Matchday 13: 1. FC Union Berlin vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-0

Posted: November 6, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Saturday Matchday is combined with super fast running after work to the subway, hoping to make it to  the first train with no delay, aiming for a quick change on the second train and then running all the way from the station til Soridon where everyone awaits for the first whistle of the game hoping for the three points after two ties (Noooot!).


First whistle sounded. Early on 7’ we get to see action on Union’s behalf. Hartel shoots from 18 meters. No luck though. Then again on 16’ Union on free kick. Sankt Pauli defense responds well but the rebound goes back to Union . Trimmel shoots but Sobiech is there leading the ball to a corner. No luck with it for Union but then on 17’ another big chance. Dangerous ball in front of Himmelmann  from Polter but Himmelmann’s reaction is instant blocking it and Buballa sending it out. Was about time though for Sankt Pauli to take over. On 23’ Allagui steals the ball and opens for Buchtmann who’s shot goes a bit away from Union post. On 34’ Allagui again receives a yellow in a really, really, really, on the edge decision, where the ref punished him for faking a fall in the box but the video kind of shows different. Can’t blame anyone though although even from the video we can’t decide if it was or if it wasn’t. Anyway no penalty for us. Last big moment in this first half comes on 41’ when Sobota opens for Allagui. He receives the header but not as we would want to, sending the ball away.

Second half underway and on 60’, our best chance in the game. Sobota opens a high ball to Allagui who shows class enough passing through the few defensives but not enough to end it. He decides to shoot with a lobe instead of hammering at the ball which probably would be the best call. Busk  blocks it easily sending it away. On 61’ a second header from Allagui ends on the bloody Union crossbar! The header series ends with one from Nehrig  on 66’ when he receives a ball from Sobiech  but sends it away. The game mostly run by us. Although in the beginning of the first half Union seemed to be in charge, we managed to change that and bring the game to their box. A short break to this routine is the small siege Union run on us on 76’. Trimmel, Kreilach and Pedersen on desperate attempts to open the score with the last one ending on the outer net area. On 77’ Sobota opens a really clever through ball for Bouhaddouz but Aziz was too damn slow to process it and fucked it up. With this and that we looked dominant in the game and it all seemed that we would yet take another point. But no. Nooo sir. The law of football stands strong here. The one that misses all chances , is the one who ends up fucked. Second minute of extra time and Trimmel is on the free kick (foul never happened). Polter  receives the header and opens the score for Union. One minute later the final whistle sends the players to the lockers.

Damn it this can’t be happening every time. I mean…We owned the game. And it is not that Union had a special plan to make us think as such. We literally owned the game. Union had some moments in the first half and yet some more on the second. The rest was all Sankt Pauli. And yet…Union found just one single hole and took advantage of it. If we talk problems, then we have to focus on our finalization in every attack. I mean…yes shit happens everyone knows that but the thing is that we build an offensive and somehow everytime we fuck it up. Let’s work on our aiming a bit gentlemen shall we? This week is a dead week . The next game is  Sunday the 19th against Jahn Regensburg. Let’s work our way for the three pointer gentlemen.


Line Up:


Zander   Sobiech  Avevor  Buballa

     Flum   Nehrig

                Litka   Buchtmann   Sobota  Möller Daehli (Flum 87′)

      Allagui (Bouhaddouz 72′)

Match goals:

1:0 Polter (90′ + 2, Header, Trimmel)

Spectators: 22012  (sold out)

Sankt Pauli cards: Allagui(1)

(Short) match highlights


Further reading:

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