Matchday 18: FC Sankt Pauli – VfB Stuttgart 0-1

Posted: January 30, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Pfff…Yeh right!

Sunday the 29th and here we are again for the first match after the break. Lot of talking had been going all this time along and we all entered Soridon hoping to see at least one point in our pocket .  Not an easy job of course against Stuttgart but Sankt Pauli needs these points so much that makes us believe it.  After all, we’re the ones who went against odds a couple of years ago and managed to stay alive in the season when everyone considered us dead right? The killer of giants right???  All of a sudden I got the weird feeling that we couldn’t even kill a bug on our shoulder.


First half starts and the first moments show a cautious game from both teams.  On 6’ Sahin dribbles from the right cleverly but get’s stopped by Baumgartl who drives the ball into a corner. Sankt Pauli keeps having the same problem as before the break. Once we reach the opponent’s box, we simply don’t know what to do with the ball. On 16’ Sahin from the side tries a high pass heading directly to Langerak’s nets. He sees it and sends it a bit above the upper post to a corner. Defensive-wise we stood strong at the moment until 21’. Insua passes through  our defensives to Asano and he tries to duck the ball under Heerwagen, but he blocks it.  Our turn on 30’ when Sobota opens the ball to Buballa and he shoots nicely but to the outer side of the nets. On 35’ it is Sahin to break into Stuttgart’s box. Breaks through everyone in his way but just before Langerak he forgets what the purpose is and there goes  a nice chance. On 39’ it is Terodde’s time. He shoots alone before Dudziak but luckily his shot goes way above Heerwagen’s post. The first half ends with three continuous corner kicks from Sankt Pauli. Keys in, keys out. We tried everything on our behalf. Nothing worked. Half time.

Second half and early action from Buballa. Breaks into Stuttgart box and tries to pass the ball through to the center but gets stopped by Kaminski. On 59’ Flum passes to Möller Daehli (our new midfielders) and then to Buballa who gets stopped early by Großkreutz. On 62’ a shot from Carlos Mané gets stopped by Sobiech. On 71’ another great pass from Möller Daehli to Sahin. His shot goes again outside of the nets. 77’ and Buchtmann passes to Sobota and he shoots directly to Langerak. Most of the second half belonged to Sankt Pauli which seems to have a biiig problem ending a well organized offence. On 81’ another new face. Schneider takes the place of Thy.  On 84’ came payback. All those lost opportunities on our behalf and Stuttgart stayed silent. Not for long though. Carlos Mané is left alone with the ball. Shoots. And there you have it. Nothing able to change the result in the remaining minutes.

Still too many thoughts to be put down to paper...The coach is skeptical... (source:

Still too many thoughts to be put down to paper…The coach is skeptical… (source:

Ok we have to admit here. Until  the goal everyone was happy. We all settled with this tie. This one point was way better than nothing against a team that aims back in Bundesliga. Then came the goal and brought us back to the sad reality we’ve been facing upon this entire season. Sankt Pauli cannot take points. It is not that we are losing more games than we are winning. It is just the fact that this thing seems to have no cure. I mean…What else can a coach do when all of a sudden the defense line opens, and the opponent scores a goal? The season started and one of our best players (Fafa) is still member of the team but not in the bill for the game and the answer to the continuous demand for new players is…FOR PETE’S SAKE… Lennart Thy? I mean… C’mon guys. We’re trying to save our asses here and you are trying to get away with it cheap? Something is not working between the coach-players-management triad and the sooner the communication is fixed , the better for all. Nothing more. Eyes in the field and next Sunday against Eintracht Braunschweig.  Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Dudziak   L. Sobiech  Park  Buballa

Nehrig  Flum

Sahin Möller Daehli (Buchtmann 73′) Sobota (Neudecker  78′)

Thy (Schneider 81′)

Match goals:

0:1 Carlos Mané (84′ Right Foot Shot, Terodde)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(7), Buballa(5, misses next match), Neudecker(2)

Goal of doom (while entire stadium was up…)


From (commercial) success to success…

Leaving the game aside for a moment , let’s focus on  another thing that dropped to our attention. First it is  the sponsorship with Under Armour and now… some Nissan local dealer (no mention, fuck off!) gets the opportunity to add a sexist advertising label inside Millerntor? What the fuck is going on man? Who the hell is responsible for such policies in the team? Of course the thing grew big and Robert Hoene, team manager for FC St. Pauli marketing partner U! Sports, rushed to apologize and claim  that it all was a mistake. An internal voting mistake. One mistake is OK dude but too many mistakes are the ones to cause the problem. Is it our opinion or have we started lowering our standards on the ethics matter? Sankt Pauli against Racism, Homophobia and War Mongery.  Remember?

"Not For Pussies" advertising banner inside Millerntor. Wao..

“Not For Pussies” advertising banner inside Millerntor. Wao..

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