DFB Pokal, Round 1: SC Paderborn 07 – FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: August 16, 2017 by Zouz in 2017-18
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For fucks sake!

source: http://www.fcstpauli.com © Witters

This was (and still is) a fuckin’ nightmare from the past… Having as an opponent a squad that has managed 3 consecutive relegations in the last 3 years (they’re still in Liga 3 thanks to 1860) FCSP forgot that in football (like any sport) you have to play in order to win and lost fair and square 2-1 to an excellent (considering the circumstances) Paderborn… Talk is cheap, so are excuses, what remains is probably the worst brown white Pokal fiasco of the last decade…


The (even bigger) H$V fiasco the day before had already raised the mood, resulting to some big statements from my sorry ass on Sunday night…

The hail of rot that followed after the game taught me 2 valuable lessons: a) certainty is different than arrogance, still is punished occasionally in the same brutal way b) better hold on your horses Greg, especially  when the account you run is not personal. It’s a good thing that issue stayed “within friends”, otherwise South End Scum could end up as the Monday joke on Twitter ^^ One way or another, being the sucker (especially when deserved) is simply peanuts comparing to the Club humiliation, so let’s cut to the chase and get over with it as fast as we can…

SCP showed their intentions from the very early stages of the game, the first two chances belonged to them. First, Srbeny on 13′ who missed the ball (and the chance to open the score) from 5m and then a 25+m Michel shot on 16′ who forced Heerwagen (FCSP MVP) to block the ball with the second attempt. FCSP responded with two chances, both with Bouhaddouz. First, a 7m shot on 18′ from the heart of the box that reached the sky instead of the goal posts and a header from close distance on 20′ that normally should be the opening goal but the ball ended up, after a bounce, a couple of meters by Ratajczak’s (we’ll get back to him later) left post. Whoever thought (like me for example) that it was just a matter of time for FCSP to open the score was proven slightly wrong. Yeah, it was a matter of time but not for us but for the others. Srbeny arrived again late for the ball on 39′ but 2′ later Wassey found the solution and executed Heerwagen from 20m with a marvelous shot… 1-0 for SCP on 41′ and the shock for FCSP who, without even having figured out what happened, went to the dressing rooms for the half time with the back on the wall…

Wassey has just opened the score (image source: http://www.sport.de)

Anybody had the impression that Paderborn’s goal was just luck (not me this time!) got an emphatic answer with the beginning of the 2nd half. Excellent SCP counter attack on 51′, brilliant Michel assist to Zolinski who got in the box from the right, behind the back of the FCSP defense but his finish (from a quite acute angle) ended up, after changing course thanks to Heerwagen’s left hip (!), just by our left post. FCSP response was a (quite good) direct Sobota 20m volley (54′) that found Ratajczak ready at the center of his posts. Balanced game at this point and the next one, a COLOSSAL chance for Paderborn (66′), this time thanks to the ref who was scratching his balls when Srbeny demolished Nehrig near the center with a foul that, not a blind, even a dead person would see. SCP 3 vs 2 counter attack, ball to Michel and another ball to Wassey who got all alone into the box from the left but got beaten twice by Heerwagen who kept us (temporarily) into the match. Game started getting wild and beautiful. Chance on the very next minute for FCSP (67′) but Bouhaddouz’s finish from into the left side of the box, result of a good counter attack, ended just a couple of meters by Ratajczak’s left post. Everything could change on 75′ but Ratajczak responded to Bouhaddouz’s 18m free kick (a little to the left) with an INDESCRIBABLE save!!! You really have to see this, hats off to the man, he forced me to say “well done” even when I was watching live, with my brain temperature having reached temperatures that can be found only on the surface of Venus 😀 And, like all this wasn’t enough, our luck (we wouldn’t need it of course if we were the team we were supposed to be on the pitch) left us on 77’… Lasse Sobiech (GET WELL SOON BOY!) got fucked up after a head dwell. His head was tied all around with bandages but still was unable to get back in the pitch. Guess what? Immediately after Lasse left the pitch, SCP counter attack against an outnumbered (all 3 substitutions already made) and disorganized backwards FCSP and 2-0 by Antwi-Adjej… Tombstone… Took 80′ for FCSP to start dominating the pitch (nobody challenges the will of the squad, they gave it all towards the end) but with the score at 2-0 it was too late. Moreover, pressing and playing all in when outnumbered is dangerous business, Heerwagen saved one more on 90′, last man standing before Michel and 3-0… The consolation goal came by Allagui (got into the game on 64′, game was too easy to use him ^^) on 91′ after a beautiful Dudziak very long ball that made things easy for an attacker of this class. HELL for the remaining minutes and ALMOST THE MIRACLE on 94′ but this time Allagui missed the ball and the equalizer from 6m. 2 more minutes of agony, even Heerwagen in the opponent box for the last corner but there was nothing more, hope died on 96’…

source: http://www.fcstpauli.com © Witters

The temptation to lift the safety and start shooting with words is big here but, we may be Greek but, above all, we are FC Sankt Pauli fans, so everything ends here… Like anybody cares anyway 🙂 If a few words on the game must be told, we underestimated the opponent, the only thing that everybody agreed that we shouldn’t do. We didn’t exist in the pitch for the first 60′ of the game and when we decided to do something the bus was already gone… Ah, and something else. One thing more annoying than such a defeat are poor excuses. Andreas Rettig said after the match that the distance between Liga 2 and Liga 3 is not so big. Really sorry but BOLLOCKS Herr Rettig! If it wasn’t 1860, Paderborn would now play in Regionalliga against our U23… These are statements suitable for Greek politicians, not for the FCSP sporting director. We have always supported the club unconditionally, we have never put any player or coach on the wall because of his skills or performance, we deserve as fans something better than this. Actually, “sorry people, we were utter bollox (in finer words of course 😉 ), we will try everything we can so something like this won’t happen again” would be enough… Congratulations also to Paderborn, played with soul and did to us what we used to do to others, in times where we were considered the underdog, no mater who we were playing against…

And now? No one challenges the touchiness of the squad, I hope that this worked like a really big slap on the back of the neck for everyone in and around the squad and that everybody will do what is required in order to regroup as fast as we can. But, then again, who knows with this Club? Darmstadt Friday, fingers crossed… To see things for a more positive perspective? Alright, we may have made a record today, to be the first team with a Pokal jersey that was NEVER worn 😉


Line Up:


Kalla (Dudziak 46′) Sobiech Hornschuh Buballa


Sahin (Allagui 64′) Buchtmann Möller Daehli Litka (Sobota 46′)


Match goals:

1:0 Wassey (41′, Left foot shot)

2:0 Antwi-Adjej (79′, Right foot shot, Michel)

2:1 Allagui (90+1′, Right foot shot, Dudziak)

Spectators: 15000 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Match goals (extensive highlights in embedded format here)


Further reading:


  1. Πέτρος Δ. says:

    Νομίζω δεν φορέθηκε η εμφάνιση του κυπέλλου λόγω παρόμοιων χρωμάτων με τους γηπεδούχους… Και πέρσι στο Λούμπεκ την λευκή φορούσαμε όχι την μαύρη με την νέκρα…. Από περιέργεια έψαξα μετά το 2005/06 που φτάσαμε ημιτελικά ότι απο τότε μόλις 5 φορές περάσαμε στον δεύτερο γύρο του κυπέλλου, βέβαια μάλλον ο ημιτελικός ήταν η εξαίρεση που επιβεβαιώνει τον κανόνα που λέει ότι μέχρι δεύτερο γύρο φθάνουμε…😉

    • Zouz says:

      Έλα Πετράν, καλημέρα

      α) αλήθεια είναι, το είπε και στην αρχή στη μετάδοση
      β) με τη Lübeck όμως περάσαμε και τη φορέσαμε στο β’
      γ) δεν έχει να κάνει με τα στατιστικά το Δευτεριάτικο φίλος, η ομάδα που τον ήπιε από Chemnitzer FC και Eintracht Trier δεν έχει και μεγάλη σχέση με τη σημερινή, ούτε η Paderborn με αυτή που παίζαμε

      Καλημέρες 😉

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