Blind football: FC Sankt Pauli Bundesligameister 2017!

Posted: September 9, 2017 by Zouz in Blind Football
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Finally!!! Sweat and effort of many years were paid back, FCSP Blind football climbed at the top by prevailing over our eternal demon, SF BG Marburg, after penalty shoot-out, earlier at Halle. Bundesliga champions 2017!!! Of course this was anything but easy to achieve but in the end we were the most focused team in the pitch and we managed to rob the house and leave with the goods. Congratulation boys, a few words on the game and a few more follow below 🙂


End of regular season left us in 2nd place, giving us the right to challenge our eternal bad demon (hey, you already said that!) SF BG Marburg. These guys (actually a high quality squad) always manage to beat us, sometimes difficult, sometimes easier. Been at Borgweg some one year ago and personally experienced a bitter defeat (details here 😉 ), this would be some mountain to climb…

First half ended 0-0, most of the action (or that’s I would like to believe, wanker forgot the game and managed to catch up thanks to a tweet by FC St. Pauli Belgium (hey, thanks!) was at the second half. FCSP got the lead on 25′ (remember 2×20′ game, timer stops when no play) with Paul Ruge and the impossible started looking possible but Marburg equalized on 35′ and the last 5′ were a real fuckin’ nightmare with luck and keeper Sven Gronau keeping FCSP alive. We managed to keep the result and the game was sent to penalties where 2 successful shots by Rasmus Narjes and Jonathan Tönsing were enough (1 out of 2 for Marburg, sorry if anything is wrong here, info is what we managed to catch up from the German live radio coverage on 😀 ) to give us the so hardly wanted and awaited title, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolf Schmidt (coach and heart and soul of the department), his technical and supporting staff and, most of all, the Boys in Brown have finally made it. Now everything can relax and enjoy, the preparation in order to be able to defend this title (will not be easy) can wait… oh wait… there’s not even a week to relax, next weekend something else is coming up… This.

This is the 10th “Keep Your Mind Wide Open” tournament, taking place next weekend, like every Autumn, at Borgweg with some of the top teams around Europe participating… including Marburg who will come hungry for the rematch 🙂 It’s a chance for everybody to go there and give a hand of applause to the team and staff, if for no other reason, just because they just managed the highest distinction that any FCSP department has ever made, Bundesliga champions… The reason behind the last sentence is simple. Unlike what they deserve, these boys are usually playing in front of friends and relatives. This may sound normal for other clubs but we’re not any Club, we’re FC Sankt fuckin’ Pauli and when squad plays in Hamburg (it’s not happening every week after all) there should be a problem in order to find a place in Borgweg. Well, this simply isn’t happenning. Let’s all hope that today’s title will change that and the department will finally get the deserved fan attention and focus. In other words, next week move your asses, get in the U3 (the place is 7 stops from Feldstraße station), get down at Borgweg station, go there and make the loudest noise possible (not during matches, not allowed!) for the Champions in Brown, especially on Sunday (pros play Saturday) there’s no space for the slightest excuse!

Congratulations once more, FC Sankt Pauli, Blind Football Champions 2017!


Yes, “We Are The Champions” and, if it sounds cliche, we don’t give a fuck, we play it for the first time 😀


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