Matchday 12: Würzburger Kickers – FC Sankt Pauli 1-0…

Posted: November 8, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Cuckoo! Cuckoo!


Hmmm… Even though it has been a habbit referring to brown and white when discuss FCSP, this week’s dominant color looks to be red… But it’s not the artistic red stripes on the jersey we’re talking about, it’s the red color that our scruffs and ears have taken from the consecutive slaps since the beginning of the season. Somebody of course could (fairly) argue that as FCSP fans we’re used to get occasionally slapped but seems that too many of them are falling lately (it’s actually rainning ^^) and the situation seems to start getting out of hand…


Opening minutes of the game proved somehow misleading with FCSP, after withstanding the first “investigative” host challenges, creating our best chance in the game (they weren’t many of them but then again this is not a surprise right?) with Fafa arriving just a frame too late in front of Wulnikowski for the excellent, parallel to the goal, Litka left low cross before Choi, following from the right, tries from angle a shot that ended a couple of meters from  Wulnikowski’s net. Of course, a simple look at the starting XI was enough for anybody to realise that it was a matter of time before the pitch starts leaning towards our side and the increase of traffic along with the first warning shot (9′) didn’t take long. Daghfous cross from the left (excellent case study for inadequate defending) to Benatelli, into the keeper’s box, at the back post, who, instead of finishing the job, preferred to test the endurance of the crossbar!!! Muthafucka, that was close 😀 Half a chance for FCSP on 14, with a Fafa 6m header ending up far away from its desired destination and some relative peace (lots of hanging around our box but no real threats) for FCSP…until 24′ and Avevor’s DOUBLE manifestation of world class negligence (you have to seeeee to believeeeee….brrrr) which fortunately costed us nothing except some hair being removed from some heads probably… Another unlucky (without quotes this time) moment for Chris Avevor on 41′ (aaah, clearly not his night yesterday, get well man 🙂 ) who got TKO’d by… Robin Himmelmann and managed only a few dizzy rounds before he gets substituted by Gonther at half time. Last moment of the first half for the hosts, a Daghfous 15m shot from the left upper edge of the box, wide over Himmelmann’s cross bar. HT 0-0 and, knowing exactly where we currently stand, we’re quite happy that we’re still alive so far ^^


Source: Alexander Scheuber/Bongarts

Same old song and dance during the opening of the 2nd half with Würzburg making circles around us like a shark and us more or less successfully holding our ground using our paddle as a weapon and keeping the beast succesfully away 🙂 Lot’s of movement around us but nothing really until 61′ and the 25m Daghfous shot that Robin Himmelmann successfully deflected over the crossbar. 2nd FCSP substitution on 62′ with Keller in for Litka and now we know that we are about to retreat some more – Würzburg mega-siege expected… However, despite the Scum moaning, the Boys in Brown seemed like they had managed to effectively secure our rear zone and they actually had a 3′ lucky break (76′-78′) mainly due to a couple of Würzburg unforced defensive fuck ups – the situation seemed under control and, with the clock passing the 80′ mark, we were (again) naive enough to believe that we can finally keep a clean sheet after 12 matches getting fed, an illusion that was violently evaporated a couple of minutes later (84′) with a Hedenstad own goal, excellent sample of the collective chaos that reigns in the brown white defense, regardless of the good reasons that may have caused it. A goal that even caused a few laughs from some non-Scum inside the venue (order immediately restored ^^), laughs that, to be honest, where quite justified, coming from somenone not sentimentally bound to FCSP… Too late of course for anything, neither the time nor our line-up in the pitch were really helpful, so just a few minutes of agony and some blind brown white shots before the bitter (especially for those who made the trip) end…

84', suicide... (source: (c)dpa)

84′, suicide… (source: (c)dpa)

First of all, let’s get things straight. Nobody (at least among us) had victory ambitions yesterday and nobody can when the last team of the table, being into crisis, visiting a team of the top-5, only hopes. It was all about getting something, even a draw, something to keep us close to our constantly-moving-away-to-distance rivals… And we almost did that, with the exception of some world class screw-ups (can’t live without ’em) which thankfully didn’t cost us, this time we successfully held our ground, even with a defense looking more like Maginot line than a normal defensive line towards the end, until the moment we fucked it up on our own…

Hey brown white youngsters, the entire FCSP fan base can be behind you, supporting 52x7x24 but fan base CAN’T play for you and, regardless of how optimistic we always are and want to be, time start’s running out here and better wake the fuck up before we all together suddenlly wake up in places that I don’t have the slightest desire at the moment to mention. Someone could argue here that, we have been there before and finally we made it, having in mind the 2014-15 nightmare with the happy ending – this is only partially right, take a look here:


In March 2015, after the home game vs Aue, we found ourselves down at the very bottom, having lost all our chances during the previous month against all relegation rivals, and most of us started preparing for the worst. Thankfully, squad proved us all wrong, made a spectacular comeback and managed to come out of this alive, even in the very last moment. This had been possible, thanks to the hard work of the squad during the winter break (Lienen got on board December 15th) which started showing results just one week afterwards… Of course, now it’s still November but, as can be easily seen above, we’re in a far worse situation comparing to 2014 and in serious danger of losing contact with the others, something extremely vital in order to reorganize and reinforce ourselves during the winter break which always offers the possibility for a really fresh start. In a few words, we need to survive until Christmas…

In this sense, the next game (20/11, YES, we have a league break, I would never expect that at some point I would beg for one) vs Fortuna is nothing less like a game of life and death and all games until the end of the season must be handled in the same manner. WAKE UP YOU BOYS IN BROWN, BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES and pay some serious (not top class, JUST serious) football, we ALL desperately need it…

See you in a couple of weeks, Forza Sankt Pauli!

Line Up:


Hedenstad L. Sobiech Avevor (Gonther 46′) Koglin


Sahin Buchtmann Nehrig Choi Litka (Keller 62′)

Picault (Ducksch 82′)

Match goals:

1:0 Hedenstad (84′, Left foot own goal)

Spectators: 13080 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Keller(1), Sahin(2), L. Sobiech(2)

The goal, ffs look at that…


Further reading:


AND SOME GOOD NEWS, worthing more than victories: Charges against Deniz Naki have been dropped earlier today, our man is (for now – fuck you Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ^^) free and safe from any bloody Turkish prison cell 🙂


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