Matchday 27: FC Sankt Pauli vs SV Sandhausen 0-0…

Posted: April 5, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Sooo painful…

When you play at home, against an opponent within your abilities, your opponent is left down to 10 men after only 10′ of play and you’re failing not only to score but even to be just a little creative for the biggest part of the remaining match, then I suppose that you don’t have the right to complain in case you have to pay the price for it along the way. This is the story of yesterday’s match in a few words, more details below…


Fuck off international calendar, fuck off football Tuesday, made it to Soridon however, along with the very few who managed to overcome the working day issues. For some reason, the mood was a liitle more optimistic and even me, the moaning bastard, had the feeling that we will win this one way or another, a feeling that turned into a strong belief already on 11′ (only a Nehrig 25m shot on Knaller (8′) till then) when SVS got down to 10 men after a last-man Roßbach foul on Sobota who had already dribbled him and was storming towards the goal. Well, strong belief my ass, it was like it didn’t happen. For the rest of the half very few occasions to discuss and all of them result of free kicks or long shots and not organized football. Like the best chance we had in the first half (24′) when first Knaller saved a Sobota 25m shot and then Bouhaddouz’s direct bouncing 10m rebound volley licked Knaller’s crossbar before escaping towards the Süd. SVS, who regardless their personnel disadvantage didn’t look like they fear us during the first half, equalized in terms of big chances on 29′ with a Höler 8m header, result of a deep forward free kick, which ended up just by Heerwagen’s right post (from the outter side of course 😀 ). Nothing more(!) until the end of the half, we could do something out of the blue on 45+1′ but Buballa is not an attacker and his inadequate reflexes when got himself with the ball (after a deep cross as usual) 7m in front of Knaller (slightly to the left), allowed the SVS keeper to intervene and send the ball to corner. That was all (for the first half) folks…

The moment that changed nothing ^^ (photo: picture alliance/Daniel Reinha)

Opening minutes of the 2nd half raised the mood a little as FCSP managed to approach twice to Knaller’s goal posts. First on 48′ with a Thy shot from within the box, slightly to the left, repelled to corner thanks to a Linsmayer intervention, a corner that everybody saw… except the referee and linesman ( 🙂 ) and then on 50′ with a Sahin shot from a similar position (even more to the left actually), after a fast counter attack, that Knaller saved to a corner (it WAS awarded this time 😀 ). SVS were still holding on but their personnel disadvantage was forcing them to retreat more and more as time was passing, giving extra space to the Boys in Brown who were pushing more and more but without any results until 63′ when Kister, 3m before the line, stopped with his head another Bouhaddouz header on its way to the goal. The biggest moment for FCSP was for sure on 69′ when, during a small chaos in the SVS box, created thanks to a bad Knaller evaluation of the situation, Nehrig almost did the trick with a shot from within the heart of the box but Gordon saved (with a small assistance from luck) right on the goal line – AAAAAARRRGHHH!!!!!! With FCSP pushing as far as it goes (another Sobota chance with a shot wide from within the box on 78′) and with the expected SVS fatigue, closing stage of the game was expected to be not for the faint hearted. It was but only in terms of suspense and anticipation. FCSP systematically besieged SVS for the remaining part of the game but with the exception of two headers (Sobiech 90+1′, Thy 90+5′, both of them over Knaller’s crossbar) nothing really happened and I could say that in the end SVS had a much more comfortable afternoon than the one they probably imagined when Roßbach took his marching steps towards the showers on 11’…

Game over and not the happiest faces – if we would leave last week’s pic, only the careful ones would tell the difference ^^

I guess that the key to understand yesterday was the absense of Möller Daehli. Yes, I know squads shouldn’t depend on units but if you pay a little attention to our course so far in the league you will see that the peak of the squad is located some one month ago when Ewald finally came up with a steady starting line-up. This line-up includes Möller Daehli, Cenk Sahin and Aziz Bouhaddouz – all of them inside, solutions are found, one of them missing simply means trouble. From this (rather naive but pure Scum) point of view, let’s hope that things will work in a way that we can play every remaining game as complete as we can. Meanwhile, work, work, work, and, most of all, no frustration, just persistence and things will hopefully improve. And they better do because the damage list is getting bigger than the Jolly credit list… Yesterday Arminia did the job by prevailing 2-1 over Fortuna and earlier tonight Aue did two things: a) made an idiot out of me (“Risking the prediction that Union will not lose a 2nd consecutive game, especially against Aue“, Greg 2/4/17 😀 ) and b) shocked everybody (especially Union) by playing with guts of steel and gettng a triumphant 0-1 victory in the Alten Försterei. Let’s have a look at the situation as currently shaped:

Yeps doesn’t look really good. Aue, after today’s magic, has the possibility of taking an even deeper breath at home vs 1860. Arminia will (hopefully) have a more difficult day vs Sandhausen away but, having seen what has happened so far, I don’t dare to talk any more bullshit… And us? We’re going away vs Nürnberg, and once more, vast fields of glory ahead ^^ We did it vs Braunschweig, we did it vs 1860, seems that we’re doing better with our backs on the wall, let’s go there and rob the house – COME ON FC SANKT PAULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Nooot so fast!

Before we’re through, the prettiest picture from yesterday. Flag on the right (for anyone unfamiliar), reads “Venceremos Deniz!” meaning “we will win Deniz!”. It’s of course a message of solidarity to our man, Deniz Naki who’s experiencing serious problems with the fuckin’ Erdoğan regime, facing actually the possibility of imprisonment. Simply proud that this guy honored the Club by just wearing the brown white jersey and simply proud about our Club which, regardless some bullshit from time to time (^^),  is (almost) always up to the standards when comes to things that matter the most. Stay strong Deniz, good work FCSP 🙂

PS: Not to forget, there was a relevant choreo in the Süd before kickoff.

Line Up:


Dudziak  Sobiech  Ziereis  Buballa (Kalla 64′)

Nehrig (Schneider 83′)      Buchtmann

Sahin                                       Sobota

Choi (Thy 46′)


Match goals:


Spectators: 29085

Sankt Pauli cards: Bouhaddouz(6), Nehrig(9), Buballa(6)

Match Highlights


Further reading:

Tonight, bonus sounds, this shit is gigantic but also extremely timely, listen what the man has to say about the long way ahead 😉

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