Matchday 02: FC Sankt Pauli – Eintracht Braunschweig 0-2…

Posted: August 14, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Having got lazy with the blog for a while and with AndyChristos (all the others are lazy bastards but this is not new 😀 ) handling the opening section of the season, this looked like an excellent opportunity to get back in action, so a few minutes before kickoff, I said to him “Hey man, leave the match report to me, will be fun doing one, been a while”. Really??? Here’s your report Greg, you idiot, now start writing ^^


Day started actually in the best possible day with a slight breeze easing the Summer Athens hell a little and both us and our pals from the Athens Club, heading towards Soridon, which broke of course their August 19:21 opening rule for the match. Good mood, with faces that haven’t been seen for a long time, lots of optimism rightfully earned after last week’s good performance and an opponent that we hate their fucking guts. Unfortunately, the last thing that looked good yesterday was the opening coreo, before kickoff…

Gegengerade view from the Nord :-)

Gegengerade view from the Nord 🙂

From the very first moments of the game, something was looking wrong, with EBS taking directly control of the game and transferring it to our half. Anyone that didn’t notice it from the beginning, still finishing pregame chat, got really aware of the situation on 5′ when Omladic’s free kick that supposed to be a big ball in the box smashed Himmelmann’s left post before ball escapes to safety. This was not only a warning sign in terms of pressure but also in terms of defensive positioning, something that became pretty clear on 11′ when these bastards almost scored from a corner kick – fortunately Nehrig returned in time to protect the abandoned first post and clear the ball right on the line… Moments later, Lasse Sobiech out due to a thigh injury (hopefully not serious, get well soon man!) and the prematch party had already chilled out… Signs of life from FCSP but nothing more. A wannabe opportunity that never became a real one with Bouhaddouz on 21′ and a Fafa header after the corner awarded, high above Fejzic’s crossbar, on 22’… Just a break in the constant EBS superority which almost converted to goal on 29′ when, after a Reichel cross from the left and a Valsvik intervention at the left post, Baffo arrived just a frame later on the back post, something that resulted in a sidenetting instead of a goal – phew… Pressure on and on by EBS but the goal arrived finally in a way not really expected… Deeeeeep ball (beyond the center) from Baffo to Kumbela who won from 13m both Hornschuh (entered for Sobiech, not his fault that he is shorter) and Himmelmann for the more or less expected opener on 40’… 0-1 for the bloody EBS and half time whistle without anything further happening except a further decrease to our morale but with hope still strong. After all, this was not the FCSP that we know, something should happen in the 2nd half…

Kumbela has just killed us... (photo: Daniel Bockwoldt)

Kumbela has just killed us… (photo: Daniel Bockwoldt)

…it didn’t. Even though EBS, after having achieved the needed goal, gave space and initiative to FCSP, the Boys in Brown couldn’t come up with creative solutions and the only chances we managed to create came from distance. Not any grave danger, just a 23m Fafa shot on 54′, ending up not really far from Fejzic’s left post but with the EBS keeper in full control and a really clever but not strong enough Bouhaddouz 24m free kick on 62′, with Fejzic again ready in place. Then… the End on 67’… Gonther (congratulations, excellent fuck-up but it’s over, heads up!), last man in the FCSP defense…got fouled by the ball which ended at Biada’s legs who finished the easy ride by executing Himmelmann before even getting in the box for the final 0-2… Nightmare…Just to give you a picture of the last 20′, Himmelman intervened 3 more times (Omladic 72, Khelifi 77′, Schönfeld 82′) with last one being really a top class save…In a few words, full time whistle found us happy for losing the game only with 0-2 and avoiding a disaster at a level that would take us years to forget…

One picture, a thousand words, 0-2... (source:

One picture, a thousand words, 0-2… (source:

This can’t be FCSP… Seriously, can’t find any explanation for such a lousy performance (AndyChristos said towards the end that we have to go back to Vrabec era to find such a lousy performance, regarding ALL THREE lines), especially when coming from the same team that, despite the unlucky result, played good and ambitious football last week… We didn’t have any problem taking advantage of the initiative in Millerntor like sometimes last year from the beginning… simply because EBS took it from us and put as in a defensive position…inside Millerntor! And when they finally achieved the goal and kindly gave the initiative back to us, this was the real tragedy – forget Gonther’s screw-up, even with the score still at 0-1, we could play for a week and still do nothing, REALLY nothing…This simply doesn’t make sense…

So, what now? First of all, heads up and stay calm. Regarding the league, no defeat is a real damage with 32 matchdays to go, just a matter of regroupping fast enough. What looks really worrying is the possibility (nothing can be ruled out after such a “performance”) of an “unpleasant” surprise next Friday vs fuckin’ Lübeck…This CAN’T happen, a defeat from such an opponent (forget their fucked up identity, footballwise they are at our U23 level) could really mean problems, especially combined with yesterday’s tragic appearance. So, let’s take a deep breath, reorganize, put our plans down, go Friday, score some goals against these tiny green bastards and get back in Hamburg to further organize our big Liga2 counter attack! C’mon you Boys in Brown, we’re far better than that!

Line Up:


Hedenstad L. Sobiech (Hornschuh 11′) Gonther  Buballa

 Nehrig Buchtmann

  Kalla (Choi 55′) Sobota (Ducksch 68′)

Picault Bouhaddouz

Match goals:

0:1 Kumbela (40′, Header, Baffo)

0:2  Biada (67′, Right foot shot)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Buballa(2)

Best part of the game – squad entrance 🙂

Further reading:


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