enough bollockology, next time more proper (more time) and more dirty, having some more Scum along (like last October 🙂 ) One way or another, with or without these bastards, countdown until next time started the very moment that the plane set foot back home – FORZA!!!

 Further reading:


PS: Don’t forget, U23 boys play for the survival at Regionalliga Nord vs TSV Havelse at home on Saturday – ALLE HIN DA!!!

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