Matchday 06: FC Sankt Pauli – 1860 München 2-2

Posted: September 23, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Could be better, could be worse

A Thursday game always kind of sucks. Full schedule and the next day of course you gotta work. The only thing making it better is Sankt Pauli crushing the ones setting foot in  Millerntor. And since SP has proved that the first three games belong to the past, expectations were  high for this one. Good company, good beer and the friendly environment of Soridon  made sure that our moral would be high. The Boys in Brown should do the rest…


Game starts and 1860 München sets foot in the game feisty. On 2’ they win their first corner. Bouhaddouz drives the ball away. On 5’ though, he has his first good chance to open the score. Corner kick for Sankt Pauli and Bouhaddouz with the header, slightly above München post. On 11’ it is Hedenstad’s chance to shine. Free Kick from a good distance and he almost got it, but the ball hit on Liendl and was driven into corner. The game got a good pace really early, and on 16’ Miyaichi stole the ball from Wittek and sprinted almost alone to the opponent box. He shoots but the ball is stopped from Mauersberger, for Buchtmann to take the rebound. Buchtmann shoots and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. Almost a minute after comrade Stephan along with his football mates entered Soridon, to watch the game with us. The vibes damn it.  Our joy of this first goal, although secure in the first half, got interrupted many times as our players went defensive giving space to the opponents to play offensively. On 19’ Liendl finds the ball in a great spot before Himmelmann. He shoots but Himmelmann says a big no. On 28’ Sobota shoots nicely but his shot is blocked. The rebund from Hedenstad goes away from the post. On 35’ Sobota once again marches through all München and clears the ball for Bouhaddouz. He shoots but his shot gets blocked. Final chance belonged to München. On 45’+1 Mölders takes a ball from Wittek but he sends it slightly away from our post. Whistle sounds half time.

Second half underway and early on 49’ München earns a corner. Himmelmann is there once again to save the day. The game in this second half is mostly about ball position. München wanted to even the score and kept on hammering our box, but every times their attemts crushed either on our defensive’s feet or Himmelmann’s hands. We on the other hand started looking for a second one to secure the game. On 58’ a free shot from Buchtmann looks like it is going to find its way, but before that it finds Mauersberger . On 68’ the toughest scene ever for a ref. Matmour enters our penalty area and trips. Maybe he found a defensive’s leg. The replay didn’t say much. We thought he just tripped. The second opinion though the ref got was the final. Penalty kick.  On 70’ Liendl executes and makes the score even. On 76’ though Nehrig replies with a header. Takes the ball from Ziereis and with his head sets the score to 2-1. Our joy of course wouldn’t last long enough.  On 77’ Victor Andrade shoots from distance, while on the run, and scores. 2-2 and this would be the final result. Our hopes for a salvation last minute goal got vaporized for the sake of controversy in the field and ball position haunt. On 90’+3 was our last siege of  München post. A corner that turned into a foul kick and then another foul kick but no luck. Final whislte and both teams to the lockers with one point each.

Ok we might not have the three points in our pockets but damn it this was a nice game to watch. Full on yellows of course but other than that, the action was hitting the red zone. 4 goals in general and the point here is that we are getting back to the page when Sankt Pauli scored. We are finally finding our way to the nets and that alone for me is a success. A little more work on defence is all we need I think. Next game is with Union Berlin out this Monday. Bring it. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Hedenstad  Ziereis L. Sobiech  Buballa

 Nehrig (Avevor 80′)  Buchtmann

Miyaichi (Kalla 67′)  Sobota

                       Choi (Cenk Sahin 72′)


Match goals:

1:0 Buchtmann (16′, Left foot shot)

1:1 Liendl (70′, Penalty Kick, Left foot shot, Matmour)

2:1 Nehrig (76′, Header, Ziereis)

2:2 Victor Andrade (77′, Right foot shot, Matmour)

Spectators: 29.000

Sankt Pauli cards: Buballa(4), Hedenstad(1), Nehrig(2)

Match goals

Further reading:


PS: A lot of banners upside down yesterday in the Süd, we have no information on the issue but seems that the whole thing was about a deceased comrade. RIP for the guy in such a case…


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