DFB Pokal 2017-18 Rnd 1 draw: sounds easy BUT… ^^

Posted: June 11, 2017 by Zouz in 2017-18
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After 3 weeks without action, before even getting used to life without FCSP, today’s draw came to remind us that next season is already under way. SC Paderborn came out as first opponent and we must do something really stupid in order to say goodbye to the cup from August. There’s only one problem, we’re occasionally prone to stupidity in August 🙂


SC Paderborn, the definition of the world “downhill”, with 3 (THREE!) consecutive relegations in the last 3 years. In fact there are only two but this is happening, thanks to the catastrophic failure of 1860 to obtain a Liga 3 license after their relegation from Liga 2, a failure that saved SCP from the gloomy depths of Regionalliga. Of course lots of lessons here, regarding both the 50+1 model that 1860 chose to abolish back in 2011 and the consequences of a relegation to Liga 3, something that many have doubted along the way but all these are beyond the scope of this 😉 The main thing is that we’re playing a squad that can do nothing right for the past 3 years, under normal circumstances, there are no excuses for losing to THIS SC Paderborn.

On the other hand, someone could argue that we’re quite familiar with fuck-up situations during the early stages of the DFB Pokal. I think that after the Preußen Münster fiasco, back in 2013 (Gladbach last year DOESN’T count, we were in the weak pot 😀 ), squad appears more or less serious in the pitch and one way or another does the job without real problems. Moreover, especially considering the opponent’s current situation, the gap between the two squads is BIG, an elementary functioning FCSP will not have a problem moving ahead to the 2nd round, where usually the shitstorm comes 😀

Paderborn is located less than 300Km Southwest of Hamburg, it’s not round the corner but it’s not in the other side of the country either. City looks nice from pictures (no Scum has been there yet ^^), as most of the mid-sized German cities actually, for sure nicer than their stadium (picture above) which looks like a distribution warehouse module from the outside. Not really big, 15360 seats in total but I personally don’t expect a full house for the game. Nothing fancy about local fans either, the usual mid-sized mixed stuff, just a bit more frustrated from the years of consecutive slapping 😉 Overall, sounds like a good idea for an away match, I reckon that the remaining in HH brown white support will honor the occasion and help the squad finish the job fast.

Normally, everything will be alright, just one thing. We shouldn’t UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES underestimate the opponent. Guys be serious, be focused, no arrogance, we have been heavily punished over this over and over again. No excessive improvisations Herr Janßen, if you need further conclusions by then, a friendly with Yorkshire can always be arranged, don’t fool around with the match 😀 Let’s keep it serious, let’s keep it simple, let’s make Paderborn brown white 🙂

Back to the Scum Summer slumber 😉

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