Matchday 31: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Heidenheim 3-0

Posted: April 30, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Come get some!

Come get some motherfuckers. Do you feel fuckin strong? Come get some. Sankt Pauli, with the aid of Ewald Lienen and the almighty fan base never leaving their side no matter what, has transformed into a beast unmatched. A great deal of horror awaits anyone who dares to cross our path and what we were thinking of as a stressful procedure (first round ended with us havin headaches about how we’d remain in die ZweiteLiga, with so few points gained so far…), has started looking like a great festivity. Our Athens Club friends joined once again to repeat last game’s aura mix.  Everything seemed ideal and this time there was this thing in the air. How to explain. No stress man.  It took Ewald some time but damn it this looks so good. (Whiners rushing to blame it on Ewald on the first round…Suck this…hehe 🙂 )


First half starts and what a nice view of the Südkurve with the anti G20 flags waving. And of course what a nice start for Sankt Pauli. Dominating the game early from the start with clever passes from the mid line, up to the front.  On 18’ the first attempt on goal when Dudziak passes to Buchtmann. Unfortunately Buchtmann shoots the ball on the outer side of the nets. A little later Bouhaddouz passes to Möller DaehliDaehli shoots  but the shot is weak and ends up in the keeper’s hands. Sankt Pauli clearly dominant leaving FCH frozen stiff. All their attempts ended up wasted by our defensives without actually causing any serious threat. On one of our many bright moments in this first half, Sobota shoots but the ball hits the defensives. Buchtmann on the rebound sends the ball to Müller’s hands. Many attempts but so far unlucky. Clearly though on could see that there was only one team on the field. Sankt Pauli had managed to dictate the pace of the game. Defense looked hard as an cement wall allowing FCH no spaces to unfurl their game, sending the ball directly to the midline, from where Sahin, Dudziak or Buchtmann took it up to the offense. Everything worked like a well tuned Swiss clock. On 39’ the last great, chance of the first half. Dudziak marching all the way through the left side. Opens for Bouhaddouz who  takes the header but  sends the ball a little away from the nets . Only one minute of xtra time and then the reff sends the players to the lockers.

St. Pauli gegen G20

Second half underway and early on 52’ Jon Verhoek manages to set fire to the game. Sobota earns a foul. Executes it and Verhoek in an attempt to send the ball away, ends up sending it in. Bad luck for our former striker but what a way to open the score for us. 4 minutes later Möller Daehli doubles the score. Mistake on Heidenheim’s behalf. Müller tries to play a one two with the defensives. Bouhaddouz creates confusion . Daehli takes advantage of the mistaken ball and scores. 2-0 for Sankt Pauli and at that point we start feeling a bit sorry for FCH. We managed to confuse their game play so much that literally nothing worked for them. You could tell their faces. Disappointment was obvious but also the will to end this game. Something told us that even if the ref whistled the end of the game at that point, no one would complain. On 62’ Bouhaddouz ends up with the ball at his feet after Sobiech sends it in with a header. Bouhaddouz shoots but the ball finds the defensive’s heel and goes to a corner. And right on that corner, he makes up for the lost chance. The ball is not successfully driven away from Heidenheim defensives, and ends up with Buchtmann. He opens it and Bouhaddouz reaches it with his leg shooting it to the nets. Party all the way after that.  On 77’ Bouhaddouz once again alone against Müller. He passes through one FCH defensive and shoots. Müller is lucky enough to expand his leg and send the ball to a corner avoiding the fourth goal. The only serious attempt of Heidenheim came a little before the completion of the whole 90 minutes with them sending the ball way above our nets. No extra time. Humiliation for FCH came to an end with the final whistle.

I mean…C’mon. Everyone shit their pants on Friday. Sankt Pauli has gone from bad to bad-ass. A team that knows how to unfold its own game play and finally…a team that knows how to gain results. Better late than never, right? This second round, as mentioned above, looked like a nightmare when it started but look at us now. 11th on the rank and trust me no one had that coming. Faith man. Got to have some faith. Tables now after this 31st matchday look something like that:

So far we share points with Kaiserslautern and Sandhausen. The teams under 38 points are down to 35, so they cause no threat for now. Above us is  Nürnberg, Bochum and Heidenheim, with Nürnberg at 39 and the other two sharing 40. On Friday we play Kaiserslautern out. So watch this: Next Friday could be a minor relief. Given the fact that we crush FCK, and the other teams fuck up, we could easily jump from 11th to 7th. Not bad huh?  Achievable goal as Sandhausen and Nürnberg play against each other, Heidenheim plays against Hannover and Bochum against Bielefeld (Bielefeld stands no chance damn it). A tie between Sandhausen and Nürnberg (or even a Nürnberg defeat) and both Heidenheim and Bochum loosing brings us 7th. What are we waiting for then? Let’s do this.

Line Up:


Hornschuh  Sobiech  Gonther  Dudziak (Buballa 46′)

Nehrig (Flum 80′)   Buchtmann

Sahin (Thy 75′)    Möller Daehli      Sobota


Match goals:

1:0 Verhoek (52′, Own Goal, Chest, Sobota)

2:0 Möller Daehli (56′, Right Foot Shot)

3:0 Bouhaddouz (62′, Right Foot Shot, Buchtmann)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Hornschuh(2), Sahin(9), Thy(1)

Match goals


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