Matchday 08: Hannover 96 – FC Sankt Pauli 2-0

Posted: October 2, 2016 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Wake up damn it!!

Saturday and the sun still fuckin shines hot in this land. This could be a good omen right? Wrong. The good omen we were looking for, would be the packed Soridon. Packed with South End Scumsterzzz. The usual suspects and many more gathered in our joint for our weekly appointment . High hopes for the game as we needed all positive energy available. Needed to leave the bad result of the previous game behind anyway. Nooot!!! This game of course was a bit special for other reasons. Our former goalkeeper and flag of Sankt Pauli Philipp Tschauner for some years, plays for Hannover now. A bit unlucky though. Philipp went there for better, as his position was taken by Himmelmann and Hannover was still 1st league by then, but now they are down to the 2nd league. No hard feelings, we still love the guy, as well as our other former Sankt Pauli player, Sebastian Maier, playing for Hannover now.


First minutes showed exactly what Hannover was looking for in the game. A quick opening goal. But that of course wouldn’t be easy. The game was mostly played midfield and back to our box. On 4’ Bakalorz triples and opens a nice pass to Klaus who shoots from 18 meters but Himmelmann is there. On 8’ Buchtmann sends a nice high ball, aiming for Bouhaddouz. He takes the header but sends it away from Tschauner. On 9’ Sobota again passes to Buballa and he sends a high ball to Tschauner’s arms. Tschauner fails to secure the ball and for a moment leaves his nets exposed. Kalla  fails to aim right and sends the ball to outer space. These two of course were our brightest moments for the first half. All the rest it was mostly Hannover trying to break our defense. On 32’ they manage to score but their goal is declared off side. Albornoz saves a ball from exiting the line with a header and sends the ball back to Fossum’s head, which sends the ball in the nets but luckily the reff whistles the offside. (Not so sure it was but anyway. Who gives a crap?). Last big chance of the game belonged to Hannover. Fossum with a great shot from 20 meters right on target but Himmelmann says no. Final whistle sounded for this first half sending the players to the lockers.

Second half underway and as time passed it got more obvious that SP has a great problem with its mid fielders. Hannover proved to be a team that needs results and knows how to take them. On 54’, a flank from Kalla. Bouhaddouz receives and shoots cleverly bouncing the ball to the ground, sending it a liitle above Tschauner’s post. On 58’ Karaman tries to create danger with a high ball but Himmelmann clears it. On 59’ Maier in his known position of danger. 22 meters and he shoots directly to Himmelmann. Himmelmann stops the shot saving the day. Minutes pass and the more they pass, the more Hannover comes to our box. The goal came on 75’. Albonorz shoots a free shot and the ball is in our box. Ziereis collides with Nehrig , and Karaman finds plenty of space for a header. 1-0 for Hannover and what a seminar of how to stand our ground defensively from our defensives(Fuuuuuuck!!). On 85’ Himmelmann saves the day once again, stopping a dangerous ball from Klaus. The last act of this game is played on 90’+3. We lose the ball position in midfield and Hannover goes to counter attack with Harnik. He opens nicely to Klaus and he, alone with Himmelmann, scores the second goal for Hannover. Final whistle. Game over!

Ok, it is not that we care about results so much. Falling to the third league is out of the question and we kind of take that for granted. Anyway…Of course we know that Hannover is a team fresh from the 1st league and they desperately need to climb up.  Of course we know that we are short in players. Fafa is out and Sobiech once again. But how could I explain the fact that the goals we receive are not a result of teamwork from the opponent team, but a product of our own stupidity and dullness? The first goal, Mr Ziereis didn’t know where to stand and in the end fucked it all up, leaving Karaman exposed, and in the second, Mr Nehrig though the ball was too far from his leg to stretch it a bit more, leaving Klaus alone with Himmelmann. Get serious gentlemen. Nothing more to it. Next game will be Friday the 14th against Erzgebirge Aue in Millerntor. Let’s wear our serious face’s there shall we please?

Line Up:


Hedenstad Ziereis Hornschuh Buballa

 Nehrig Buchtmann

  Kalla ( Litka 86′) Sobota

 Bouhaddouz  Choi (Ducksch 79′)

Match goals:

1:0 Karaman (75′, Header, Strandberg)

2:0 Klaus (90+3′, Right foot shot, Harnik)

Spectators: 49000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(2), Nehrig(3)

 This is 2-0 but probably it was already over…

Further reading:


4 Years Antifascist Network in the South, no Nazis marching here 😉

The bitter taste was sweetened later in the evening, at the antifascist live gig for the 4 years of the Antifascist Network in the South (with the boys and girls from Soridon involved 🙂 ). 4 years now and the effort looks soooo fruitful. Nazi scum can’t set foot on the south suburbs of Athens and this is thanks to all these year’s efforts and sweat from the guys running the drills, till the people participating. Almost 1000 (maybe more) people joined for the feast. Beer, whiskey and mostly punk sounds in Panagoulis square. Well done to everyone. Let’s make these 4 years of antifascist action 1004 and lets erase this Nazi disease once and for all.






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