Matchday 21: Arminia Bielefeld – FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: February 20, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Our Game!

Yeh! That’s right. Our fuckin game. From the beginning to the end it was Sankt Pauli all the way.  I guess though that in such games , the law of football is strict even for the ones who deserve 3 points 100%. Miss the obvious and thy shall receive. That’s how it goes. Arminia was nowhere in the field and yet they got one point. Bollocks.   Soridon once again after two weeks of my sorry ass not being able to make it.  Game started!


Early on 6’ Sankt Pauli shows will and determination. Buchtmann is caught offside in a dangerous flank where Sankt Pauli unfolds a great direct passing game. DSC seemed harmless. Some flanking attempts from Shuppan but then again nothing to make us feel anxious. Bouhaddouz on the other side gave Hesl headaches every time he was with the ball at his feet. His big moment though was on 16’. Bouhaddouz stood alone against Hesl but the keeper was lucky enough  and the ball hit him and got repelled. The rebound had no luck as most of DSC was back. Sankt Pauli dominated the full first half and this is no exaggeration. DSC couldn’t improvise and couldn’t work anything from the midline and to our nets. Despite that though we missed the good  chances like Bouhaddouz’s or Buchtmann’s.  Sobota getting caught offside on 34’ and Sahin missing a weak shot on 42’ in mostly all the opportunities laid by Sankt Pauli in this first half.

Second half underway and what didn’t happen in the first half inevitably took place in the second. Nice dribbling from Sobota. The pass to Buchtmann and …Goooooaaall. Sankt Pauli domination proved fruitful. On 60’ a free shot for Sankt Pauli ends both times in the opponent wall.  On 64’ Bouhaddouz again tries to change the course of the ball by stretching his leg. Only a few centimeters closer and we would be celebrating a second. Ball sent to corner. On 78’ it is time for Sahin to shoot. His shot is good but Hesl keeps DSC alive by blocking the ball. Sankt Pauli  all the way like we said in the beginning. Clever game and many opportunities to end the game. Despite our efficiency in the midline though, we somehow decide to spend the last 10’ of the game, behind the midline trying to maintain (WHY??????) this 0-1. No need for that as we could expand rather than maintain but anyway. The wake up call of 87′, with Heerwagen saving the day with a BRILLIANT last moment reflex, didn’t seem to wake up anybody and with this and that the clock showed 90’+3. All DSC players, Hesl included, inside our box for a corner. The typical SP defense jam happened and …there you have it. DSC – FCSP 1-1. Final whistle on 90’+5. Ffffffuuuuck!!!!

Ok…the result alone could be worse. What’s frustrating is the way we lost the whole three points. I mean. Why try to fall back when you got the bastards on the run? Why not finish them? Anyway one point is better than none but what’s important here I think is to take a look at the table with the ranks. We are 16th. One position above the direct relegation, but all 4 teams of the bottom share 18 points. It is really interesting to see how this is going to evolve on  Monday 27th . Needless to say that victory against Karlsruhe is the ONLY option if we want to go 15th and save the entire season. All our hopes expectations and positive thinking, for the three pointer against Karlsruher SC, next Monday. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Dudziak     L. Sobiech    Hornschuh    Buballa

Nehrig   Flum

Sobota Sahin (Litka 80′)  Buchtmann   Sobota (Miyaichi 80′)

Bouhaddouz (Gonther 84′)

Match goals:

0:1 Buchtmann (50′, Left Foot Shot, Sobota)

1:1 Klos (90+3′, Right Foot Shot,  Schuppan)

Spectators: 20426

Sankt Pauli cards: Buchtmann(3)

Match highlights


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