Matchday 28: FC Nürnberg vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-2

Posted: April 9, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Ooo  yeah baby…

Friday evening and Scum starts gathering at Soridon. The winning streak stopped after a defeat and a tie and everyone wanted to see our beloved Sankt Pauli back to winning games.  It was Nürnberg’s  time to fall under our blade. High hopes and looks like the planets aligned for this one.


First half starts and FCN seeks for an early opener. Early on 4’ Kempe has the chance to open the score for Nürnberg but his shot is weak, making it an easy task for Heerwagen  to block. On 10’ Brecko tries another one from distance but way far from Heerwagen’s post. First chance for Sankt Pauli on 15’ when after a corner kick, the ball ends to Gonther’s feet. He shoots but sends the ball a little above FCN’s upper post. Game seemed more balanced now, with both teams pushing in the mid line trying to achieve the opener. On 31’ another dangerous shot from Kempe. Heerwagen stretches his arms, and drives the ball to a corner. Corner executed and the ball ends to Djakpa’s feet. He shoots but Sobota drives it to another corner. The siege ends on 33’, after Kempe receives and shoots from 30 meters but Heerwagen this time secures the ball. Sankt Pauli seemed to somehow wake up after that. Possession of the ball became brown white, and our players seemed to be able to unfold their game and force their pace. FCN defense though seemed impenetrable.  The first half ends with Sobota on 43’ passing with the ball in his feet through FCN defense and shooting the ball weekly to Schäfer’s arms. Same luck with Daehli’s shot a little later.  Final whistle sends the players to the lockers.

Second half underway and the tables have turned. Sankt Pauli seemed determined to have these three points. On 51’ Sahin  takes advantage of a bad header from Bulthuis. Sprints and shoots against Schäfer. The ball is repelled but Bouhaddouz takes the rebound and sends the ball to FCN nets. On 58’ it is Sobota’s turn to test his shot.  Nice distant shot that becomes dangerous but eventually goes away a couple of meters from FCN post. 70’ though is not far. In between a lot of controversy as FCN grows impatient, watching their attempts  on turning the game going to waste one after the other. Tombstone though isn’t very far. Nehrig on 70’ with the ball on his feet, shoots from distance. Bouhaddouz once again is in the right place on the right time. He simply twists his ankle interfering in Nehrig’s shot altering its course and leading it into the nets. FCN’s desperate attempt on turning the score sums up in two shots, both taken down by Heerwagen.  First one from Löwen on 73’ and the second one from Kempe on 90’.  3’ later the game ends.

What a glorious Friday. Sankt Pauli proving its class destroying FCN in its own field. Sankt Pauli made a late start on the first half but once the momentum was right scored two goals and ended the opponent. A great performance from everyone but I really think that the MVP is rightfully Philipp Heerwagen. Always placed in the right placed and explosive as he should be, turned down some really dangerous attempts from FCN. Well done to everyone, but let’s not get swept away from this victory. Fuckin’ Arminia was supposed to lose from Sandhausen but by Crom’s balls, they did it. Sandhausen lost 1:3 giving three points to Bielefeld and so they are ahead of us one point leaving us 16th despite this great victory of ours. Let’s see the table below:

Next matchday is all about Sankt Pauli. All in favor of us. Arminia plays against Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern against Union and we welcome Würzburger Kickers in Millerntor. Damn it this is an easy one. Stuttgart and Union should crush the other two and we should eliminate Kickers, taking the drill to (at least, Aue and 1860, playing each other later today, not even discussed!) four teams on 32 points. Let’s do this damn it.  Next Sunday it is us turning the tables again. Forza Sankt Pauli!

Line Up:


HornschuhZiereis 74′)  Sobiech  Gonther  Dudziak

  Nehrig    Buchtmann

Cenk Sahin (Buballa 76′)                      Sobota

 Möller Daehli (Flum 81′)


Match goals:

0:1 Bouhaddouz (51′  Left Foot Shot, Cenk Sahin)

0:2 Bouhaddouz (70′  Left Foot Shot, Nehrig)

Spectators: 28889

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(10, misses next match)

The Bouhaddouz double treat 😉

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