Matchday 01: VfL Bochum vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-1 :-)

Posted: July 29, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Taking things from where we left them

source: © Witters

Hell Yeah! The wait is finally over. New season, new hopes, new expectations, blah blah blah, in a few words the time of the year where, while normal people are sinking for good in the Summer bliss in some Greek islands, all brown white junkies (and some of our Liga 2 colleagues I suppose 😀 ) are entering the state of fever which of course is not because of the Summer heat (especially down here we don’t give really a fuck) but clearly due to the state of our brains, operating at the red while burnt by the brown white madness 🙂 FCSP did all of us a favor and, starting from the exact same spot that last year’s incredible comeback reached to its end, prevailed over VfL Bochum at Vonovia Ruhrstadion, even though a little more difficult then expected 😉


Back to the venue we actually never left for Summer (with the exception of some small Summer escapes, required in order to lower a little brain temperature and get in the neccessaty maintenance mode 🙂 ). Soridon ready at least 60′ before kickoff to honor the occasion, hence a lot of time for pre-season chit chat, with the majority seeing ahead a certain brown white triumph but almost all of them have no serious arguments to support the theory except of course our, excessive due to ignorance, optimism, a known characteristic of the Scum crew ^^ Some additional chat about our summer news aaaand (7th for the Scum bunch, 3rd for Soridon) season kickoffffff!!!

Game on and when Nehrig managed his way all alone after having bypassed every blue jersey on his way, only to be beaten at the 1-1 duel by keeper Riemann, optimism turned (error! error!) to absolute certainty. Leaving aside our distorted projection of reality through the Scum brown white lenses, squad was really good during the opening stages of the game and along the flow of the first half looked capable to threat the opponent using a lot of different ways. However and despite the variety in the pitch, a good shot by Buchtmann right into the hands of Riemann (15′) and a Bouhaddouz header again to the Bochum keeper (28′) were the main moments for FCSP in the opening 30′, not impressive as the 3′ occasion. The next BIG one in the game happened for Bochum on 31′ when Celozzi caught the entire brown white defense sleeping and passed the perfect ball to Eisfeld who stormed undisturbed into our box – thankfully Himmelmann was there and saved FCSP from some real trouble. Last good moment for the 1st half belonged to FCSP, with Allagui neutralizing his opponent from the right flank in true style, entering the box and trying an acute angled shot which Riemann repelled again to safety. Half time 0-0 and the strong belief that is just a matter of time to get this, as long as we’re more careful in the defense and avoid mistakes like the one on 31’…

source: © Witters

All this certainty went directly to Hell as soon as the 2nd half kicked off. After the first couple of minutes and a Buchtmann shot succesfully handled again by Riemann (47′), Bochum increased the pressure rapidly, installed themselves in and all around our box and soon enough scenes of chaos started occurring, like the TRIPLE Bochum chance on 50’… First, after a complete and continuous mess inside our box, Eisfeld pushed the ball from 6-7m but from an extremely acute angle (from the right, almost parallel to the corner line) succesfully towards the net but Jan Philipp Kalla saved the goal and sent the ball to hell right on the line. Ball cleared, directly new Bochum deep ball into the box, new mess and a Celozzi sidelong shot, from into the box, towards the left, saved by Himmelmann’s legs. Ball again to Bochum, 2-3 ball exchanges and ball again to Eisfeld, waiting ALL ALONE and onside at the edge of our box, almost facing Himmelmann. Luckily for us, Eisfeld aimed Himmelmann instead of any of the available corners and ball ended up locked between Himmelmann’s legs who couldn’t (like most of us in the pub actually) believe his luck… Life changing experiences, after these 60″ of terror none of us was the same anymore 😀 😀 😀 Don’t know how it happened but for sure we had a lot of luck at this point and we got away with it. Locals went wild, Bochum carried on with the pressure but the surprise attack advantage has been gone. FCSP organized a little after the initial shock, stood our ground and soon enough we started transferring the game again towards their half. Such a counter attack on 57′ turned to a good chance, with Allagui torturing the Bochum defense, this time from the left side, but his final shot, after an action similar to the one on 37′, ended up just over the crossbar. Another chance for Bochum on 61′ with Diamantakos neutralizing our left defensive flank at once (we still have a lot of work to do back there) but Himmelmann’s golden legs provided again the solution. And, while the game has started taking a form completely opposite to the one of the 1st half, on 65′ we finally punished them in the exact same way that they almost did it to us on 31′! Möller Daehli with the ball in our half from the right, PLENTY of space in the Bochum defense and a BIG diagonal ball to Allagui, storming towards their box from the other side. Bochum defenders caught up and Allagui found 2 of them in front of him at the edge of the box. This time he didn’t fooled around with them, he lifted the head instead, saw Buchtmann coming as a trailer to his right and passed the ball – Buchti finished the job by sending the ball to Riemann’s right corner and triggering brown white madness into the stadium, into Soridon and I don’t fuckin’ know where else 🙂 From this point and until the end of the match, it was all about Bochum having transferred the game to our half, using lots of different tricks but FCSP defense looking now much more solid and having all the answers. Despite the continuous pressure, no really big chances for them, a good Choi shot for us on 86′ and Riemann advancing to our box already from 89′. Full time whistle after 2′ of injury time (to general surprise actually, 3′ were indicated at the beginning), Bochum 0 – FCSP 1 after a much more difficult game than expected (by us 🙂 ), happy new season brown and white maniacs all around 🙂

Buchti!!! (source: © Witters)

Aaah, that was something 🙂 It wasn’t just about the victory, it was also about us gathering again together and enjoying FCSP, this would be something regardless of the result, victory just made it almost perfect. In terms of what we’re expecting to see, not a lot of things can be told, especially after our pre-game predictions 😀 To get a little more serious, both virtues and weaknesses have been revealed. Things look really good thanks to the more options we have regarding midfield and the offensive, still space for better cooperation, both within the defensive line and with the midfield. One way or another, recent past has taught us that opening matchday can’t be a measure, I think that noone expected last season the nightmarish 1st round that followed the opening game vs Stuttgart

So, let’s enjoy the victory for now and wait to see more on Tuesday (18:30 CET) at Millerntor vs Stoke City, a game that’s expected to be a proper league simulation. Then, we will take it from there and make all adjustments required in order to give (speaking footballwise of course) Sören Gonther and the other Dresden bastards the reception they deserve ^^


Line Up:


Kalla  Hornschuh  Sobiech  Buballa


Möller Daehli (Choi 81′) Sobota (Zander 90′)


  Allagui (Cenk Sahin 70′) Bouhaddouz

Match goals:

0-1 Buchtmann (65′, Left Foot Shot, Allagui)

Spectators: 27350

Sankt Pauli cards: Kalla(1)

Buchtmann’s goal for the impatient 😉

Match highlights

Further reading:


A few words on the forthcoming season and the blog ^^

Changes coming in 😉 This was my last Scum post from Athens, one more night at Soridon (will be fuckin’ missed…) for Dresden – then, for the next 2 years, my sorry ass moves to Leeds to join the excellent armada of Yorkshire St. Pauli, match reports will keep coming from there (having actually a YSP flavor 😉 ) but possibly not at the same frequency. The other match report feeding pillar (ohaha!) AndyChristos still around but also up to his neck in work, so there’s a slight danger of stop being consistent at the level we used to be for the past 7 years. For that reason, we have a new entry along the way, our main muthafucka, member of the Athens Club, neighbor and elite friend of the Scum (actually part of the crew in a sense) Mike Slime is stepping in to help 😉 Finally, some fresh air in the blog, especially for anybody having already enough either of my endless bollockollogy or AndyChristos’ uncontrolled brutality 😀 Exciting season expected, stay tuned 😉

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