Matchday 15: SpVgg Greuther Fürth vs FC Sankt Pauli 4-0!!!

Posted: November 27, 2017 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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We had it coming!

source: © Witters

It should have been sweet. It should have been us with the three points now but noooo sir. No way. We had to make our lives interesting in a bad way. Cos I don’t think there’s anyone out there that truly believed, Greuther Fürth could harm us in any way. Especially this particular Greuther Fürth whose technical director is none other than our former master of disaster, Mr Rachid Azzouzi , whose skills are brighter than the brighter star (Ooohahahahahohohoh). Their position in the ranks proves our saying (Second last). What happened in  the game proved that arrogance is a punishable sin.


First half underway and nothing foretells the horror we’re about to dive into. On 20’ Bouhaddouz sends to Buballa who tries to do another pass but gets cut by Gugganig who places his body against the ball correctly. On 25’ a great combination by Fürth and Himmelmann makes a great save. It all seemed good by then. Just a weird  feeling that we kind of had the game. The feeling you get when you know that the opponent is not there. And probably this was our downfall. On 33’ the first goal from Fürth comes as a slap in the face. Avevor just observes as the player in front of him passes close to our nets (maybe he didn’t want to create an opportunity for opening the score right?), the other defensives are too late to stop a ball right in front of their feet. A great shot from Wittek and the ball ends in the nets. Trying to counter that, we achieved absolutely nothing. A good chance at the game for us on 41’ when Bouhaddouz passes to Allagui but Maloca repels seconds before Allagui receives. On 45’ another destructive defensive mistake by none other than… Avevor!! He has his area covered but decides to repel the ball not with the feet, but with the head!!!!!!!!! The ball is at the height of his waist and he decides to use his head!!!!!!!! No feet. No knees… Of course his plan fails and Raum  steals the ball shooting nicely… 2-0. Shortly after that the final whistle sends the players to the lockerz.

Second half underway and what he hoped for was a turn over to this nightmare. Just like the previous matchday with Jahn Regensburg. Early on 48’ a double chance first from Flum and then from Litka ending in the keeper’s hands. On 60’ Sahin makes the dribble and is left alone but just before he shoots Wittek uses his foot and blocks the damn ball. On 63’ Nehrig receives a really needless and silly second yellow and leaves us with 10 players. On 69’ our biggest chance for turning the game even with one player less. Bouhaddouz is alone with the keeper on him. Zander is NOT offside screaming for the ball but NO. Aziz needed to be a hero. Instead of passing to Zander he shoots and the ball goes directly to the keeper. Having done all that crap, you really can’t expect any miracles. On 72’ comes payback. Narey marches through our defense. Zander tries alone. The rest of the defense comes after the goal is achieved. Our defense is really like a store on Black Friday. Everyone comes and goes as he pleases now. On 79’ Fürth again screws with our defense line like there was nobody there. Our defensives looked dazed as Green sent the ball to our nets for the fourth time. Final whistle sounded soo relaxing.

This is what you get when you think the world owes you. And this goes to us. To the Scum crew . Laughing about how Fürth is receiving all Azzouzi care they could get there in the second last position (still there by the way), and then trying to find our jaws from the ground. 4 goals in a supposedly easy matchday. And damn it this was obvious. All goals came from defensive fuck ups. I mean…. C’mon Avevor.  C’mon my good man. How many times have you seen a defensive repelling a low ball with a header… A low ball with the head???? And then the sooo many lazy moments of us trying to reach the ball.  And then again Aziz acting foolishly putting his own ego in a higher shelf than the team’s entire benefit. Give the ball to Zander?? Nooo… I should score my self and get the credit. This is how you fuck up a goal Mr Bouhaddouz. And with these and many more, you ruin your own game loosing 3 points to a team that shouldn’t even be breathing after the game. One message now that it is still early. GET SERIOUS lads. Get serious. We re here standing strong untouched and unaffected by any result. Next game is this Friday against Arminia. C’mon boys in Brown. Let’s show em what we’re made of. Forza Sankt Pauli!

Line Up:


Zander   Sobiech   Avevor  Buballa

     Cenk Sahin  Nehrig Buchtmann    Litka(Möller Daehli 65′)

   Bouhaddouz (Schneider  73′) AllaguiFlum 46′)

Match goals:

1:0 Wittek (33′, Left Foot Shot, Raum)

2:0 Raum (45′, Left Foot Shot)

3:0 Narey (72′, Right Foot Shot, Sontheimer)

4:0 Green (79′, Right Foot Shot, Raum)

Spectators: 10810

Sankt Pauli cards: Flum(2), Sobiech(2), Cenk Sahin(2), Nehrig(yellow/red card)

Match short highlights (for a fully painful experience, try longer embedded version here)


Further reading:


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