News: Goodbye (hopefully for now) Thomas Meggle…

Posted: November 2, 2016 by Zouz in News, Zweite Liga 2016-17
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It was a Saturday morning, early March 2014, a sunny day at Hoheluft, watching our U23 playing against someone ( 🙂 ) and having fun with friends with booze coming from Victoria Klause (the excellent stadium bar). I can still recall myself back in that day, talking with a friend about Thomas Meggle (coaching passionately from a chair right next to the sideline) and saying with my usual idiot-impersonating-the-connoisseur “experienced” look “this is the next FCSP head coach”. Some 2 and a half years after, with all the things that have happened in between, the only thing remaining really cool about this, is just the memory…


My wish became true half a year later, Meggle got his chance as a head coach on September 2014, he failed according to some, been promoted to Sporting Director on December of the same year where he blew it again according to a few more and yesterday, due to “disagreements on strategy”, he was “released” from FCSP…

This leaves an extremely bitter taste at the end of the tongue… It’s not about if he failed or not, it’s just really sad watching a living part of FCSP history saying goodbye. A lot of stuff can be said about his 2,5 year rollercoaster ride from Heaven to Hell. People saying that he technically failed in both positions have a lot of arguments to support their position and I could say that I share some when coming to the Technical Director part but, imho, the main substance of the conversation it’s not there… It’s always easier to blame it on the wind but I really think that Thomas Meggle is just a victim of an awful timing…

My view on the issue in a few words: on September 2014 we have the “departure” of Roland Vrabec. Season already on, relative shortage of availability (of course, Ewald Lienen is already available but doesn’t seem to be considered as a decent solution by the Stefan Orth administration) and Thomas Meggle is called in hurriedly as response to the situation. From this point and then, there’s no return to the relative “comfort” and “safety” of the U23. Despite the big fan support and my “wise” prediction, looks like he is not ready and despite the new ideas he brought on the table (big trust to the youngsters) things doesn’t seem to work… Meanwhile, a couple of months later, we have a radical change regarding club administration during the AGM, with the more “technocratic” (hmmm ^^) team of Orth leaving and the new Oke, more “value oriented” (if such a term can be considered valid) team coming in. One month later, with things still going bad, Ewald Lienen is called in, Azzuzi says goodbye and Meggle takes his place. Some say that the promotion of Meggle to Sports Director was a 2nd mistake in order to correct the 1st one, they maybe right but for me this was a quite justifiable mistake. Meggle could neither be sent back to the U23 nor being shown the door – simply a matter of respect. OK, probably he could stick around as an assistant to Ewald but I reckon that at this point Meggle’s ego played a part but this is also justifiable from a point of view. The rest I think is more or less known to everybody…

Where’s the awful timing? Again imho, if Vrabec was leaving a couple of months later, AFTER the change at the board, Ewald would get directly the job and Meggle would still be around, getting better, learning by Ewald and getting ready for the chance that was burned (as proved) on September 2014… Of course, this is just an evaluation some 2.500 Km away from ground zero – I may as well ignore some important facts here (in such a case, any comments are welcome) but, with my (our actually) knowledge of things down here, is the only scenario making sense…

After all, it’s not that important, at least no more important than the unlucky chain of events itself. What we can hope for now is that Meggle’s departure will not affect psychologically the squad (you will never gain anything switching a Sports Director in the middle of the season except giving some time to his successor to be better prepared for the next day, in our case in one and a half month). For me Meggle’s loss is more than the loss of the Sports Director in the middle of the season, it’s the loss of an important part of modern FCSP and in this respect I really hope that personal bitterness will not keep him away from the Club in the future (there are a lot of key positions in the Club where his experience could be useful) – that’s why the “hopefully for now” on the title, FCSP is in dire need of more Paulianers like Meggle

Nothing can just erase all these years of brown white history, goodbye (for now) Thomas Meggle



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