Matchday 32: FC Kaiserslautern vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-2!

Posted: May 6, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2016-17
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Finally home 🙂

The struggle for survival came yesterday evening finally to an end… The Boys in Brown closed the subject in true style, prevailing fair and square 1-2 over FCK, achieving their 5th consecutive win and climbing temporarily to… 7th place (FFS!). Big evening for Ewald’s insane brigade, proving that we should never been in such shit in the first place but giving us at the same time the luxury to sit back and relax (figure of speech, of course ^^) 2 weeks before the end and maybe start dealing with some of the interesting things currently happening in the big league above 😉


Disaster before the game at Soridon 😀 After the massive attendance of the past two Fridays (including also a few Athens Club pals 😉 ), situation shortly before kickoff was desperate with the only interested parties present my sorry ass and Marco whose presence I’m not sure that it should count since, except of being a loud and proud Scum guy, he was also the bartender on duty for the game 🙂 Fortunately (OK, expected more or less, tough day Friday), reinforcements started arriving shortly after kickoff, resulting to a more or less “proper” situation along the way 🙂

KICK ASS FCSP entry in the game! Already after 8′, FCSP ahead in the game but only for 20″, until the goal gets called off. Hornschuh the “scorer” with a header, following an excellent Sobota deep free kick from the right but unfortunately, as the replay suggested, from a marginally offside position. Shit but thumbs up also for the assistant referee, unpleasant and really marginal but correct call. And it was not only about the “goal” – facing a weaker than expected FCK, the Boys in Brown were the dominant force in the pitch, occupying the midfield and creating a few situations in the opponent’s box like the one on 13′ where Buballa’s cross found no one to finish the job or Buchtmann’s tricky foul from the right flank, just over Pollersbeck’s crossbar on 24′. The first BIG one came on 28′ – again foul from the right but this time, instead of the classic deep ball, a tricky direct ball from Sobota targetting incoming Bouhaddouz. Aziz and ball met eachother 6m in front of Pollersbeck but his tackling shot ended up way over target – ACK!!! Game on, FCSP still on the driver’s seat, looking costantly for a way through in every possible way but without serious results. A good 25m Sobota shot on 38′, just by Pollersbeck’s left post was the last situation we created, FCK managed only to put a little pressure towards injury time. HT 0-0 with FCSP being the better team, giving the impression that we may win, maybe not but in anyway seems quite difficult to lose to these guys 😉

Quite difficult my ass!!! Not with FCSP 😀 Seconds in the 2nd half, FCK cross from the right, Sobiech clearance… to Gaus, all alone in front of Heerwagen, the shot from Gaus and the fuckin’ save of the game by Philipp!!! Too bad for them, especially when considering that 4′ later (49′) we succeeded where they failed – well targeted Hornschuh cross from the right flank, Aziz Bouhaddouz higher than everyone and… you know the deal 😉

With FCK behind the game was expected and actually became more lively. Almost the equalizer on 54′ for FCK but Heerwagen’s reflexes gave again the solution, he lift up the hands and saved Zoua’s close range pivot shot, result of a corner kick box chaos – phew… Our turn and a tremendous chance on 57′ with Mwene clearing right on the line a Sobiech header, coming from a Buchtmann corner! Wasn’t to be long though… Another Bouhaddouz header wide (60′) and then tombstone for FCK on 69′! The usual suspects, Buchtmann and Bouhaddouz neutralized 4(!!!) FCK defenders with a single 1-2 trick and…

Yeps, there was no way back from this, we had to be extremely suicidal in order to manage to fuck this one up 😀 Game cooled down a little, FCK didn’t quit the game but it was obvious that they didn’t have what it takes to do it yesterday. Good moment for them the Heubach 20+m shot that licked Heerwagen’s left post before ball escapes outside but nothing really much… until 90′ and the Gaus header goal that put them back in to the game, result more of our defensive neglect than pressure – Hornschuh simply looks like he thinks that the game is over there, not the first time for FCSP this season, don’t pull such shit boys, a momentary loss of concentration can sometimes cost an entire season… Normally, FCK had no right to claim anything from the game until then but when you have for the last 3′ of the game 11 opponents installed in your box anything can happen. In our case nothing happened, (it would be a real pity after such a game) and the final whistle found the Boys in Brown celebrating survival with the guest block 🙂

Buchtmann after 0-2. Post copied from matchday 29, this one replaces a quite similar photo 🙂

Full time whistle took me back some 2 years ago, it was almost like hearing the full time whistle at Darmstadt again. No looking back at the moment, they will be plenty of time for that after the end of the season. Now there’s just the feeling of relief and the luxury of enjoying the last 2 matchdays just by drinking beer and scratching our balls (ladies can switch to something more elegant 😀 – actually, there will be also a juicy report from Bocum ^^) And not to forget, a big “Thank You” to Ewald, crew and the Boys in Brown for making this possible 🙂 Next week, Greuther Fürth at Millerntor, Athens Club crew will be there, warm up the bar people 😉

Line Up:


Hornschuh  Sobiech  Gonther  Buballa

                           Nehrig      Buchtmann (Kalla 86′)

Sahin (Ziereis 78′)  Möller Daehli (Thy 46′)  Sobota


Match goals:

0:1 Bouhaddouz (49′, Header, Hornschuh)

0:2 Buchtmann (69′, Left Foot Shot, Bouhaddouz)

1:2 Gaus (90′, Header, Mwene)

Spectators: 35781

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A (well done!)

Match highlights


Further reading:



As probably regulars already noticed, no Liga 2 table/forthcoming matches this week, this time we’ll deal with something slightly different 😉

YES! YES! YES! Of course, everybody knows that these bastards seem to be undead (they have actually earned that right 🙂 ), but having been saved already twice  at the relegation procedure sounds alreadz too much. And if 2013-15 was relatively “easy”, 2014-15 was not ^^ So after having our own fair share of pain throughout the season, we think it’s time to deal with other peoples suffering. Direct relegation looks like an Utopia at the moment of course (move some ass you bloody Inglostadt!) but there’s a serious possibility that there will be some interesting football to watch until May 29th – stay around 😉

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