Blind football: FC Sankt Pauli – SF/BG Marburg 0-1

Posted: July 20, 2016 by Zouz in Blind Football, Scum Tourism
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Big game, tough luck, fine experience 🙂 


Having arrived in Hamburg for a “social occasion” (a.k.a. St. Pauli Skinheads 20th anniversary 😀 ) got informed that FCSP Blind Football department has a full scheduled weekend in town. As a fan club here, we follow as much as we can the entire spectrum of our amateur departments and blind football happens to be one of our favorites, so there was not even a snowball in Hell chance that I would leave Hamburg without having watched at least one match…


…of course, for reasons obvious enough, there wasn’t a snowball in Hell chance watcing the first match (of 3 in total, 9:00 am!!!) either ( 😀 ), so after having regroupped from last night’s “birthday experience”, got myself on my way to Borgweg where the FCSP blind football facilities are located for the 17:00 game vs SF/BG Marburg. Boost of confidence for the jackass after locating the facilites, thanks to a short conversion with a very kind aged local resident, conducted in lousy German (Jaaaaaaaa!!!), and finally off to base 😉

Warming up ^^

Warming up ^^


and the Marburg bastards!!! ( 😀 )

Of course a completely different, more “civilized” atmosphere before the game but a place full of positive energy at the same time, in a few words, the perfect place to be at the moment. And for those who are not familiar at all with blind football, even if the place was full of thugs like us, creating Hell around the pitch wouldn’t be allowed for strictly technical reasons. Players inside the pitch need a relative silence in the game, in order to use their hearing senses to locate both the ball (which contains something like a bell inside) and their teammates in the pitch. Speaking technical, I was a real lucky bastard being there. Our department kicks serious ass, having 3 players in the German national team while our opponents are probably the only club who looks (and probably is, they have beaten us easily 3-1 a few weeks ago during a tournament in Bučovice) better than us. This was making the game a top class derby, with some of Germany’s finest clashing in the pitch, not bad for a first timer 😉

Good to go!

Good to go!

Match lost in the opening 20″ when a Marburg rocket caught sleeping the entire FCSP squad who paid a very high cost for deciding to get into the game just 30″ later. For more than half of the first half, Marburg was really the best team in the pitch, proving why they are considered the best squad around. Nevertheless, the Boys in Brown managed to overcome the opening slap, got regroupped and started progressively creating opportunities, an effort that ended up in an orgy of lost chances towards the end of the game but unfortunately lacking even a single goal to reward the effort.

Match ended, we lost 0-1 but at least the department won another follower as, by the full time whistle, I had already decided that I would be definitely there for next day’s 15:00 game (something that never happened, juicy details below ^^). I had already watched the squad in a couple of tournaments via live streaming but watching live is a completely different (of course dummy!) experience, especially when being able to watch the action for almost zero distance, a couple of quick conclusions:

a) this is faaar more difficult than it seems from TV and I believe that requires really sharp orientation skills. In fact, I beleive that some pros playing in the higher Bundesliga leagues would have a really hard time making something in blind football.

b) the game is tougher than someone could probably imagine. It’s not about the players been rough against eachother in the pitch, has more to do with the nature of the game which allows the use of the side walls, something that occasionally turns the game into something like ice hockey 🙂

c) if anybody’s thinking that blind football lacks the motive because it’s not “regular” football better think again. Very competitive game, fully motivated squads and a tough but fair play. I think that I actually was lucky enough to watch an 100% derby, a few things only were missing: the violence, the expediency and the dirty/unfair play. Play on, I personally do not need such shit 😉

Squad entrance 🙂

Random action

End of match (grrr!)

Thought a little about waiting for a while and then say a quick “hello” to Coach Wolf and the guys (they were extremely kind and helpful during a department presentation we made a couple of years ago but never had so far the chance to meet any of them in person) but didn’t do it because of my limited time (had to get back to the neighborhood) and, most of all, my ability to do it next day, Sunday – and then starts the good part ^^ This, along with Millerntor Gallery (for which I had already an e-ticket to avoid the queues at the door 😀 ) never happened. A flight cancellation led instead to a 15hr airport marathon over 4 countries which ended around 4AM in Athens, cursing the holiest of the holy (yeah, and the fuckin’ queen while in Heathrow 😀 ). FUCK OFF Polish Airlines, bye bye Millerntor Gallery, really sorry not to make it to Borgweg (for which I had already managed to “draft” 4-5 “elite” locals as reinforcements 🙂 ) Tough luck, but play on, after Saturday I have a very strong feeling that, one way or another, this wasn’t the last time that I watched these guys – thank you Boys in Brown for a truly remarkable Saturday afternoon 🙂


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PS: Extra fancy stuff just sent to us from the department, thanks one more 😉

Blind Football Bundesliga goal of the month (FFS!)

Blind Football Bundesliga matchday 3 full action

  1. Sven #33 says:

    “who paid a very high cost for deciding to get into the game just 30″ later”
    You make me crying. Indeed, that was a high cost.

    • Zouz says:

      One of the days that nothing goes as planned, even after this, ball just wouldn’t go in – shit happens, play on 😉

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