Matchday 23: 1860 München vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-2!

Posted: March 5, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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OK, this is not a fuckin’ animal kingdom concept going on, it’s just about the circumstances leading things this way 😀 After devouring KSC last week (which by the way forced Hannover to a majestic defeat yesterday), the Boys in Brown did again the trick against 1860 but in a completely different way. Holding their ground against a really dangerous and superior in the field opponent and robbing the house just by biting twice in zero time – yeah, yeah, like a bloody cobra 😀


The insane (and week by week more similar to the mad 2014-15 counter offensive) brown white course has driven here everybody bananas! This is the only way to explain the super optimism at Soridon before the game yesterday, expressed in ways like “this is a fuckin’ 0-3, don’t bother”, the hopeless 1860” and other similar pearls which, I have to admit, I didn’t really share, having in mind 1860’s strength at home and the fear that a similar to our venue optimism within the squad could lead us in a rather unpleasant afternoon. To me a win was the extra, a draw would be fine. Of course a draw wouldn’t be exactly fine after KSC’s victory yesterday, so seems that mob and squad knew better 😀

Match started more in the way I was worried. 1860 was looking more aggressive, gained space from the opening moments and used some high pressing, pushing FCSP towards the back, however the Boys in Brown responded qood to the initial pressure and, with the exception of a Wittek half chance on 7′ (a shot just by Heerwagen’s left post but with Philipp in full control), no serious situations in our box. Still, it was obvious that 1860 is a really fast and dangerous squad and they will not forgive the slightest neglect and that’s exactly what happened on 27′ when, after a really fast, developed from the left attack, Lumor came in full throttle in the heart of our box and finished (with quite a finesse actually, watch the way he shoots) the job, putting 1860 ahead and spreading an instant sceptiscism inside the venue but this wasn’t to last for long. FCSP, having already balanced the game at some degree before the opening goal, immediately started pushing a little further. First warning 20m shot by Sobota on 32′, just by Ortega’s left post and, out of the blue, a (rightfully awarded) penalty for FCSP, with Ba using his right arm to stop Sobota’s rebound-after-box-chaos shot on its way to target. Penalty converted to goal by Sobiech (36′) and it was about time as the news of KSC leading over Hannover had already arrived here…but who gives a fuck about what the others do? GOAL FOR FCSP ON 41′!!! Excellent deep Sahin forward cross from the right flank into the heart of the box where Bouhaddouz sneaked and bitten Ortega with a really venomous (touched the ball JUST enough for success) header from the penalty box! 1-2 in 5′ minutes and this is the moment I really realised for the first time that the horrendous Sankt Pauli of late November is not here anymore 🙂 Not much for 1860 to do in such a short time after such a shock, off to the showers with FCSP ahead, under some half-time blasphemous punk sounds, coming from our (quite crowdy for the day/time 😉 ) venue speakers 🙂

Azizzzzzzz!!! (image source:, photo: Tobias Hase)

Azizzzzzzz!!! (image source:, photo: Tobias Hase)

2nd half underay und while I was tweeting “let’s finish them” or something like this, consistent with the overall venue mood ( 🙂 ), I was prepared for 45′ of pure Hell in our area, with an ending anything than certain and actually the opening minutes seemed to prove me right. Increased pressure by 1860 and BIG chance on 47′ with Sobiech stopping in the last moment Amilton’s 7m direct shot, going probably straight in – Amilton’s protests about handball here, worthy only of laughter. New incident on 49′, an Olic sidenetting from close distance but from acute angle as well, under (again!) Sobiech’s pressure. Tension increasing and new big chance for the hosts on 53′, with Aigner storming ahead, slightly from the right but his shot from the edge of the box passing just centimeters from Heerwagen’s right post, ACK! With only 8′ in the 2nd half and already 3 chances for 1860 the question set was “how the Hell we’ re going to keep this until the end?”. Well, despite all my fears, we did it and we actually did it in style! With the exception of a somehow dangerous attack from the right and a cross cleared by Heerwagen on 61′ and an Amilton 20+m shot just over our crossbar on 87′(!!!), there were no further (yes!) siginificant situations created by 1860. Don’t get any wrong impression, 1860 did not surrender, the pressure was always there, a lot of corners and a lot of traffic in and around our box but (I can’t believe I’m saying this!) our defense seemed to have all the asnwers 🙂 Of course, having already learned our lesson from Bielefeld (squad also as they say and proved today) nobody was relaxed until the very last moment, everything done right and full time whistle found FCSP with 3 invaluable points in hand, just 1pt behind our hosts – eat this Chickenshit Greg!!!

Appreciation from the squad to the brown white traveling mob who got its own victory in the Allianz Arena :-) (source: FCSP on Twitter)

Appreciation from the squad to the brown white traveling mob who got its own victory in the Allianz Arena 🙂 (source: FCSP on Twitter)

Simply impressive, 18pts in 8 games, vs (almost) anyone you like and anyway you like it from a squad pronounced dead by most at the end of November! Week inner talk was like “OK, we proved that we’re a level above from our relegation rivals but from now on all games are against superior (at least pointwise) squads. How we’re going to do against them?” Squad provided the answer yesterday, in the most persuasive way ^^ In a few minutes Arminia vs Aue kicks off. Normally, I should wait until this is over and have a more clear picture of the situation before finishing this. You know something? I don’t give a fuck (OK, just a little 😀 ) about Arminia vs Aue. You know why? Not because of the increased distance (our current distance simply means shit) but because now I know for sure that we hold our fate in our own hands and we’re proving week by week that we have become able to manage it succesfully. It’s now the way it should be from the very beginning. It’s not about what the others do but about what WE do and at the moment we seem to do really well. So, no excessive optimism, hard work and let’s give Union (really tough bastards, won’t be easy) on Friday a properly hard time, FORZA SANKT PAULI!

Line Up:


Dudziak  Sobiech  Hornschuh  Buballa

 Nehrig  Buchtmann

 Sahin (Kalla 75′)  Möller Daehli (Ziereis 65′)  Sobota

          Bouhaddouz (Thy 88′)

Match goals:

1:0 Lumor (27′, Left Foot Shot, Aigner)

1:1 Sobiech (36′, Right Foot Penalty)

1:2 Bouhaddouz (41′, Header, Sahin)

Spectators: 30300

Sankt Pauli cards: Ziereis(3), Bouhaddouz(4)

Match highlights

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