Matchday 04: FC Sankt Pauli – Arminia Bielefeld 2-1

Posted: September 11, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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At last!

The Boys in Brown finally managed to join everybody else in the Liga 2 race, which has started without us some one month ago, by grabbing our very first points and putting an end to our completely negative start-up sequence, thanks to a last minute 2-1 over Arminia Bielefeld. Not only a 1910% deserved victory but also an incredibly sweet one, especially the way it happened, at the very last moment, when all the effort given during the entire match seemed that it would end up wasted – who said that pain and pleasure don’t go together?


In a sense, yesterday’s match was the first really critical turn of the league for FCSP. A fourth consecutive defeat would mean real trouble, not because there had to be some but mostly because of the very high expectations cultivated at the beginning of the season, with lots of FCSP fans seeing ahead nothing but promotion. We’ll not get in the discussion if this is right or wrong (actually wrong imho but too complex also for here), sure thing is that a loss yesterday would cost much more from the 3pts themselves. Tricky Saturday didn’t help either in terms of attendance, only 3 of us (OK, plus the few steady “sympathizers” 😉 ) made it to Soridon, with Athens Club reporting a similar situation at the center, in a few words not the best possible pre-game situation, of course things were much better where it really counts, with Millerntor being soldout as expected. All ready to go, Hell’s Bells with the usual by now discussion about getting rid of AC/DC after the latest horrendous developments ( 😀 😀 😀 ) and finally kickoff…

Warm up (photo: Lefteris/Thanasis, Athens Club)

Warm up (photo: Lefteris/Thanasis, Athens Club)

Game on, against a squad that was looking somehow familiar, having 2 ex-Paulianers (Görlitz, Nöthe) in the starting eleven, with some real hard duels during the opening quarter which actually costed us the first mandatory substitution already on 13′, with Sobiech (welcome back) coming in for Gonther (get well). First chance of the game on 21′ for FCSP with a Bouhaddouz bouncing volley from less than 5m (!), result of an excellent serve by Choi, ending up only centimetres over Hesl’s crossbar! Game slowly started taking shape with FCSP having the initiative and Arminia giving the impression that they will be happy with anything they can steal while local Scum support suddenly increased with the surprising arrival of Halvor, unknown until yesterday comrade from Brune Stjerne Norge who, being in Athens for business, rushed inside the venue, in search of FCSP 🙂 Halvor found the venue, so the Boys in Brown started finding eachother in the pitch and, as game was approaching towards the end of the half, Scum screams were heard loud and clear for the first time outside the venue on 37′ when a penalty situation occured, with Bouhaddouz looking like being fouled(?) by Cacutalua inside the top left edge of the box but with ref saying “play on”. Never mind, redemption came immediately afterwads with a Sobota excellent vertical pass (to be fair, there’s a question about an offside here, situation quite marginal) to Bouhaddouz, who stormed ahead all alone, dribbled Hesl and finished for the 1-0 creating havoc inside Millerntor and drawing the attention of the outside bypassers here – GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL for FCSP on 38′!!! Arminia got the message and tried to move immediately forward, something that resulted in their first good opportunity, a dangerous 20m Hemlein free kick, directly facing our posts, which was succesfully cleared to corner by Himmelmann. Last situation, a Miyaichi cross from the left to, incoming at the front left edge of the keeper’s box, Bouhaddouz (he will spread terror this season!), who…fucked it up while trying to do something really elegant 😀 Half time FCSP 1 – Arminia 0, first time being ahead, first time believing we can do it 🙂

1-0, 37', Aziiiiiizzzzzzz!!!!!! (image source:

1-0, 37′, Aziiiiiizzzzzzz!!!!!! (image source:

2nd half underway, high spirits and “let’s finish them” talk here, (dangerous) free kick for Arminia, Schuppan from 18m and BAAAAAAMMM…1-1 for Arminia on 50′ with a rocket missile through the eye of the needle that left no chance to nobody and here we are, right back where we started… Nevertheless, the Boys in Brown didn’t waste any time, got directly in front and actually managed to returned the goal on 55′ with Choi, all alone, finishing what Buchtmann started from the left but goal was called of due to… an offside position!!! FUCK OFF REF, this simply never happened!!! Whatever, such shitty errors always part of the game, life goes on, so did the game, with roles now pretty clear. Tough game (occasionally extremely, someone could argue), which costed us another mandatory substitution (Dudziak for Nehrig on 66′), FCSP having limited play in the other half of the pitch, Arminia Bielefeld barricaded in the back, trying to defend the precious Schuppan gift (and maybe rob the house with a counter attack, they made a couple of breaks after 80′), with pace increasing steadily as we were approaching the end. Good chance a 17m Sobota shot on 70′, just over the Arminia crossbar, lots of pressure, lots of minor situations but really nothing deadly with the clock ticking. Fuckin’ DOUBLE chance for FCSP on 89′, following an unexpected Arminia error, with Bouhaddouz being a little too late at first and Hesl having the answer for Sobota’s tricky acute angled rebound volley immediately afterwards, AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! And then, while being into the last minute, me having stepped back thinking about how magic ending would make a goal around here, especially in a game such deserved and hard worked for like this, but unfortunately this is not the day, MADNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Distant Hedenstad ball in the heart of the box, header by Bouhaddouz at a spot where surprisingly there were no Arminia men but only Cenk Sahin (in from 68, the only substitution that Lienen CHOSE to make) who played the sweet-chin-music to Arminia for the entire Millerntor to listen, just with a slight push to the goal! Hell in Millerntor, screaming, shouting and slight furniture abuse in Soridon and, most of all, the feeling of relief, the exact time that was required…. Nothing more until the, impatiently awaited, full time whistle, FCSP 2 – Arminia Bielefeld 1, finally Liga 2 has started in St. Pauli as well 🙂

Sahiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!! (source:

Sahiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!! (source:

OK, back in business. Of course this wasn’t the FCSP that could fulfill anybody’s promotion expectations but this is not the case here. I personally would like to keep the squad fighting spirit that didn’t die after the out-of-the-blue equalizer and the persistence until the very end which was at the end rewarded. I’m also keeping the promises for the future given by most of the newcoming lads and I’m looking forward to a brighter and more entertaining near future 😉 Scumwise, excellent surprise the presence of our Norwegian comrade which resulted in a really enjoyable post-game exchange of views (escorted by the required beer of course), regarding FCSP, our local FCSP fan scenes (and not only), situation in our countries, etc, etc, there was even space for some old spicy Reeperbahn stories 😀 As personally said already, it was a real pleasure, looking forward to a 2nd round, probably in HH 😉

Next steps? Karlsruhe and Karlsruher SC! Actually, this looks like a good away chance to take things a little further. These guys are in the same table position as us but haved managed to beat noone so far and, furthermore, they have been brutally treated yesterday, collecting 4 goals from Union Berlin. Of course, such defeats always have two sides but their overall picture shows that they’re an opponent easily within our abilities, as long as we show a similar picture to the one demonstrated yesterday in Millerntor. We’re sending over 3 Greek wackos, we hope that their screams and shouts, joined with the more-than-a-thousand voices of the other brown white commandos, will push the boys even a little closer towards achieving the goal (with a couple of goals 😀 ), and get back victorious – Forza Sankt Pauli!

Line Up:


Hedenstad Hornschuh Gonther (L. Sobiech 11′) Buballa

 Nehrig (Dudziak 66′) Buchtmann

  Miyaichi (Sahin 68′) Sobota

Choi Bouhaddouz

Match goals:

1:0 Bouhaddouz (38′, Left foot shot, Sobota)

1:1  Schuppan (50′, Left foot free kick)

2:1 Sahin (90′, Right foot shot, Bouhaddouz)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: L. Sobiech(1), Buballa(3), Buchtmann(1), Sahin(1)

Match highlights (quite DIY, check the bouncing screen!)

♥♥♥ Daz Herz von Sankt Pauli ♥♥♥

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