DFB Pokal 2016-17 Rnd 2 draw: visitors from Berlin ^^

Posted: August 27, 2016 by Zouz in 2016-17
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image source: Frankinho on Flickr

image source: Frankinho on Flickr


Having already put through the shitty Lübeck business and having already escaped the tricky first round which tends to be the modern curse of FCSP, the perspective through which we’re facing this season’s has changed. Fiasco avoided, winning the Pokal is not the primary target anyway ( 🙂 ), everything from now on is nice to have, so, more or less, it’s back to the enjoyment of football 🙂 From this point of view, the visit of Hertha BSC towards the end of October to Millerntor is considered a first class opportunity 😉


This was probably not the best possible draw, we would rather prefer a Liga2 opponent, something that would automatically increase the brown white odds. On the other hand, as soon as H$V (very early), Bayern and BVB got out of the way, anything was welcome, especially Mönchengladbach, club of the Unspeakable! Since this didn’t happened, Hertha sounds like a fair deal. A Bundesliga club on the one hand, not a club impossible to beat on the other, in a few words, the perfect ambition test for Ewald’s new squad.

Regarding Hertha? Beyond any doubt, a historic club. Personally, I don’t like these guys at all, their city rival, with all their deficiencies, matches more my footbal taste BUT one of my strongest football memories in the recent years (FCSP stuff doesn’t count!) is the incredible spectacle of Berlin Olympiastadion, on a Monday night some three and a half years ago, packed by around 50000 Hertha and 25000 Union fans, shouting 90′ during the most colorful derby I can recently recall (OK, I don’t watch too much football 😀 ), which actually turned to be quite entertaining, ending up to a spectacular 2-2 🙂 This was bloody classy, still can recall myself having a hard time to completely comprehend that this match I’m watching, in front of more spectators than the Greek Superleague total, is acually a Monday night 2nd league game 😀 Like them or not, this is not a joke, a big club, with a big crowd (OK, idiots included as almost everywhere), this is expected to be quite entertaining ^^

Getting to the odds, they are not in our favor but we have an incredible advantage, especially considering who we are, POKAL TRADITION!!! Yes, yes, you heard right, in the only previous Pokal game I can recall (corrections welcome in the comment section), we disqualified them and actually in a spectacular way, have a look 🙂

This is really good because it’s the only win (at least in recent history) we have over them, rest of the table includes 2 draws and 2 defeats, detail data can be found here. Of course…there is also a victory but…against their U23 during the Dark Ages and even I don’t think that qualifies 🙂 We have no idea about their current shape, as this is written, they haven’t started playing Bundesliga yet, nevertheless their adventurous on penalties qualification over Jahn Regensburg is enough at the moment to fill up in half the Scum ambition jar 😀 So, where do we go from here?

With POKAL TRADITION as our main weapon and with the flaming Millerntor support (personally, I would actually prefer Berlin in terms of odds 🙂 ) to push the Boys in Brown, we’re heading for victory! Saying it is one thing and doing it is another but for sure there will be some fun along the process, C’MON FCSP!!!


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