News: Janßen out, Kauczinski in…

Posted: December 7, 2017 by Zouz in News, Zweite Liga 2017-18
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I was lucky enough to be inside Vonovia Ruhrstadion last May when Ewald Lienen named with a gesture Olaf Janßen as his successor (in fact he was nominated already some months ago), in front of a blissful guest block, during Sonderzug 2017. Now, almost 6 months later, the story ends with the worst possible ending…


Olaf Janßen arrived early November 2016, taking the role of assistant coach next to Lienen and already from back then there were rumors that he’s destined to be Ewald’s successor for the brown white bench. In other words, his recruitment was not some spasmodic action, it looked (especially back in May when rumors were confirmed) rather as a well thought move instead and even the doubts that a lot of people had about him were not looking really valid with him having already “passed” his 6 month test period.

Unfortunately, he simply didn’t make it. I’m really not in a position to be able to tell what went wrong here, the only thing that’s obvious is the the absolute loss of control that took place during the last weeks. We have to admit that he was really unlucky, he had to deal with LOTS of injuries, I’m not really sure that any other would perform really better in his place. We also have to admit that during the opening stages of the season, FCSP performed much better comparing to the horrendous (literally!) performances that we witnessed along recent weeks. If something seems that went really wrong, this is probably his “crisis management” which went anything but good… And, to be honest, when your team becomes the laughing stock of the entire league, looking more like a troupe instead of a squad in the pitch and gets humiliated by hopeless crews like Fürth and evaporated by average opponents like Arminia, you have to do something, even though the burden of responsibility is shared to many more pieces than two (assistant coach, Patrick Glöckner has been also released).

As a Scum crew, we never thought of him as the kick-ass coach that will take FCSP to the next level but, consistent to our stance regarding FCSP personnel since day one, we never accused him or any of the players. We have been really harsh (yeah, like they give a fuck anyway 😀 ), towards people like the Unspeakable or Vrabec but this never happened on sporting grounds. These guys were fuckin’ pricks, Olaf (at least at the level of our knowledge) isn’t and, from this point of view, it’s really sad seeing him go…


Nevertheless, life goes on, it has to after all, so please welcome our new coach, Mr. Markus Kauczinski! Unlike Janßen, he looks more like an emergency option. He has been unemployed for the past 13 months, following a really short and unsuccessful period at FC Ingolstadt but before that he spent 4 really good years with Karlsruher SC, a team that he managed to take almost to the Bundesliga (and now they are suffering in Liga 3 after his departure), losing promotion on injury time against H$V, after a game that hasn’t been forgotten here… Like him or not (personally no opinion), he’s the new FCSP coach and he faces a tough challenge ahead, so let’s give the man the space and time he needs to start working. His contract expires on 30/6/2019, I would really like to see him still with us then, not because we like him but because since 2011, with the exception of Lienen, we’re changing coaches more frequently than Dresden fans change underwear 😀 As YSP wrote yesterday (they actually nailed it), we finally need some stability…

So it’s “goodbye” to Janßen/Glöckner (our most sincere wishes for future success to both of them, I’d personally like to believe that they leave Millerntor as friends and this is the way that things will stay) and “welcome” to Kauczinski – wishes for good luck here, he will need as much as he can get 🙂 Welcome on board, good luck coach!

…and a short comment before the end… As said above, FCSP spectacle during the last couple of weeks is NOT and CAN’T BE entire responsibility of the coaching stuff. They make the plans, they guide the squad, they should inspire the players as well but, in any case, when you see players having surrendered with the pants down in the pitch, coaches simply can’t be considered as the only ones responsible… In case we will win Duisburg on Sunday I will be really happy. In the completely theoretical scenario of winning them BIG, if such a thing happens, I will be really angry… No coach can improve any squad so much overnight…

Sunday will be interesting, any way anyone looks at it, let’s all get behind the squad as we usually do and keep fingers crossed – FORZA!!!


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