Matchday 18: FC Sankt Pauli vs VfL Bochum 2-1

Posted: December 20, 2017 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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source: © Witters

Finally a win at Millerntor! FCSP managed to get the 3 points, prevailing on Monday night 2-1 over VfL Bochum right at the moment when everything was looking bleak due to the consecutive bad results and the gradual annihilation of the squad in terms of personnel. No, we didn’t play world class football and towards the end of the game we gave rights to the opponent to question the outcome of a game that looked certain from the beginning of the 2nd half (certainty can apply to normal squads, no such things for FCSP 😀 ) but what matters is that we got 3 very significant 3 pts at the time we needed them the most. Let’s exhale and go home for (football and not only) holidays 😉


Last night at Leeds before flying back home to join the, scattered all around and returning to base for Xmas, South End Scum crew (this will be fun!), at Nath Brudenell Social Club, having the excellent company of the YSP crew and a lot of doubts regarding the outcome – a “happy”-with-a-draw mood but still a lot of thirst, based more on hope than arguments, for what we really needed, a win…

Game did not start in the best possible way. First chance of the game, already on 3′, belonged to Bochum, a long but poisonous long shot by Kruse that Himmelmann managed to repel with a good effort at his upper right corner. A lot of terrace shouting for a Schneider penalty appeal on 15′ but ref was right awarding nothing. Took 20′ for the Boys in Brown to start finding their steps in the pitch but better late than never 😉 FCSP started slowly gaining pitch and control and our efforts were awarded on 34′ with Sobiech giving the solution. Long free kick into the heart of the Bochum box where Danilo made the perfect fuck-up and offered the ball to Sobiech (reminder: his participation was doubtful until shortly before kickoff) who didn’t forgive and executed from 6-7m – GOAL, GOAL, GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!! The Boys in Brown saw the opportunity and pressed by all means for a 2nd goal that could lock the game – it was all about FCSP for the remaining 1st half. Big chance on 39′, again with Sobiech, this time with a header from 6m but (unfortunately) this time Dornebusch had the answer and saved the ball. Panic in the Bochum box and ANOTHER BIG ONE, AGAIN a Sobiech header that this time Dornebusch couldn’t do anything about it but the crossbar was there for Bochum, Dornebusch did his share on the rebound where he successfully stopped incoming Allagui. Last one on 45′, again for a FCSP, a Sobota shot, a couple of meters from Dornebusch‘s right corner. HT with FCSP ahead 1-0 and deserving at least one more against a pale Bochum, finally a first class chance for victory.

Lasse has just done it (source: © Witters)

Bochum entered the 2nd half in the same manner as they did in the 1st. Easy job for Himmelmann with Stöger‘s shot on 47’ but much tougher with Celozzi‘s on 48’ when Robin had to fly towards his left junction in order to save the equalizer. Thankfully, Bochum‘s growing appetite was killed immediately afterwards! Kick-ass FCSP counter attack, kick-ass Sahin diagonal assist, kick-ass Schneider finish! YEAH! 2-0 for FCSP and finally looks like this time WE CAN make it! Bochum could get back in the game on 52′ but Sobiech‘s head was again there, this time to block Kruse‘s really dangerous close distance shot but from this point onwards FCSP more or less kept the situation under control. Nothing much for the next 20’ and actually when the first chance came, this was again ours. Allagui got at a good position (but still under pressure at the same time) at the edge of Bochum‘s box, tried the shot but Dornebusch blocked. And, while was everything looking pink, goal for Bochum on 75′, with Hinterseer taking advantage of a really lucky ball bounce in the box and executing from close distance. The closing quarter was agonizing. With the exception of a Stöger shot on 78′ (a couple of meters by Himmelmann‘s left post), Bochum did not create any big chances but the pressure was clearly felt and there were moments that I really feared about something that, coming this way, would make the absolute disaster scenario. Fortunately nothing happened and the full time whistle (with 4-5′ added time) came as a relief, FINALLY VICTORY, HELL YEAH!

2-0 (source: © Witters)

As written at the beginning, with the exception of the closing quarter of the 1st half, we were not top class, it was rather an issue of Bochum being worse than us. However, considering a) that winter break is coming up and b) the significance of this victory at this point, I really don’t give a flying fuck 😀 The only thing I know is that I already got my Xmas present – leaving aside the fact that numbers is occasionally one of the best ways to lie, 10th place will make the winter break season much smoother than 15th 😉

Next stop, next year. Thursday 25/1 at… Dresden vs Dynamo (fuck off!!!), talk again then or maybe sooner, a merry holiday season everybody 🙂

Line Up:


Zander   Sobiech   Avevor  Buballa

     Flum  Park 

    Sahin (Litka 78′)     Allagui (Choi 90+4)    Sobota  

  Schneider (Kalla 85′)

Match goals:

1:0 Sobiech (34′, Left Foot Shot)

2:0 Schneider (49′,Right Foot Shot, Sahin)

2:1 Hinterseer (75′, Left Foot Shot, Losilla)

Spectators: 29005

Sankt Pauli cards: Park(1), Flum(3)

Match highlights here

Further reading:


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