Matchday 15: FC Sankt Pauli – FC Kaiserslautern 0-0

Posted: December 3, 2016 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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At least, November is over…


Yesterday’s goalless draw at Millerntor is perhaps no reason for any kind of celebration, nevertheless could finally mean a stop to the endless and slippery November brown white downhill. The goal may still be considered more rare for FCSP than sex for a person lying in a hospital bed but, hey!, we finally have our first clean sheet of the season, just two turns before the end of the first round and, moreover, this was a match where the numbers show a brown wite supremcy in the game after a long long time… Has our time come at last? Remains to be seen…


The usual pre-game routine at Soridon, booze, smoke, fun and victorious predictions, based of course only in our need for some self confidence, since the squad isn’t really helping lately 🙂 Hell’s Bells, (real, thumbs up to all) minute of silence in honor of the Chapecoense victims aaand kickoff…with FCSP in the driver’s seat (?!? 🙂 ), taking the initiative from the opening stages of the game. A first good 25m shot by Neudecker on 3′, result of fast FCSP development, which ended a couple of meters past Pollersbeck’s left post and (Ack!) a Sobiech header on 11′ with everybody watching the ball’s sadistic orbit, looking far from Pollersbeck’s reach – ball bounced on the bloody crossbar and returned to the pitch before thrown away to safety from the FCK defense. The initial brown white momentum didn’t pay up and for the next 15′ game was more about FCSP having control of the game but nothing significant happening…until 27′ when we went to Hell only to return back safe and intact after 5’… DOUBLE SHOCK on 27′ with a) a penalty awarded to FCK (at their first serious counter attack, Sobiech, correct decision) and Himmelmann got injured at the same time!!! Robin out (actually no idea how he got injured, he was just fine when penalty awarded, hopefully nothing serious, get well soon lad 🙂 ) and Philipp Heerwagen in…after more than 2,5 years (last one, 27/4/14 vs VfR Aalen) in a league game. Time finally for the penalty on 32′ with Stieber setting the ball and…missing the bloody penalty with ball ending up out, just by Heerwagen’s (who guessed correctly the shot corner) left post!!!

Rest of half (with the exception of a Görtler shot on 40′) belonged to FCSP which kept on the pressure until the very end of the half, Finest moment, a Nehrig header that forced Pollersbeck to a fine save, deflecting the ball over his crossbar (37′). Half time 0-0 but after a half much less depressing than our usual standards 🙂

Moment of the penalty, hahaaa, Philipp already has him :-)

Moment of the penalty, hahaaa, Philipp already has him 🙂

2nd half underway and INCREDIBLE FCSP double chance on 47′! Sahin cross from the left, something like a shot from Bouhaddouz but ball deflected to Ziegler, changed course and bounced slowly on Pollersbeck’s low right post with Sobota and two FCK defenders rushing towards it, almost on the goal line – unfortunately one of these two guys got there first… Unfortunately, the explosive start of the half didn’t have the desired continuousness. Most of the 2nd half was about FCSP having the initiative, FCK feeling good with the point and nothing spectacular happening, just frequent visits to their box. If we wanted to keep something from the 2nd half, we could stick with the 79′ situation where, after a mess in the FCK box, Bouhaddouz tried a shot from somewhere around the penalty area which was successfully tackled by Ziegler, Bouhaddouz asked for a penalty but seems to me that there was nothing there. During the closing stages of the game FCSP was looking more like afraid to lose the point than willing to risk for the 3 but I don’t think that anyone can blame the Boys in Brown for it under these circumstances. Full time 0-0, not what we really needed here but neither a disaster, actually our first season clean sheet* (with Philipp Heerwagen under the posts, life is funny sometimes) was considered the news of the day yesterday at Soridon 🙂

*Attributed from superstitious AndyChristos to the absence of Mr. Kostas, the neighborhood electrician, always present (almost, imho 😀 ) at the games…except yesterday 😀

Full time, nobody's really happy but not the end of the world tonight ;-)

Full time, nobody’s really happy but not the end of the world tonight 😉

Talking point-wise, can’t tell if yesterday’s draw was of any help. Karlsruher SC lost yesterday, 1860 just beat Dresden (mixed feelings here), Arminia and Aue are playing tomorrow. Of course, everybody would prefer a victory but, in terms of keeping close in order to take our chances regroupped during the 2nd round, if the other results “help”, this could become a milestone. Talking everything else, I thing that the squad gained yesterday more than a point, gained back some of their, disappeared for a long time, self confidence – probably for the first time this season we were clearly better than the opponent. Of course, we’re not blind here, obvious weaknesses of FCSP were there, in all three lines in the field but signs of improvement also appeared.  If this was just luck (don’t forget, 15 different line-ups for FCSP in 15 matchdays) or teamwork improvement remains to be seen, one thing is sure after yesterday. All these discussed above can end up directly in the toilet if we go next week to play Greuther Fürth and make two steps back. We’re walking on a very thin line here, everything counts, and even if we lose to a superior opponent, we must give them a Hell of a time in order to achieve it and show that something has really changed here…

Personally, I would like to see Scum’s Thursday irresponsible prophecy becoming fulfilled, Forza Sankt Pauli 🙂

Line Up:

Himmelmann (Heerwagen 31′)

Hedenstad    L. Sobiech              Gonther      Keller

Nehrig (Ducksch 77′)

Sobota (Miyaichi 85′) Neudecker                           Choi     Sahin


Match goals:


Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(6), Bouhaddouz(3), Sahin(4)

The penalty incident 🙂


Further reading:


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