DFB Pokal, Round 2: FC Sankt Pauli – Hertha BSC 0-2

Posted: October 26, 2016 by AndyChristos in 2016-17
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So What?

Ok this was tough from the beginning. Taking this game and moving on to the third round would bring fresh air to the swamp we’re in from the start of this season. . Of course someone aiming that high, against a team standing high in the Bundesliga ranks, could easily be characterized as super optimistic/delusional, considering the fact that Sankt Pauli hasn’t shown anything of worth from the beginning of the season. Hopes are hopes though and of course someone should  shut those nazi fuckers up, thinking they could come in Millerntor with an attitude (reports of Hertha nazi hools messing around with people at the station in Feldstraße). Bollocks.


First half underway and things proceeded the way we thought them they would. Hertha maintained ball position but for all we could care we managed to keep them away from our box. Sometimes easier , some others harder but  first minutes looked like the first half would end a draw.  Early on 2’ a mistake from Hertha gives us the opportunity  to see us close to Jarstein. Of course he secures the ball and game carries on. Fog created by the fans of Hertha and the smokeshit they brought with them. Game pauses but only for a while. On 8’ the first opportunity from Hertha with Weiser.  Hard shot, 12 meters away and Robin doesn’t look worried as the ball goes away from the nets and above the post. On 13’ Kalou tries to shoot past Avevor (who was one of the best in the game). Avevor closes his corner really well and Kalou’s  shot ends directly to Himmelmann’s hands. On 21’ our first serious attempt on organizing an offense with Litka ends quickly with Litka failing to control the ball leading it out. Hertha unfolded a really nice game play and Sankt Pauli seemed to be drawn by their pace.  Despite that though, on 29’ Litka finds his way to the ball in a really good position but is stopped with a foul.  And there is were we seemed to find our pace a bit. Some clever ball exchanges along with Hertha wanting to cool the engines a bit bright us a bit to the front. On 39’ Miyaichi sees Litka downtown and sends the ball. Litka sends it away from Jarstein.  Minutes passed and we got to 40’ and when everything showed both teams going to the lockers with no goal, on 42’ Weiser takes advantage of a bouncing ball after a shot from Kalou and opens the score for Hertha. Couple of minutes later, the reff sends both teams to the lockers.

Second half underway and damn it people. I think the football regulations should take under notice that our sausages are not easily digested from the sweethearts in die Haupttribune leading them to miss the first 10-14 minutes of the second half. Please those responsible: Make the break 20 minutes bigger. Back to the game and early on 49’ Hornschuh takes a header after a free kick but sends the ball high above opponent posts. On 50’ the big chance for Hertha with Kalou. He shoots from 15 meters but Himmelmann jumps and sends the ball to the post. On 53’ Hornschuh opens a nice ball to Litka who shoots nicely. Jarstein repels it. Then on 54’ Hertha shows Bundesliga quality. Counter attack with Weiser who, in split seconds crosses from one side of the field to the other and opens the ball to Stocker who receives with  the head and scores. Sankt Pauli tried to reply but things didn’t seem to work out even in the most obvious occasions. Nehrig tries a shot really close to Jarstein after a corner kick but sends the ball away from the posts. On 74’ Stocker tries to score a third but Himmelmann sends the ball to a corner. On 79’ Picault in our biggest chance of the game. Ball in the air and Picault jumps for the header. Hertha stood lucky here as Fafa’s header went behind Jarstein slightly to the upper post. On 87’ the last chance with Weiser who runs a quick counter and from the middle and opens for Schieber who fails to score a third. Final whistle couple of minutes later and players to the lockers.

Ok c’mon now. Cut the crap. No one actually believed in it. The most optimistic aspect was just to lead the game to a tie and then loose at the penalty shootout. Didn’t happen. So the fuck what? If we didn’t have the shitty clouds above our heads regarding the season and our fucked up course so far, no one would give a damn. No…Hertha was not the team to to turn the downhill of the season. Next game is a tough one.  This Monday against FC Nürnberg in Milerntor.  C’mon damn it. Sankt Pauli may have not won any races so far but our fans are 5star quality through worse and worst. Let’s give our team all the support we have. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Hornschuh Avevor  Koglin Buballa

Nehrig  Buchtmann

Miyaichi (Ducksch 76′)                                Sobota

 Choi (Picault 61′) Litka (Cenk Sahin 60′)

Match goals:

0:1 Weiser (42′, Left Foot Shot, Kalou)

0:2 Stocker (54′, Header, Weiser)

Spectators: 29123

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobota (1), Nehrig(1) 

Match highlights

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