Matchday 10: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Kaiserslautern 1-1

Posted: October 14, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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The Millerntor affair…

Some say that it’s about the lost aura of Millerntor, some others say that it’s more relevant with the quality (virtues/weaknesses) of this team, a team actually being capable more of “stealing” (in the good sense) games instead of winning them. Whichever is right, one thing is certain, at least according to what the facts (with last of them yesterday’s result) suggest. If the board really cares about promotion (we don’t really 😀 ), better find an excuse to close Millerntor and send the team playing around Germany. Let’s see what happened yesterday…


We, as Scum, are more in favor of the 2nd assumption at the beginning of this post. Millerntor is probably not as it used to be but team’s results in less friendly environments look like a good argument. Whatever the truth is and regardless the uplifting bollocks along the week from our Twitter account, none of us was expecting FCSP having an easy afternoon at home, not just against FCK but not even against the Jolly Roger All Stars 😀

First half? NOTHING (at least until 40′ ^^) and I mean NOTHING… First something-like-a-chance (not a real chance actually) was an FCK 17m Andersson shot that ended up quite far from danger, followed shortly by one of ours (this was much closer), a Nehrig header on 30′, a couple of meters over the crossbar, following a Buchtmann corner from the right. Slumber temporarily interrupted on 40′ when Allagui lost what couldn’t be lost (what a pass from Sahin!), all alone and without any pressure in front of the FCK keeper, Müller – ball to the upper Nordkurve… back to sleep for the remaining 5′ and HT with (what else?) 0-0…

First half highlights 😀

Same motive in the 2nd half, with FCSP looking a LITTLE more aggresive comparing to the 1st half… until our lucky break on 63′. Everything started by a silly but not awarded Kessel penalty on Flum – while half our players (along with the entire stadium) were jumping up in protest, ball went directly towards Allagui (3m outside the box) who, “made up” for the outrageous chance on 40′ and broke his 9-game-jinx – BAAAAAAAANG! Ball directly in Müller’s left corner, goal for FCSP and madness in and out of Millerntor! At this point I personally thought that the game was ours, not because I underestimated FCK but because now the game would be much more suitable to our way of play, with FCK needing to take initiative. Well, it didn’t… and the irony is that we indeed had the chances to lock the game. Big chance on 72′ with Avevor (!!!) failing (of course 😀 ) to convert the chaotic situation in the FCK box to goal from 5m (OK, these things are not expected from Chris, worth successor of the ICONIC Markus Thorandt 🙂 ) and an even bigger one shortly afterwards (74′) with everything done right this time. Fast counter attack, ball to Möller Daehli towards the left who stormed directly towards the box, got in, tried the shot but Müller stretched and made the save of the game, keeping FCK alive in the game! The punishment for our failure to lock the game arrived soon enough. Corner for FCK from the right on 77′, ball into the heart of our box where Andersson beat…a couple of his colleagues on the air and sent the ball with a fine header, deep into Himmelmann’s right corner… The really interesting thing is that from this point and until the end of the match, if one squad came closer to win the game, this was FCK… They had a couple of good moments towards the end and if Andersson’s header on 87′ was a little better (he beat Avevor this time but at least he had some pressure) we could probably talk about a fiasco as we speak… OK, this would go to far, maybe we didn’t deserve to win but FCK didn’t either… FT 1-1 with FCK being of course happier than us.

source: © Witters

I wouldn’t in fact be surprised if the match was ending 0-0, we’ve discussed this problem before. But managing to take the lead in Millerntor against a theoretically (according to league table) inferior team, failing to lock the game and eventually ending up closer to defeat than victory is another story… Going next match for the home game against Jahn Regensburg (currently 9pts, playing at home vs Union tomorrow), I’m actually prepared for a really really tight game, I’m just hoping that (as usually 😀 ) I will be proven wrong, in a positive way of course…

Next week? Away vs SV Sandhausen (lost earlier away 2-0 to Bochum), hmmm… away mission and an opponent occupying a higher rank (same pts, they’re prevailing on goal difference) on the table, sounds really promising ^^ Let’s hope that we’ll be able to use the best possible line-up, we’ll have some luck on our side and we will be able to rob the house but this is not always the case… Yesterday, during half time I had a “smoking vision” of Allagui breaking his jinx in front of the Süd in the 2nd half and relieving FCSP, the prophecy lasted only 15′ 😀


Line Up:


Zander   Sobiech (Möller Daehli 64′)   Avevor  Dudziak

     Flum   Nehrig

                Sahin (Litka 87′)   Buchtmann   Sobota


Match goals:

1:o Allagui (63′, Left Foot shot, Flum)

1:1 Andersson (77′, Header, Abu Hanna)

Spectators: 29546 (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Match highlights short version, a longer embedded can be found here


Further reading:

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