Matchday 14: FC Heidenheim – FC Sankt Pauli 2-0…

Posted: November 27, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Death In Super Slow Motion

Heard about a guy who fell off a skyscraper?

On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself:

‘ ‘ so far so good… ‘ ‘

‘ ‘ so far so good… ‘ ‘

‘ ‘ so far so good… ‘ ‘

How you fall doesn’t matter

It’s how you land…


The times that weekend meant fun and joy look so bloody distant anymore, even though we’re talking just a few months back, now weekend means more worries, trouble and, in the end, pain… In this sense, the call I received from the venue yesterday morning, reporting a problem with the decoder sounded in perfect harmony with the weekend aura and the depressing weather. Off to Soridon early, problem fortunately fixed fast, lots of time for thinking and talking before kickoff. Actually, FCSP talk was this time more about next season than the current one but with the unique Scum approach that makes occasionaly even death sound funny 😀 With this and that, football time with the brown white travelling crew stating from the guest block that “no distance is too far for such a big love” 🙂


To the game and no illusions about controlling the game and taking initiative this time. FCH on the driver’s seat from the very first moment and FCSP nowhere to be found, unless barricading in the back and waiting for the inevitable means presence in the pitch, however a couple of injury stops delayed their first warning shot until 11′, when Himmelmann made his first save in the game and said “no” to Thomalla, suddenly alone into the box, to the left, facing the net. Game on, mandatory substitution (13′, shit!) with Buchtmann (get well!) giving his place to Rosin and a second warning shot from FCH with Titsch-Rivero trying again from the left, this time outside the box but Himmelmann was again ready. No further warnings from FCH, the goal on 20′ instead after an opening stage of absolute domination for the hosts. Good vertical development for FCH with our defense (starting from midfiend) reminding more tourists around the Acropolis than football players, ball finally to Schnatterer who beat Himmelmann this time, with a shot just outside the box under the strict observation of a couple of (three actually) brown white shirts… 1-0 for the others, business as usual, play on… To everybody’s relief, no serious stuff until 45′ when…we actually had something like a chance, result of course not of playing football (we couldn’t do that) but of a crazy slalom by Rosin who stormed ahead dribbling almost half the FCH squad before spoiling it in the end, by taking just a little to long, and missing the chance for the shot… Doing this was proven a bad idea, it woke up FCH but Himmelmann made his 3rd save in the game and stopped the Skarke 16m direct volley, result of the usual FCSP backward chaos. HT FCH 1 – FCSP 0, with everything seeming normal…

Scum banner installed on Soridon wall during half time. We have no clue where the squad intends to be next year but, for sure, we intend to keep following from here ;-)

Scum banner installed on Soridon wall during half time. We have no clue where the squad intends to be next year but, for sure, we intend to keep following from here 😉

2nd half underway and total bollocks in terms of football with FCH feeling confident, FCSP able to do shit and the only ones really playing ball being the FCSP fans in the guest block, pushing the willing but inadequate brown white squad…However, if Bouhaddouz was just a little faster on 73′ (missed for a frame the Hedenstad’s flank from the right) or Rosin (or Neudecker, not sure) was making a better choice on 78′ (wasted a good run and an excellent Sahin lob pass by “passing” the ball to the FCH keeper), we could probably steal something from this game. We didn’t and game officially ended a couple of minutes later (81′) with a penalty awarded to Verhoek (Respect BIG John, YNWA) which was converted to goal by Schnatterer

...and the usual spectacle after full time this season ^^

…and the usual spectacle after full time this season ^^

Really nothing to tell here that hasn’t been told already during the past weeks. Intro in the post header says it all (excellent movie by the way, for anyone not aware 🙂 ), time is running out, next “final” this Friday vs FC Kaiserslautern. Fans as usual will pack Millerntor, most of us will leave anything we’re doing and rush to a venue or the nearest computer, FCK will be also there, remains the interesting question if the boys in brown (no caps today ^^) will decide to appear as well for a change…

Line Up:


Hedenstad L. Sobiech Gonther Keller

Buchtmann (Rosin 13′) Nehrig

Buballa (Ducksch 70′)        Neudecker

Miyaichi (Sahin 60′)


Match goals:

1:0 Schnatterer (20′, Right foot shot, Verhoek)

2:0 Schnatterer (81′, Right foot penalty, Verhoek)

Spectators: 13000

Sankt Pauli cards: Bouhaddouz(2)

Match goals

Further reading:

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