Matchday 20: FC Sankt Pauli – Dynamo Dresden 2-0!

Posted: February 13, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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The Boys Are Back!

OK, the title of this initially supposed to be ” Up Yours Dresden!” or something like this to make a good follow up to last week’s “Up Yours EBS!” post but couldn’t find an equally pathetic picture with guys in yellow this week, so this comeback thing sounds really good and actually fits just fine to the Boys in Brown who managed to have…an easy afternoon (ffs! 🙂 ) vs Dynamo, blew them easily away with 2-0 and let everybody know that nothing is over until it’s over and we’re back for business here 🙂


Not in the best possible shape for Sunday morning, having not completely recovered from previous night’s warm up which included a Dropkick Murphys/Slapshot gig and a visit to Soridon for the venue’s 4 years birthday party (Happy Birthday Soridon 😀 😀 😀 ). However, as I entered the venue in the morning, noticed a lot of faces, some of them responsible for the closing of the venue last night (earlier in the morning would be more precise), looking much much better than my sorry ass, Greg you’re gettng fuckin’ old man 😀 Morning chat, short stories from last weekend’s trip, some optimistic talk about FCSP and slowly to the game, with the big choreo by the Süd giving the fighting tone for a really difficult (was proven otherwise 🙂 ) game to come, let’s get ’em!

Game got under way with a slight delay, result actually of the 4′ situation, when both Hartmann and Nehrig spent some time on the ground after a knee-to-knee collision (our guy got more afffected, replaced in half time, get well) but when it did turned out to be a game slightly different than we thought… we were simply better in the pitch, having full control of the game after 15′ and reminding anything except the last squad on the league table. First warm up warning a Bouhaddouz header wide on 18′. Things became a little more serious on 20′ with again Bouhaddouz, getting in the box fast after having received the forward ball from Sahin but his initial slight delay and relative move towards the left instead of the center changed the odds in favor of Dynamo and allowed Schwäbe to block the ball. Game on with FCSP getting stronger in the pitch minute by minute (in between Dynamo asked for a penalty on 23′, unworty even of commentation), reaching almost the goal on 27′ with a big double chance! Dangerous foul from the left by Sobota, filling in the box and then chaos! First header by Sobiech (?) ball to the legs of Flum who tried unsuccesfully to find space between a lot of standing and lying Dynamo bodies, ball bounced to one of them and got to all alone, incoming with full force Choi who… went for the seagulls instead of the goal, losing a huge chance and helping us create some really lyrical screaming inside Soridon 😀 Nevermind, only seconds later (28′) he did everything right. He took perfect advantage of Hauptmann’s FCSP-1st-round-style back pass, moved in the right way and finally decided to do his move in the right time, lifting the head up, aiming correctly and finally killing the 3 defender guarding him, Schwäbe and Dynamo for the 1-0! GOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL and full decompression for everybody, with the squad having done the first but so critical step, finally getting what we deserved! Knowing that these bastards are really strong this season, we prepared ourselves for quite difficult moments into the last quarter of the half which actually (with the exception of a Berko acuted angled wide shot on 45+2′ – FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!) never happened. FCSP may slowed down the pace a little after the goal but kept control of the game, giving very few rights to Dynamo to challenge our dominance in the pitch and go for something better. Half time with the Boys in Brown holding a deserved lead over Dynamo and all this…looking normal, couldn’t expect much more 🙂

Choi has just done it :-) (© deutsche presse agentur)

Choi has just done it 🙂 (© deutsche presse agentur)

Eyebrows were really lifted even before the 2nd half whistle, while watching Ewald’s double half time substitution (at a match we weren’t losing actually) including Thy for Choi, meaning a more aggresive tone in the squad, like wanting to finish with Dynamo quick… “You must feel really strong in order to do that” I thought, looked like a sign of better times coming ahead 🙂 First occasion for the 2nd half, again for FCSP with the known by now scene of Cenk Sahin taking the corner and Sobiech taking the killing header, Schwäbe was ready though and easily gave the corner (48′). And it went again with FCSP in the driver’s seat all the way (not so long actually) until 58′ and the 2nd goal by FCSP which shook Millerntor, Soridon, Locomotiva and I know what else from their bloody foundations! High pressing from FCSP, ball steal from Sobota at the left near their corner flag, immediate ball to Bouhaddouz who immediattely forwarded the ball parallel to the net to Sahin who had no problem, all alone from 8m, to finish the job and make everybody understand that we’re back in business! 2-0 and normally this would be the point where we were supposed to retreat as the inferior team we are and defend barricated the priceless result. Well, we didn’t. It was actually the first time this season, being 2-0 ahead with half an hour to go and feeling safe at the same time. Under other circumstances this would be considered superficiality, this time was just a logigal consequence of FCSP feeling and being superior in the pitch. So, for the remaining half an hour, it was just an easy (!) afternoon for the Boys in Brown, with Dynamo having only a couple of situations to offer, one with Heise (68′) whose first foxy cross from the left found Heerwagen ready and rebound volley found the Hamburg sky and another one with a Modica header (74′), not a real chance actually. Ewald’s outburst at full time whistle speaks for itself when coming to the significance of this victory 😀

Does anybody remember the last time this happened in Millerntor? :-)

Does anybody remember the last time this happened in Millerntor? 🙂

KICK-ASS SAKT PAULI!!! Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter. And of course, I haven’t already forgot what I was writing last week here. Yes, we’re in still in the deepest of the shit and we have still a long way to go until our ass is safe but now we know for sure what we didn’t know mid November: that we’re good enough to do it on our own without needing the others to be worse than us. Things have started to change, this is too good to be just a good series of coincidences. For anyone that didn’t notice, both goals were result of really aggressive FCSP defending, pressing the opponents even at the depths of their defense, something that has slowly started happening even from December, the month that squad provided the first indications of life with the 5pts in 3 games before the winter break. Middlefield has become more solid, the communication chaos between our lines seems like getting dealt with and squad (with 11 out of our 17 pts in the last 5 games) finally shows some attitude, we’re now going for winning the games instead of stealing them 😉


The table above can be read in 2 ways. On the one hand is really nice seeing FCSP over the direct relegation line for a change, been a while 😀 On the other, this is quite indicating of how fragile the situation is. Next week is Arminia away and I don’t think that anything more needs to be said here. So, let’s go play the football we know now that we can play, get what we need and take our fate in our own hands for good! We can fuckin’ do it, C’MON FC SANKT PAULI!!!

Line Up:


Dudziak     L. Sobiech    Hornschuh    Buballa

Nehrig (Buchtmann 46′)   Flum

Sobota      Choi (Thy 46′)    Sahin

Bouhaddouz (Gonther 65′)

Match goals:

1:0 Choi (28′, Left foot shot, Quaschner)

2:0 Sahin (59′, Left foot shot, Bouhaddouz)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(8)

Match highlights

Further reading:


Appendix: A few words about half time’s banner

We didn’t noticed it in the first place, we got aware as this was under construction. There was a banner supposed to mock the Nazi’s attempt to use the bombing of Dresden for propaganda reasons but in the end mocking the dead civilian victims instead. There are really a lot to be said here (heard a lot about the double meaning of the banner and stuff), still we prefer to stick with the official announcement made by the Club which covers us 1910%…

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