Matchday 02: FC Sankt Pauli vs Dynamo Dresden 2-2

Posted: August 8, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Hell of a night. Hell of a night man I tell ya!!! Soridon was more packed than ever for this second match day, and not only for our beloved brown white addiction. Everyone would watch the game anyway and everyone is always there 100%. What was special about today was the fact that Uncle Zouzounos (Greg) is moving to Leeds in England (Goodluck with that to the boys in Yorkshire…ha ha ha) so this was the last game we would watch together for the next two years. South End Scum and Athen Klub joined forces for a massive aura of positive energy. The best foreplay I’d say for a Sankt Pauli Match day


First half underway and I’m just trying to remember the words Greg used for Nehrig. Oh yes. It was something like “ I really like how Nehrig has improved. He seems to be the guy who still can brawl but really knows when, why and how to….” Minute number one, Nehrig sees Berko and decides to stick his foot up his ass. Proving Greg’s point 100% right. Nooot!!! (Goodluck Yorkshire 😛 😛 ) Yellow card for Nehrig and game carries on. On 7’ the first good chance for Dynamo. Corner kick and the ball ends at Hartmann’s feet. 5 meters before Himmelmann. Luckily for us he misses his shot. Dynamo seemed to have ball possession in these first minutes. We found ourselves mostly defending rather than creating opportunities for goal. Our defense line though seemed to be holding blocking all Dynamo attacks and counters. Leading to 22’ when Buchtmann takes the ball in Dynamo’s box, and after playing with some of their defensives, shoots a dynamite and leaves them looking for their jaws while we were flying up our chairs after this great opener. Of course couple of minutes later we had to sit back cos Dynamo didn’t like that at all. On 26’ Himmelmann blocks a shot from Heise. Three minutes later, on 29’ Benatelli messes up our defense line and leaves the ball to Hartmann who shoots from 10 meters and evens the score. Ffffuck that. Two bottles of Jameson on the house was something that eased our pain. Thanks a lot Soridon. On 38’ Möller Daehli set things straight. Flanks from the left and shoots. Great distant shoot, couple of centimeters away from the nets. Then again on the same minute, Sobota takes the ball marches straight forward and shoots. A little bit above the upper pole of Dynamo. This first half started as a Dynamo party and ended being a 50-50 endeavor for both teams. Last big chance though belonged to Dynamo. On 45’ Berko sends the ball to Röser. He shoots but Himmelmann repels the shot maintaining the balance. Final whistle and the players are sent to the lockers.

Second half underway. Early action on 48’ with our former defensive and current homophobic douche back player of Dynamo Sören Gonther trying to impress his new team by trying to pick a fight with Bouhaddouz . No harm done here, everyone laughed with it and will keep laughing with poor Sören for weeks and life goes on. On 53’ Bouhaddouz tries his foot from 25 meters. Driven to corner. On 60’ Möller Daehli receives the ball after the big fuck up from Schwäbe . Shoots but Schwäbe sends it to corner making up for his mistake. On 66’ Möller Daehli again receive after Benatelli lost the ball. Same scene again. Möller Daehli shoots and Schwäbe sends it to corner once again. On 69’ though, Buchtmann sets things right once again. Dudziak takes all Dynamo on him, before he sends the ball to Buchtmann who from 18 meteres executes Schwäbe. That, along with the pizzas brought to us from the house(Hails Marko)  gave this 2-1 triumphant dimensions.On 71’ Sankt Pauli’s reign seemed endless as Allagui is left unguarded to the back of Dresden defense and with a smart lobe he leaves all Dynamo frozen stiff. The reff though decided it was an offside, so no third goal for us. Of course the replay showed that there was no off side there. No offside at all. Anyway…On 73’ what we didn’t want at all, just happened to leave a stain to this marvelous night. Heise  shoots and Himmelmann can’t block the ball properly. Rebound is taken by Röser who sends the ball to the nets. All the rest of the game was about Sankt Pauli. A total Braun-White domination, that unfortunately led to no third(maybe I should say 4th ?) goal. On 89’ Buchtmann again shoots but the ball this time is send couple meters away from the nets. Final whistle after three minutes of xtra time and game ends.

The one point won today is sooo not what the game looked like. Ok first half could be 50-50 but the second half was definitely all about us. We were the ones taking initiatives, we were the ones with the ball possession and we were the ones with the cancelled goal that could have forced Dynamo to bend the knee earlier. Looks like the team has worked a lot and the new players have blended in perfectly. Some slight black spots in the defense line that could cause trouble in the future, I believe will be solved soon. Looks like everyone is working on it. Sankt Pauli has definitely set start on the right foot here and after this one, and hopefully will keep up the pace on the next one on the 26th against Darmstadt. Before that though, there’s the first round of DFB-Pokal against Paderborn on the 14th . All hopes to it. Forza Sankt Pauli.

P.S On behalf of all Scum, a big supportive aura of positive energy to our own Greg “Uncle Zouzounos” for his fresh start in England. Rock n Roll man!!

Just before first half

A message from Saint John to mr Gonther on half time

Everyone is Brown – White

Jameson and Pizzas on the house . Well played people! 🙂


Line Up:


  Dudziak (Kalla 76′)  Sobiech  Hornschuh (Avevor 90’+3)  Buballa



Möller Daehli                                                        Sobota (Cenk Sahin 79′)

  Bouhaddouz          Allagui 

Match goals:

1:0 Buchtmann (22′, Right Foot shot, Nehrig)

1:1 Mar. Hartmann (29′, Right Foot shot, Benatelli)

2:1 Buchtmann (69′, Left Foot shot, Dudziak)

2:2 L. Röser (73′, Left Foot shot, Heise)

Spectators: 28699

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(1)

Match goals

Further reading:

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