Scum Summer high-tech wanking: FCSP calendar on your phone!

Posted: June 15, 2017 by Zouz in Other stuff

Landing on base yesterday night, I fell on a Twitter conversation between brown white comrades, discussing about the ability of having some kind of FCSP calendar warnings on their mobile phones, in order to be able to catch up with the latest brown white developments 😉 This is something actually quite easy and straightforward to do, so here we attach a small tutorial of a solution using Google Calendar. Sample calendar used (what else?), the essential Der Übersteiger calendar 😀


The following scenario assumes the use of an Android smartphone. Sorry iPhone user users, none of us possesses one, send us one and we’ll make the iOS version for you 😀 😀 😀

Requirements are easy. You just need a decent smartphone and a Google account

Step 1: visit Der Übersteiger blog, go to the calendar section and copy the calendar link at the bottom

In case you’re too much of a lazy bastard, you can copy and paste the link below, however you should look always for the latest info there.

Step 2: add the copied calendar to your Google calendars. First select the “Calendar” option in the “Google Apps” tab.

Check the bottom left of your screen, fuck the bizarre Greek you see on the snapshot, for you there must be an “Other Calendars” tab. Go there and select to add a calendar via a URL address.

A popup  box will appear, enter the link you copied on Step 1 and choose to add the calendar. After that you should be able to see it under the “Other Calendars” section

Step 3: You’re done with adding the calendar, now off to the mobile phone. Open Google Play store, and search for “Google Calendar“. Having done that right, you will be presented with the following screen, slightly different in your case, I have already installed the App – Install that bastard!

Step 4: We now need to get the calendar synchronized. Enter the app and choose the button on the upper left (must look like the adidas stripes, rotated 80 degrees counter clock wise 😀 ). Scroll down a little, until you find “Settings“.

Scroll until you find your calendar of choice and tap on it.

Get in there and drag to enable the “Sync” switch. The most demanding of you can turn the color to Cocoa (this is the definition of brown in there) for an optimum FCSP UI experience 😀

Congratulations! You’re done 😉

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