Matchday 08: FC Sankt Pauli vs Fortuna Düsseldorf 1-2

Posted: September 24, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Not even a scratch!

Saturday-Tuesday and Saturday again. A typical Soridon gathering for the Scum. After suffering a devastating defeat from and then coming back to victories against , we are more certain than ever that anything can happen.  With an open mind we sat, ordered and waited for the best against the first team in the ranks so far.


First half underway and damn our bad starters lately. Early on 9’, a corner kick for Fortuna from the right. Confusion in our defense and the ball comes to Usami who opens the score for F95. Funny thing is that Avevor was right in front of him. The guy is like a building in front of Usami but still didn’t manage to block his view, though he attempted to. A bad moment. Maybe Usami was sooo lucky this time. On 14’ Hennings tries a distant shot to double the goals but the ball goes a bit above Himmelmann’s post. Sankt Pauli tries to answer with Allagui on 19’ trying to organize an offense but the ball is stopped by Fortuna’s defensives who seemed to really know how to close their corridors. Then we come on 23’ when our biggest problem comes back to haunt us. No matter what, everytime, Sankt Pauli’s defense is like an open wound. This time everything seems to be under control and all Avevor had to do was sent the ball away. OF COURSE NOT. Avevor  tries something of his own, sending the ball between his two feet and behind him to the feet of Hennings (Ex Sankt Pauli) , who doesn’t hesitate at all to double the goals for Fortuna. Sankt Pauli tried to turn this. Sobota on 27’ tries a distant shot but the ref (there were times we thought he needed a pair of glasses) had already whistled a foul kick for Fortuna. On 34’ Sahin decided enough was enough, He takes it all on him, messes with Fortuna defensives and shoots a dynamite from 17 meters leaving Wolf no actual options here. 1:2 and the tables have turned. On 41’ Sahin again with ball possession trying to find someone to pass it on to but no one is there. Final whistle for the first half on 45’+3 with Buballa on a blocked attempt to open a header.

Second half underway and we got in the field like lions. On 49’ the ball finds its way to Zander close to Fortuna’s nets. Zander shoots but sends a couple of centimeters away from Wolf ’s left post. Sankt Pauli was furious. On 55’ Buballa opens for Allagui who receives and executes a perfect header but Wolf barely blocks it. On 59’ Sankt Pauli again. Sobota opens for Allagui again who sends the ball in the nets  but the reff whistles an offside. The game is all about Sankt Pauli now. Fortuna found itself caught in our swirl and all they could do was barricade themselves in defense and wait for a good counter attack. Or a good gift. Like the ones Avevor was so generous in giving. On 68’ again tries to repel the ball but sends it behind to Raman. Luckily he misses it. Sends it a couple of meters away from our right post. Then on 70’ Hennings again tries a diagonal shot with no luck. On 80’ a header from Sobiech ends in the hands of Wolf. On 85’ Litka tries to even the score with a pass-shot but Wolf is there once again. The non 86’ Avevor tries to make up. Corner and he goes for the header. It is weak though and out of target. All of Sankt Pauli fought their best for this tie. On 90’+3 Zander tries to open the ball and Sobottka blocks it with his hand in the box. Everyone saw it. Even the birds happening to cross Millerntor saw it. The blind saw it as well. The ref of course didn’t see a thing (Dude????). On the same minute Sobottka blocks (legally this time) the final shot of the match from Flum that Wolf clearly missed. Final whistle.

How can you miss that? Sobottka’s arm widely stretched and the ball hitting it.

Ok definitely this is how we want to see Sankt Pauli. Fortuna tried whatever they could in the first half. If we were a bit more focused and less stupid (for whom the bell tolls?), if not both, definitely one of their goals wouldn’t be there to discuss. Second half  was all us. Fortuna really tried to keep those three points. It took tremendous effort from them, huge luck, an offside and a blind ref but they finally did it. Who gives a shit? Sankt Pauli proved that they can do the best if they work as a team . Next game is next Sunday against Eintracht Braunschweig. There’s a long way till the end of this first half of the season and many teams share points. At the end of the day we don’t care about all that. All we wanna see is 11 players barricaded behind their box, scared shitless of a Sankt Pauli offense. Go team!


Line Up:


Dudziak Zander  Sobiech Avevor  Buballa

 Nehrig  Neudecker (Flum 63′)

Sobota      Cenk Sahin     Dudziak (Litka 69′)



Match goals:

0:1 Usami (9′, Right Foot Shot, Ayhan)

0:2 Hennings (23′, Left Foot Shot, J. Zimmer)

1:2 Cenk Sahin (34′, Left Foot Shot, Dudziak)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Sobota(1)

Brief highlights, penalty case not included


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