Matchday 03: SV Darmstadt 98 vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-0

Posted: August 19, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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For fucks sake! The sequel

source: © Witters

Week ended almost the exact same way it started. In pain. The only elements that were missing it were the ones of surprise (because of the situation of course and not because of the squad good performance) and suspense. This time things went according to common sense, we lost again fair and square (this time to a theoretically superior squad) and who knows what’s coming up next week…


Things could probably go in a completely different way, if it wasn’t Heuer Fernandes to save, showing excellent reflexes, the Bouhaddouz diving header rocket, coming from a Buchtmann corner on 2′. Of course there was no time for illusions of the “we’re in control” type since Darmstadt took directly control of the match and didn’t take long before they occupy the driver’s seat. First warning shot, a 20m Sobiech (not OUR Sobiech, another guy, get well Lasse!) shot, repelled to corner by Himmelmann on 6′ and there wasn’t a second… 1-0 for Darmstadt already on 9′, Großkreutz the person responsible with a 10m cold blooded finish into Himmelmann’s low right corner, result of a Sirigu deep ball from really far and the inadequate FCSP response… Under other circumstances this would feel like a bad moment, this time felt like Death… Game on under constant rain, with both squads having the will to play good football but only the one being able to do it. Next good moment for Darmstadt a Hornschuh clearance (18′) to  a Kempe shot from the right side of the box and a HUGE opportunity from the corner immediately afterwards (19′) with Himmelmann acting like Heuer Fernandes earlier and repelling over the crossbar Kamavuaka’s bouncing-death-header with the brown white defense again ostentatiously absent… The opportunity for FCSP to return to the game came on 26′ but Bouhaddouz threw from 6m Dudziak’s take-it-and-score parallel pass into the trash bin by sending the ball to ISS instead of the goal… Not much until the end of the half, neither the weather nor FCSP were helping…

source: © Witters

The decisive blow came even earlier than the first half. On 49′, Avevor (well done Chris) did everything in his power to convince the referee that a penalty should be awarded to the hosts, ref thought that his demand was fair enough and awarded the penalty that Kempe converted to goal for the 2-0… Squad, repeating Mondays’s routine, started showing signs of life when things have already gone out of hand. Good opportunity on 66′ with Buchtmann trying a really good 18m shot but Heuer Fernandes (ball was going high speed towards his upper left corner) had the answer once more, saved to corner. The big opportunity to get back into the game came on 67′ in the form of a penalty for handball awarded by the referee. After a close look at the replay, looks like there wasn’t any penalty but this was an extremely tough decision. Doesn’t matter anyway, Allagui lost the penalty on 68′ and everything returned back to normal… Nevertheless, FCSP didn’t quit the game (this is a fuckin’ paradox, wanking for 60′ and playing against all odds for the remaining 30′ ^^) and we had a tremendous chance to get again into the game on 76′! Parallel to goal Bouhaddouz cross from the right where Allagui left his opponent and everybody else just looking with an excellent right heel but the fuckin’ ball rolled excruciatingly all the way until Heuer Fernandes’ low right post and then back towards the goal where the Darmstadt keeper managed to send it the hell out, just over the line!!! Typical application of Murphy’s law 😀 The end of the ceremony was officially declared on 82′. Simple and effective football by DarmstadtSteinhöfer high cross from the right, Boyd 4m header saved by Himmelmann (!!!) and incoming Stark (having actually enterd the pitch less than a minute earlier) finished the job, observed by our defense… Nothing more to give, even the heroic (all along the week) brown white guest block silenced…

We deserve more… (image source: © Witters)

Leaving last week’s text that was used as templete would probably work here… very few things were actually working yesterday, a squad suicidal at the back, a squad lacking the focus and the clear head all along the pitch. things need to be done both technically and mentally. Regarding what needs to be done technically, it’s not our business to tell, we have a coach, two assistants, an analyst, a director and I don’t know what else to to do the job. Mentally? It’s time for Ewald Lienen (if he hasn’t done it already) to gather all the squad and staff and tell them a few words about how we do it…

Next week Heidenheim at home. The good and news is that they may had a comfortable Pokal weekend (0-4 over SpVgg Unterhaching) but they don’t look much better than us overall, they actually just lost at home (1-2) to MSV Duisburg. No predictions, no deep philoshophy, just fingers crossed and the loudest possible scream & shout from the 29.000 brown white fans (will be that many?) that will go to Millerntor to support the squad on Saturday. We have been through much worse, let’s all stay behind the squad and do our part – C’MON FCSP!

Line Up:


Dudziak Avevor (Flum 68′) Hornschuh Buballa

Nehrig Buchtmann

        Sobota (Litka 82′)                    Möller Daehli (Sahin 59′)

Allagui Bouhaddouz

Match goals:

1:0 Großkreutz (9′, Right foot shot)

2:0 Kempe (49′, Right foot penalty)

3:0 Stark (82′, Left foot shot, Boyd)

Spectators: 17400 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Avevor(1)

Match highlights (a full screen capable version in embedded format here)

Further reading:


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