Matchday 30: Fortuna Düsseldorf vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-3

Posted: April 23, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Who can stop this train?

No one could expect the outcome of this Friday’s matchday. Not in a million years. Soridon packed once again (including a small Athens Club delegation 🙂 ) and everyone hoped for our beloved club to earn the three points, even by stealing them if possible. But damn…Words cannot describe what  went on. Running under the sounds of rehearsals from local folk celebrations taking place just outside our door, the first whistle of the game sounded.


Early action on 6’ and bad luck for both teams. Buchtmann in a free shot and Nehrig goes for the header.  There is where he collides with Akpoguma. The collision was so intense, with Akpoguma ending up with a collar on the neck and both him and Nehrig ending up being urgently substituted (both of em ended up at hospital). Best wishes for both of them. Back in the game, Flum takes the place of Nehrig early and both teams carry on from where they left it. On 21’ danger from the right side where Bebou opens the ball for Gartner who sends the ball a bit to the outer left side of our post. Second time in a row we slide through an early opener after a close header a little before. Buchtmann did most of the drill on opening the ball. A little after Gartner’s shoot, on 28’ he opens for Sahin, but Sahin sends the ball directly to Rensing. Both teams seem to be needing an opening goal to secure somehow the three points as time flies in this first half. First chance for Sankt Pauli on 32’. Buchtmann opens for Bouhaddouz who receives 10 meters away from F95 box but sends the ball a little to the right of F95 post. The action is nonstop as the first half comes to an end. On 37’ a free shot executed by Sobota get’s repelled and then Yildirim goes to the counter. Get’s stopped by Buchtmann. On 45’ Flum attempts a nice shot from distance but goes way up high. 90’+2 and Düsseldorf pushes the pace. Yildirim takes the ball from center and sends it to Schmitz and the second one opens to Fink who sends the ball behind our nets. 4 minutes later the reff sends both of the teams to the lockers.

6′, when Nehrig collides with Akpoguma and both of them end up at hospital. (source:

Second half underway and maan we can’t catch a break. Early action on 47’ when Bebou attempts a shot from 16 meters but luckily Ziereis’s head is between the ball and the nets. Sankt Pauli though seemed determined to get this one. 54′ and Flum opens the ball for Ziereis but his shot is driven to a corner from Hoffmann. The pace is furious in this second half. Free shot for Sankt Pauli on 63’, repeled once again from Hoffmann and then on 65’ another good chance for Gartner get’s blocked by Heerwagen. On 66’ it is time for Bodzek to take a leave. Dangerous tackling against Sahin and a second yellow and there goes Mr. Bodzek. On 67’ the biggest chance for F95 so far with Yildirim. Fink gains control in the center and sends to Bebou. Bebou to Yildirim who is left alone before Heerwagen, who luckily is placed right blocking the way for our defensives to repell. A luck that abandoned us on 72’, when Hoffmann after a corner kick for F95 takes advantage of the fuzz on our defense line (everyone thought the ref would whistle a penalty kick after Sahin touched the ball with his hand), and opens the score for Fortuna. The laughter in their faces wouldn’t last for long though.  On 76’ Bouhaddouz does everything right. Nice shot, but Rensing also does everything right blocking his shot. Two minutes later, Ziereis takes the rebound after Rensing repels a corner kick and shoots setting things right. 1-1 and we had just started. The irritation on Fortuna’s behalf was obvious leading Hoffmann to take a leave this time seeing a direct red card for stopping Sahin just before he entered Fortuna’s box. A free kick executed by Buchtmann that ended in F95 nets erasing the stupid smile from the faces of every Fortuna fan in Düsseldorf. 4 minutes of extra time and on 90’+3 it was time for the usual suspect, Mr. Aziz Bouhaddouz to score his 13th goal this season. Buballa passes nicely and Aziz sends a nice lobe above Rensing to F95 nets.

Damn it…what a show. Again I have to say…No words can describe how Soridon looked like after the game. Sankt Pauli proved more cohesive than ever, climbing higher in the ranks. 11th and even though we cannot say that we saved the day, it is a relief alright. This is the Sankt Pauli we want to see. Clever game play and strong midline, feeding the offensives with clever direct passes. Clearly no words. We’re happy to just being able to enjoy the show Sankt Pauli provides us with. The season is not over yet though. 4 more games to go. Next Friday we play against Heidenheim in Millerntor. The score card so far looks something like the one below.

Given the fact that we win against Heidenheim, we have to worry about 3 more teams sharing points with us. Fortuna (match is over, good luck even though it looks already safe 😀 ) has got a really tough one against Hannover. Kaiserslautern coming from a victory against TSV 1860, definitely has the easiest one playing against Karlsruhe who seems unable to threaten anyone. Sandhausen plays Union Berlin (tough one and Union needs the points) but still has to play today against Karlsruhe also, so they’re expected to climb further before they go there. Let’s hope we are the only ones with three points in our pockets next Friday. 11th in the ranks so far. Who knows? Let’s see how far up we can go. Forza Sankt Pauli!

Line Up:


 Ziereis   Sobiech  Gonther  Dudziak (Buballa 42′)

  Nehrig (Flum 11′ (Thy 77′))    Buchtmann

Cenk Sahin    Möller Daehli     Sobota


Match goals:

1:0 Hoffmann (72′, Right Foot shot)

1:1 Ziereis (78′, Right Foot shot, Gonther)

1:2 Buchtmann (83′, Left Foot Shot)

1:3 Bouhaddouz (90+3′, Right Foot shot, Buballa)

Spectators: 28429

Sankt Pauli cards: Buballa(7)

 Match goals


Guest block during the closing stages of the game (kicks ass!)

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