News: A new Lienen/Janßen era for FCSP!!!

Posted: May 24, 2017 by Zouz in News, Zweite Liga 2016-17
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While last match report of the season was getting slooowly finished (still some media missing, will be up sometime 😉 ), the news on social media regarding a special press conference at Millerntor broke out. Shit, already some “suspicions” had risen from Sunday (there was also a post on Liga-Zwei already from May 18th that we chose not to reproduce it…) but this was going to fast… Fortunately, the final outcome was slightly different than the one I initially feared…


Yes, Ewald Lienen is not the FCSP coach anymore. Lienen has become the new Technical Director while his assistant, Olaf Janßen has been promoted to head coach. With a first look, this doesn’t sound good, it actually reminds a lot the Meggle/Lienen situation, some two and a half years ago… But if we go just a little deeper by scratching the surface, there are two substancial differences. To begin with, Lienen’s responsibilities as Technical director are more extensive than ever, the following text comes directly from the official website:

In his new role Lienen will be responsible for training and developing the youth academy coaches. He will also oversee the development and expansion of the club’s international cooperation arrangements. Other duties will include looking after club sponsors and social responsibility matters. The 63-year-old will also serve as a consultant to the club decision-making bodies, the club secretary, and the coaches.

Yeps, that’s right. In fact, Ewald Lienen is handed his own set of keys for Millerntor. His involvement is described as far beyond the average limits for the position, including also responsibilities like sponsors and social responsibility matters, issues that have always been at the very core of FCSP existence. I’m particularly waiting with increased interest the next developments regarding the sponsor front, things start sound really kinky when paying attention to what Andreas Rettig said today at a certain point of the procedure 😉

The other fundamental difference is that unlike the Meggle/Lienen situation, this one looks like it was completely planned. Olaf Janßen arrived with the full approval of Ewald Lienen and from the very first time he arrived there were rumors that he’s supposed to be the successor WHEN Ewald decides that it’s the time to go. Moreover, as Lienen revealed today, becoming Technical Director was the initial plan when he got into talks with FCSP at first – becoming Head Coach was an “emergency” option and what is happening right now is nothing more than the initial plan being resumed and with this plan in mind Olaf Janßen arrived on November.

With the above in mind, recent developments sound… FUCKIN’ EXCITING! If we are about to make at any point the transcendence to a higher level while not only keeping but strengthening at the same time our core value elements, this sounds as a fascinating way to go. I have absolutely no reason to doubt anything that has been said today at the press conference, this is not the Orth era anymore and, regardless who’s in charge, there can simply be no bullshit with Ewald on the table 🙂

So, sounds like it’s time to proclaim the beginning of Ewald Lienen MK II era (fuck, yesterday proclaimed officially the beginning of the holiday season, no sleep with FCSP 😀 ), an era that currently stands before of us full of promises. Ewald may not be in front of the bench, moving back and forth while filling endless pages on his old school notebook, we may not even see him doing the “get the fuck up” round of encouragement in front of the fans but, like FC Lampedusa ( 🙂 ), HE IS HERE TO STAY 😀

There’s one more thing that this piece wouldn’t be complete without. Give finally some credit and, most of all, A WARM WELCOME regarding his new position to the man who has done nothing but working noiselessly all these months beyond the spotlights…


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