Matchday 20: FC Sankt Pauli vs SV Darmstadt 98 0-1

Posted: January 29, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Can’t beat a lucky muthafacka…(Sankt Pauli vs Fernandes 0-7!!!!)

Damn that was a long break. Or mostly felt as such. Anyway. The previous success against made it feel like we got something here. Bollocks. The curse of a home game still hasn’t left Millerntor. I mean…If you can’t win in your own field…You got problem.


First half underway and first chance on our side. Allagui with the ball and opens nicely to Sahin who shoots but misses the nets slightly. And then the counter attack from  and Jones opens the score. Really caught off guard here. Jones  just took the ball and shot, and bam…..0-1 for . Really early though and Sankt Pauli had many chances to turn this. Starting on 11’. Bouhaddouz exchanges passes with Dudziak and is left in front of Fernandes with the ball at his feet. Shoots but Fernandes is carefully placed and repels it. Lots of fuss in the midline with no outcome. Then comes 31’ with Allagui controlling a strong diagonal pass bringing himself right in front of  box. Shoots directly but Fernandes is there once again and blocks the ball. Two classic opportunities for standard 1-1 gone to waste due to Fernandes’s great performance. The third came in 45’+ 1 yet from Allagui. Sobota   sends a through ball and Allagui springs through defensives grabbing it almost in the air but Fernandes says no once again sending the ball to a corner. Same minute after the corner kick and after a small box siege the ball ends to Schoppenhauer ’s feet. He shoots but guess what. Fernandes is there once again sending the ball to a new corner. The waste of it sounded the end of this first half. Players to the lockers.

Second half underway and early on 54’ there’s a futile attempt from  Avevor. No problem for the keeper of who seemed to be keeping a ball magnet dragging the ball on to him somehow. Then on 59’ another classic opportunity. Dudziak opens the ball high from the side. Allagui on a heavy header and there’s Fernandes again blocking the damn ball. I mean literally … was nowhere in the field and Fernandes was the only reason they were still living this 0-1 in their favor. On 63’ a corner for almost ended in our nets. Ball goes to Allagui’s head and he mistakenly sends it back to our box. Niemeyer shoots but Himmelmann in his place blocking the ball. On 75’ tries to unfold an offence but Sobota ends up having the ball. He opens it nicely to Neudecker who shoots a header. And then again Fernandes says yet another no. this guy definitely got a raise after the game. There was no way we could shoot without finding Fernandes in front of the ball blocking it someway. On 88’ Bouhaddouz made him laugh with his header. Corner kick on our behalf and Bouhaddouz goes with a header so weak, even an infant would block. Easy peasy for Fernandes. Final whistle a couple of minutes later and that was it for the day.

Ok we’ve seen worse. This loss of points was the combination of two things. First of all, Fernandes’s huuuuge damn luck. I mean the guy was literally everywhere. would have suffered a big loss if it wasn’t for him. Saved the day in many more than one occasions (7 classical opportunities can’t be all saved damn it) and all had to do was score a stupid effortless goal early in the beginning. And here comes the second, which is: The inner demons our team faces when playing a home game in Millerntor. We have to get rid of that bad luck we have in our own field. The game before was a team of lions ready to devour and now, just one game after, we wore our loser faces and entered the field. It is Millerntor damn it. We should be spreading terror in there damn it. And against teams like ? C’mon. Let’s hope that this bad luck will go away with time cos other than that the team was really good. Ball down and creating spaces. This is what we need to carry on doing. Next game is Saturday the 3rd against . Let’s go Boys in Brown. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Zander  Schoppenhauer (Schneider 84′)  Avevor  Buballa

     Flum  Dudziak

    Sahin (Diamantakos 56′)                             Sobota  

                                        Allagui (Neudecker  70′)


Match goals:

0:1 Jones (7′, Left Foot shot, Ji)

Spectators: 29546

Sankt Pauli cards: Zander(3)

Match highlights not found yet, here’s the only goal of the game


Yesterday’s choreo


Further reading:


PS 1:  No music intro for the entrance of our team in this matchday. This was our way to honor the Holocaust Memorial Day on the 27th of January, a day dedicated to the Nazi victims of WW2, reminding everyone the atrocities taking place on these dark days. The 27th of January 1945 was the day when the largest concentration camp, the one of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, was liberated. Of course this day’s message doesn’t stay only to WW2. It expands to the victims of all genocides that took place. Remembering is preventing damn it. Never Forget.

PS 2:  We had people at Leeds on weekend for the YSP/GSP/United Glasgow/Republica weekend extravaganza, we had also people in Hamburg for the game. We may be unable to make even a full meeting as a Club but otherwise we’re everywhere 😀


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