Friendly: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Sevilla 1-2

Posted: August 1, 2016 by FCSP Athens South End Scum in 2016
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No worries / A BIG “WELCOME”!

Foto: Witters (

Foto: Witters (

Oh it’s good to be back. Less that two weeks before the official season begins, the Scum gathered in Uncle Zouzounos’s lair to watch our beloved Sankt Pauli battle, against Sambaoli’s FC Sevilla. A game we didn’t expect so much off. Just wanted to see the new players perform and how they have blended in with the rest. Hedenstad, Avevor  and Bouhaddouz  are the ones that started in the basic 11. So here we are (at least some of us 😉 ) standing before the TV along with the company of our HH friends, Hans and Mahu, awaiting for the new season.


The match (by AndyChristos)

Ewald Lienen started having the team set to 4-4-2. Seemed to work pretty well. Defense wasn’t all that bad. Had it’s bad moments but as it appeared there was a good coverage between our lines from the players and this caused trouble to Sevilla who tried to break our defense mostly with through balls. On 15’ a classic opportunity for the boys in brown when a pass from Buballa ended to Lasse Sobiech and then to corner. On 29’ Fafa Picault takes advantage of another corner. Shoots a nice shot but it ends up in the hands of Soria. Predictable but nice to see Fafa controlling his inhuman speed at last. On 36’ a good combination between the Sankt Pauli players giving Bouhaddouz the opportunity to open the score. 1-0 for Sankt Pauli and things couldn’t look better. Half time ended after a while with no more fuzz.

Second half underway and things looked the way they ended in the first. No substitutions and no system alternations. The only thing that looked different was Sevilla’s will to even the score. They played a bit more aggressive, leaving their back exposed but having a strong middle game they were sure that their Spanish way off rolling the ball would bare fruit.  There was when we first witnessed our first weak spots on defense. On 53’ a nice pass from Iborra to Victor Perez catches  our defensives off guard. Vitolo evens the score for FC Sevilla. SP seemed stunned. About 10 minutes later, on 69’ a good one-two ball game between Correa and Lasso gives the first one the opportunity to bring Sevilla in front to the score board. 1-2 for Sevilla and it was time for Ewald Lienen to try some new players.  On 73’ Litka takes the place of Kalla and Empen the place of Bouhaddouz and a little later on 85’Ducksch the one of Picault. Nothing more though to this second half besides a really good but predictable shot of Litka on 77’ and another one from Sobiech on 79’ Game ended and both teams headed for the changing rooms.

Match goals

FC Sankt Pauli ( NOT JUST… PAULI ^^), showed improvement to their game play but of course the weak leg of Sankt Pauli which is nothing more than our defense seemed to have not healed 100%. Some moments of pressure and our line got caught off guard enough to bring us behind to the score board. The new players though seem to have blend in really well and we sure hope to see more off them and the rest of the team during the year. A new year starts the 8th of August gegen VfB Stuttgart. All for Sankt Pauli after all. Forza Sankt Pauli.

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Non-match stuff (by Zouz)

A huge wave of applause spread all over Millerntor as squads made their entrance in the brand new Millerntor pitch (looks good!) for the first time in the season, only that the applause wasn’t only for them but, this time, more for their escorts, which were no others than the FC Lampedusa squad, whose surprising (at least to us, we were not aware) appearance not only overshadowed for once both the beloved Boys and our glorious multititle opponents but passed to everyone a clear message about what FCSP is about as well… And if the entrance was a pleasant surpise, what we realised towards the end of the match was a PLEASURE BOMB!!!

That’s right! In a few words, FC Lampedusa Hamburg has become FC Lampedusa St. Pauli and…the 20th (if we’re not mistaken, we’re not counting referees 😀 ) amateur department of FCSP! These are the moments where, no matter how pissed you can be about mistakes that your club makes (no space for them here), you really feel proud, knowing that you’re committed for life to a cause that is fucking worth every inch of this commitment and it’s far more beyond words. Congratulations to the Club and anybody involved in this, we’re awaiting with excitement the follow ups on this 🙂

Regarding our latest family members, in fact they are not new. What happened yesterday, regardless of its big significance and symbolism, in a way is nothing more than the official confirmation of something that’s happening from the very first moments our friends stepped foot in Hamburg soil, coming from Italy, some 4 years ago. These guys were always part of the family and anybody lucky enough to have already taken a close look to FC Lampedusa knows well that this club represents almost everything that we as FCSP fans stand for. It was about time to make it official, no welcomes actually needed but we just feel the need to say a warm one 🙂

Welcome to FCSP, FC Lampedusa St. Pauli!!!









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