Matchday 09: FC Sankt Pauli – Erzgebirge Aue 1-2…

Posted: October 17, 2016 by Zouz in Scum Tourism, Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Fucked up as fuck…

Photo: Axel Heimken

Photo: Axel Heimken

“Oh fuck, this is simply terrifying”. This could be in a few words the conclusion of my first this season live FCSP experience. There are no words to describe the “spectacle” that the Boys in Brown “offered” to the fans in Millerntor and everywhere where people were watching the game and couldn’t believe what they actualy see. A more-awful-you-die performance/result that didn’t manage to ruin the trip (the positive side of getting fucked already on Friday) but sets for the first time some serious questions regarding our future in the league…


The match

In a Millerntor, surprisingly not completely full (seems that the awful start of the season has made some people forget that FCSP is about supporting your club through thick or thin), things started the ideal way for FCSP with the Boys in Brown being awarded a penalty which, even now with the replay, seems a little excessive. Cool execution by Ducksch, 1-0 for FCSP, a head start already on 3′ and this is the point where normally the party should begin, especially at home and against an opponent that isn’t considered the most serious force to deal with in the league. Well, actually not… After a really short period of balanced play, became clear that FCSP is about to defend the score (!) and try to lock the match in the counter attack, leaving the initiative to Aue who, even though that didn’t seem to have an immediate solution, started progressively to tighten the rope around, something that we made easy by giving them a lot of free space and waiting only for a occasional throw-in in order to press high. Nothing really until 21′ and a half chance with a Choi 25m shot, safely landed into Haas’ grasp, followed by a really good chance for Aue, with Köpke having fun with our right defensive flank before he tries for the kill and gets stopped by Himmelmann and the only (let’s say) decent 10′ minutes of FCSP in the game, with squad working good on the counter attack and getting close in a few occasions to lock the game for real. Ducksch couldn’t do it on 32′, when he got into the box from the left after an excellent Buchtmann pass, but he didn’t have the best possible angle, didn’t make the best possible shot and ball ended up sidenetting at Haas’ guarded corner. Ducksch couldn’t even do it on 37′, exactly from the penalty spot but with a direct shot this time and got beat by Haas – the handball/penalty we asked after the rebound shot doesn’t seem to exist with a look at the replay… And like this wasn’t enough, the others managed to do what we couldn’t just a couple of minutes later – Soukou (who was doing on Friday almost everything he wanted with our defence), cleared the way from the right, serving the perfect venomous cross to Köpke who solved the riddle for Aue with a beautiful, elegant heel finish – 1-1 Aue on 39′ and the worse thing is not that it happened but that it was seen coming… Nothing more until the end of the half, HT 1-1 with the painful thing being not just the score but the overall performance that personally left me deadly worried about what’s coming in the 2nd half…

Temporary (and premature) hapiness (source:

Temporary (and premature) hapiness (source:

No fancy stuff during the beginning of the 2nd half with Aue having already got what they initially wanted and FCSP trying to get in the driver’s seat but things actually not working… A good chance on 54′ with Sobota (Scum FCSP MOTM) firing a direct 10m volley, just a couple of meters over Haas’ bar but really nothing much…until the 73′ “penalty” not awarded to FCSP, something that looks like another right decision on a replay, actually the most doubtful penalty in this match seems to be the one we’ve been awarded… HELL suddenly at Millerntor on 77′ but the fire immediately faded out as Ducksch’s goal, following Sahin’s cross was called off (probably correctly) as offside, still though this was enough to fire the entire stadium and a finally big push was given to the squad but sometimes wanting is one thing and being able to do so another… Soukou’s shot on 82′ (easily finally handled by Himmelmann) is registered here not so much as a chance but more because of the ease that the guy had to move, make his tricks and finally find a space for a direct 16m shot, guarded all the time by 3-4 different brown white defenders… Crowd was pushing, squad couldn’t do and when Aue was awarded that foul outside the box on 89′, knowing our defensive weaknesses and having got a good additional taste already in the evening, I knew that at this point it was most about US securing the 1 precious point than AuePepic filled in, Breitkreuz won big Marvin Ducksch on the air and executed Himmelmann, FCSP and all of us on 90’… For a few seconds Millerntor really reminded me the ancient theater of Epidaurus, where even a needle falling on stage can be heard until the furthest place in the theater. The next thing I think I heard (not quite sure here) was the guest block mocking us by shouting something that was sounding like “St. Pauli”… What really made me impression afterwards (maybe it shouldn’t), was the speed that Gegengerade started emptying after the full time whistle – regarding the HT faithful, they started the evacuation immediately after the goal…

1-2, that's it, we're out... (source:

1-2, that’s it, we’re out… (source:

This is… frightening… A lot of talk after the match and in such occasions you can hear almost anything. Heard a lot, heard about Club’s mistaken choices during Summer on replacing valuable players, heard about players that simply can’t do it, heard about Ewald’s mistrust towards players coming from the U-squads, somebody simply wondered if this was the best we could present after two weeks work during the break, against such an opponent and lots lots more. As Dirty Harry has said “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one“, some of them were right to the point, some of them were disputable, some of them irrelevant, some of them where crap (this happened more on the web, actually). One thing is sure, I’m neither a coach nor a technical director as most of us actually. Nevertheless, I think that in one thing we all agree, this squad is terrifying (mandatory substitutions and other similar stuff cannot explain this overall mess) and if nothing changes soon, we’re going again for a very hot ride, probably much hotter than the one that ended with an unexpected happy ending 2 years ago…

What could we expect after that and what we should do? Starting with the 2nd, we should do two things: a) keep being positive and b) apply this to everyday pactice by increasing the support and showing that we are behind the squad 1910%, it will be needed now more than ever with the morale of the squads almost downtown Hades, the rest is Club’s business, not ours… Regarding expectations, I’d like to believe that this will work as a shock to the squad and if we can snap out of it, along with the help of some people returning to action (Bernd, Philipp and Aziz get well!) we can find the minimum steps required not to make the BIG counter offensive (one not expected) but just not to sink instead, so that we can stay close until the winter break (which is actually pretty far). Then some serious moves should be made and some of  the euros we so easy earn from the Fanshop and a little more harder from other stuff should be thrown on the table…

With these in mind, the upcoming away game vs Sandhausen, seems already like a life-or-death fight. It’s not so much about winning and getting over the relegation zone probably, we have more serious issues now. It’s about getting even a draw and earn back, to begin with, even a tiny part of our nowhere-to-be-found confidence. The brown white travelling army will carry the mission as always, it just needs to be a little louder now. The only thing we others can do, is keep behind the squad, support them in every way we can (social media, forums, etc) and make in general everything we can in order all together to reverse this fuck up. C’MOOOOOOOOOOOON FCSP!!!

PS: There are already some people who think that Ewald should go and have some arguments on the issue. We’re as a crew strongly against that but we respect these opinions as long as they are not just screams, alles gut. Problem is that there are also some (thankfully quite fewer) who rushed directly after the full time whistle, saying stuff like “let’s get rid of Lienen” and similar stuff in an actually slightly disrespectful way. To these people a heavily disrespectful “FUCK OFF”, go follow Chelski or Red Bull

PS2: Ahhh!!! Not to forget! An equally big (actually even bigger) “FUCK OFF” to the few reported neo-hipster-hool-wannabes who think that the Nord is a much more suitable place for exercising sexism, homophobia and similar bull than the rest of the stadium, judgement will come sooner or later “gentlemen” ^^

Line Up:


Hornschuh Avevor Ziereis (Hedenstad 58′) Buballa

 Nehrig (Sahin 46′) Dudziak

Sobota                                               Buchtmann

 Choi (Bouhaddouz 64′) Ducksch

Match goals:

1:0 Ducksch (3′, Right foot penalty)

1:1 Köpke (39′, Right foot shot, Soukou)

1:2 Breitkreuz (90′, Header, Pepic)

Spectators: 29075

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Squad Entrance

Our only goal (other guy’s material)

Our only goal – Charlie version – watch HT burning 🙂

Further reading:



The trip

Aaaah, after all these years this is more about seeing friends than discovering new exciting venues and “feeling the vibes of the city”, all needed is a corner in the Jolly and the company of comrades. However, in such a unique place, even after some years, there are always new classy people to meet, new things to learn and of course some new insane but true stories which you always believed that you will never hear 🙂 Trip short after all but there are still a couple of things of general interest that someone could keep.

First of all the beautiful Thursday in the Jolly, with the house full of friends or friendly people (unlike matchday where a lot of “irrelevant” (if such an oversimplification could be valid) people were to be seen ^^) and an atmosphere that took me back in the very first days when everything was new and magical 😉 Funfact (and more than that), the realisation at a time after midnight that we’re six people sitting in 6 consecutives stools, all from different countries (some more nationalities located in other spots in the bar not counted, even people from Mexico and Brasil!). Some dear friends for years, others not seen for years, some met for the first time but all having fun together and speaking the same language (I don’t mean English of course even if it’s also a valid argument 😀 ) and, the most important, sharing the same love that drove them all there from every possible place in Europe and not only. When you feel this for the first time, probably it’s the time that you start realising that FCSP is about more than you already know about 🙂

The post game short Diffidati march around the neighborhood (and under the tight observation of the HH police which reminded me, in terms of strategic thinking and planning, their idiot Greek colleagues) was another special moment to keep. A really colorfoul scene, the usual upset of the neighborhood that actually is more happy than disturbed – I actually wanted to shoot some stuff and post it here, after editing of course, but wasn’t actually allowed, so rules were respected – fair enough 😀 What was more important here, far more than the fancy entertaining stuff, it was a reminder of resistance and maybe this march was about the rights of the fans but to me, for some strange reason, felt like it was also about the beloved neighborhood which seems to lose a little bit of magic everyday, victim of a greedy gentrification…

The swab that was supplied to us by the store, in order to clean a small "mess" we (me :D ) accidentaly created under the table ^^ Oooh Backbord, you'll be missed :-(

The swab that was supplied to us by the store, in order to clean a small “mess” we (me 😀 ) accidentaly created under the table ^^ Oooh Backbord, you’ll be missed 😦

This was the last weekend, than one of the all time favorite places up there, Backbord was serving and, tbh, it was one of the reasons that this matchday was picked for a visit. Place is closing for the 2nd time, unable to handle any further increases to the fuckin’ rent and this time is closing for good. And the problem is not Backbord on its own, had the opportunity to walk the place a little, it’s not about only dear places being replaced by boutiques, in certain places, except matchday, the neighborhood doesn’t feel the same anymore, something actually confirmed by a couple of local buddies. Supposed to be progress but it’s actually not and we all FCSP fans should always keep it mind the tight relationship between Club and neighborhood which actually is one of the core elements that made this Club different in the first place. Decay of the neighborhood will eventually lead to the decay of the Club, even if we manage to be succesfully both commercially and title-wise afterwards, FCSP was never about that and isn’t supposed to end up another Hamburg sightseeing… Fortunately, I’m a position to know that, at least as long as some of the people, I had all these years the pleasure and privilege to meet, are here, this simply isn’t going to happen. Still, you can’t help feeling slightly (only slightly, after so much despair on Friday evening, no space for more negative feelings) melancholic, probably worse than I felt, seing my childhood neighborhood becoming a city suburb…

As already said, the good thing when getting fucked early is that you have more time to digest the situaton, so, regardless of the horrible match outcome, this was a bloody good trip! And this couldn’t be possible without the presence of real friends, always there, always willing, always making you feel at home 🙂 Lots of love to the brothers and sisters Hans and Mahu, Ruben, Martha, Mathieu, Alexej, Boris, Charlie bastard (and Scum video producer in Millerntor) and the excellent offspring Conor, Niklas, Giannis the Greek madman (ΠΟΥΤΑΝΑ ΟΛΑ!), Kermit, Toby, Bjulius, Harry, Weixie, Michalis, Ole, the entire Jolly crew and ALL friends I had the pleasure to meet again or make these 3 days, too many to mention, this already starts sounding like a CD inlet 😀 Until next time boys and girls 🙂




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