Matchday 29: FC Sankt Pauli vs Würzburger Kickers 1-0

Posted: April 17, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Fick dich 3. Liga!

Yeah! This was I-N-T-E-N-S-E! Took 88′ of pain and agony but finally Buchtmann sliced the Gordian knot, gave us the deepest breath we had for a long time and sent all around the exact (and clear) message that you see above on a demo by the Scum Academy: “Fuck off 3. Liga, we’re too hard to chew and, most of all, we’re actually thinking about sticking around here” 😀


Common Easter (fuck off!) for Greece and the Western World ( 😀 ) but things seem to work in different ways, at least footballwise. In Germany seems like a normal Sunday, maybe a little more colorful. In Greece, nothing is happening, and I mean NOTHING. (Almost) EVERYBODY is busy devouring huge amounts of lamb flesh (or cheaper kinds of flesh, after the crisis ^^), a custom sourcing back to the Old Testament (fuck that too), in order “to glorify the resurrection of Christ” or something. Streets remind something like “Life after People“, making practical Scum vermin (OK, and the kiosk lady at the corner!) one of the very few things implying life in the area, except the extensive amount of “fog” which makes the neighborhood looking like Beijing but without people 😀 There is one good and one bad side to this. The good side? Peace instead of commercial chaos around. The bad side? A lot of sinful Scum are actively participating in this primitive custom, something that resulted to a decreased timely attendance, thanks to members like the gentleman in the picture above, posting proof of his atrocities while the 1st half was already in progress. However, squad showed some understanding and waited for them the same way that usually waits for the Haupttribune season-ticket-tourists to return from their half time sausage activities to their seats before playing some football again, so towards the end we had a really lively venue 😀 Post game drinking part will be omitted, we’ll stick to football here 🙂

Into the first half which could be considered that it lasted something like 15′ since almost nothing happened before 30′, with only things to observe, our space supremacy, the very tight play, result of the criticality of the game and the excessively hard sometimes Würzburg defending along with the tolerance that the ref showed towards it. First notable moment of the game, actually for Würzburg, a Pisot 18m shot easily blocked by Heerwagen (32′) and, like this was some kind of a signal, things started happening in the pitch. BIG FCSP chance on 33′ with Möller Daehli making a world class diagonal pass to Sahin who stormed from the right, behind their backs, all alone into the box but was denied the goal by Siebenhandl who won the 1-1 duel with an equally BIG save. Immediate payback by Würzburg on 34′, with Königs receiving the ball ALL ALONE (FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!) near the center and storming all alone ahead, chased by our panicking defense – he got into the box from the right, freed and set himself into shooting position with only Sobiech in front of him (but not really close) but his execution wasn’t the best possible and ended up in a (terrifying for a fraction of a second) sidenetting. Sudden jump from the seats on 39′ when, after a Buchtmann deep free kick from the left, Sobiech took in the heart of the box a header destined to be the 1-0 but Siebenhandl (again) dived low to his right corner for another excellent save – AAARGHH!!! Siebenhandl was tested once more on 45′, this time by Buchtmann via a shot from the upper left edge of the box but passed one more by blocking the ball. HT FCSP 0 – Würzburg 0 with the anticipation for the 2nd half (and the rest of us 😀 ) being the dominant feeling 🙂

source:, © imago/Nordphoto

With the other results going more or less our way and the biggest part remaining being ours, we expected the Boys in Brown to push right from the start of the 2nd half and that’s what they did. Already the first chance on 46′, a Gonther 6m header, result of a Sobota cross, that could simply kill them with a slightly different touch but ended up wide instead. There’s another chance for FCSP on 48′, with Bouhaddouz finishing with a Zeibekiko dance instead of a shot a perfect, parallel to the goal, Buchtmann cross from the left but allow me to observe here that at the beginning of the situation Buchtmann is at least 2m offside and the assistant referee needs urgently a vision test 🙂 Still, Würzburg managed to close the early gaps really fast and, with these guys feeling just fine with 1pt, game soon turned to the kind of game we have seen again this season, with the opponent effectively barricaded and FCSP trying with all means but having not the answers. Another “Aaaah” on 63′ with a Möller Daehli against-the-odds (close but really acute angled) header(!), after again a Sobota cross, ending again wide but really not much except a constant siege, good thing was that squad hadn’t quit playing reasonal football yet and was trying various ways. Nevertheless, time was passing by, game had become tougher thanks to the continuous tolerance of the ref and Lienen played all for all, bringing in Thy for Flum (75′) and Miyaichi for Sahin (80′, this one looks more like a need for fresh lungs, Cenk ran his socks off again yesterday 🙂 ) Same game, same motive and a good FCSP opportunity on 81′ with a Thy testing again Siebenhandl with a 20m shot but with a steady response and off to the closing minutes with Würzburg having completely retreated and game played almost exclusively on their half. 88 minutes on the clock, Buchtmann trying to find some space to test his legs (as he tried to do numerous times yesterday) by moving parallel to the goal at the edge of the box (to the right), finding finally some and…

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Fuckin’ going-bananas-to-space madnessssss!!!!!! Mad Buchti fuckin’ did it, won the unbeatable so far Siebenhandl and inflicted mass insanity both to flaming Millerntor and the crowdy by now Soridon (where the screams probably covered any bollox traditional tune playing around 😀 ). Game on, surreal situation at Soridon with everybody in an idiot-at-happy-hour mode like the game is over, me, the only one almost freaked out, looking at the big screen like a madman, talking to noone and Pretty Boy Johnny, showing around the excellent, shot earlier, photo of his daughter Thaleia (which decorates the top of this post 🙂 ), saying/shouting “fuck off 3. Liga” or something, with a smile up to the ceiling 😀 Game (of course) immediately moved to our half and I personally experienced the last minutes like it was the closing minutes of the season and everything was to be decided now (would be good but it ain’t this way) but nothing really happened… with the exception of the last moment (93′) Rama tricky shot that could turn yesterday’s feast to a funeral if was ending up 30cm to the right… Fortunately didn’t happen, FT FCSP 1 – Würzburg 0, followed by gigantic waves of relief in Hamburg, Athens, New York (no, these guys watched it delayed 😀 ) and every other place on the globe where brown white freaks exist 🙂

R-E-D-E-M-P-T-I-O-N (source:, © imago/Nordphoto)


source: © dpa, ahe fdt

This was so intense, this was actually crazy… This one, especially the way it happened, will probably remain as one of our biggest highlighs and probably the most decisive (until the next one of course, 5 finals ahead) turning point of the season. Yeah, footballwise we could probably do more but don’t forget the importance of the game. Defense (with the exception of the 34′ situation) more or less solid overall, good work in the middle, considering the really tough Würzburg defending both in terms of tactics and physical play and, when it comes to the front-line, Aziz or other usual suspects may not scored yesterday but the way the goal was scored, looks like a good indication of disciplined play, made by a squad that tries to find a rational way towards the goal, instead of the known deep-balls-and-even-lienen-in-the-box approach that we usualy try in such occasions 🙂 Alright, Würzburg can maybe rightfully argue that came such close to a deserved draw but in the end I think that we really deserved this. Regarding the ref, there was a lot of talk at Soridon, regarding a couple of handball penalties that should be awarded. Imho, his mistakes were mainly about tolerating Würzburg tough and violent sometimes defending, no penalties for me. So, job done, matchday overall worked in our favor (Arminia still to play tonight, tough job against Stuttgart), let’s have a look at the situation.


THIS IS A MESS! 8 squads involved directly in the relegation business and a couple of possible suspects a couple of points above. Everything is still possible, we can even be relaxed before Bochum, we can also end up fucked up, even before we go there. 35 points used to be a more or less safe limit, considering the way things were going for the past seasons, this season even 40 may not be enough. Simply insane, especially considering the fact that H$V managed to stay in Bundesliga on 2014 by gathering… 27 😀 Whatever, fuck H$V, fuck the minimum points required, what matters here is that we are again in control of the situation. Taking a look at next week’s schedule doesn’t really help, anything could happen in all fronts. Regarding us, we’re going Esprit Arena to play Fortuna. In theory, they feel more comfortable than us having 35 pts but the fact that they’re into the snapshot above says simple that “more comfortable” doesn’t mean in any way “comfortable enough”. Both in need of points, they have the upper hand in terms of current harvest and home, we have a much more better momentum to put against as we have managed to gather 21pts in the 2nd round, much more than their 10. A draw there wouldn’t be a disaster but a win could put us for good in the driver’s seat. So, to reach a conclusion:

To F95: sorry ’bout that Fortuna but we’re coming on Friday and we’re hungry for points, you’re about to have good company at 35 on Saturday 😀

To us: let’s get busy instead of excited, let’s work, work, work and do some more on Friday, C’MON FCSP!!!

Line Up:


Ziereis (Buballa 66′)  Sobiech  Gonther  Dudziak

Flum (Thy 75′)  Buchtmann

Sahin (Miyaichi 80′)  Möller Daehli               Sobota


Match goals:

1:0 Buchtmann (88′, Left Foot Shot, Bouhaddouz)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Bouhaddouz(7), Möller Daehli(1), Sahin(8)

Match highlights


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