Matchday 21: 1. FC Heidenheim vs FC Sankt Pauli 3-1

Posted: February 5, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Ooooh C’Moooooon!!

No words. Someone has to score here. C’mon people. Wake the fuck up. This can’t be how Sankt Pauli looks after the retouch (Kauczinski for Janßen). No no no. This can’t be serious. Sankt Pauli’s pirate ship has started taking water in. Got to pay attention before this situation goes way heavier and irreversible. Read below.


First minutes of the game and specifically on 8’ Buballa opens a high ball to Bouhaddouz. He finds it with his head and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. On 12’ it was Avevor’s chance to make some people (myself included) eat their words for a while. High ball from Sobotalanding on his head in front of Heidenheim’s nets. Nope. Not happening. On 15’, the downhill starts. Free kick for Heidenheim. Schnatterer executes and Beermann with a nice header evens the score. And as if that wasn’t good enough, a minute later and a tragic mistake from Himmelmann. In a situation where he could just grab the ball with both hands, he decides to just punch his way out of it.  He walks a few good meters away from his post and punches the ball unluckily to Thiel’s feet. Thiel sees the nets unprotected and easily score the 2:1. Bad call for Himmelmann and a bad moment from a guy that rarely makes such mistakes. Sankt Pauli had to react. On 29’ Nehrig with the ball. Makes a nice move avoiding Heidenheim defensives, creating space for him enough to shoot. Unluckily the ball is blocked by Müller . On 39’ Schnatterer tries a really distant shot but lucky for us, lands couple meters away from our post. And instead of us reacting, Heidenheim kept pressing forward. On 42’ a mini siege takes place it is us defending.  High ball from the right and Sobiech uses his head to repel. Confusion outbreak in Sankt Pauli’s box. Sobiech’s header is answered again with a header and the ball ends to Titsch-Rivero’s feet to make the shoot. Siege ends with Himmelmann flying to the corner down, sending the ball to a corner. First half ends with Sobota on a free kick, on 45’+2, sending the ball to Bouhaddouz’s head. The second one sends the ball way above Heidenheim’s post.

Second half underway and our former striker Jon Verhoek makes his step known to those unaware of his presence in the Heidenheim 11. On 48’, Schnatterer sends a high ball to Verhoek . No one’s there able to block and So the Heidenheim striker sends a header directly to our nets turning the score to 3:1 for Heidenheim.  Then again on 54’ the score comes close to 4:1 when Beermann  tries a shoot from close range alone but luckily sends it away from our right post. On 58’ it is Avevor’s second chance in the game to become a hero. Ball ends to his feet and he ends up doing a clumpsy shot really close to Müller. Titsch-Rivero interferes but made no difference as the ball was already heading on the outter side of Heidenheim’s right post. On 59’ it is FCH’s chance to answer. Schnatterer shoots from six meters against Himmelmann who is well positioned and blocks the ball. On 76’ Allagui makes the 1-2 with Bouhaddouz and ends up alone in front of Müller. Shoots but sends the ball a bit higher than he should have. Good chance gone to waste. The action switches sides instantly now. On 77’ a distant shot from Thiel. No problem for Himmelmann. Another shot from Glatzel this time on 82’ from a distance of 18 meters goes way right from our right post. On 88’ our biggest chance and the biggest of the game. Sobota  flanks from right and opens a ball to where Allagui awaits. His header almost smashes Müller’s post but refuses to enter. Extra time gone to waste. Final whistle sends the player’s to the lockers.

OK, we’ve been through these lines again. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG? Bad luck isn’t always an excuse damn it. I mean…you could be unlucky on one game. You could even be unlucky on a second game but it seems that what we’re mostly is unlucky. No. We cannot accept that. We definitely have defense issues. Damn it Avevor!!!!!!!!! My good man. Hold your shit together eventually. You cannot be constantly the one not knowing where to fucking stand during a major defense. Every time Avevor was late in response and Sobiech had to pull to the side and cover his side as well. This creates holes good enough for the opponent to score goals. Just check the second goal we suffered and tell me if I am wrong or right. What’s most important though is the team to start believing in itself. We’ve hit a major reef and if we don’t skip that soon, we’re gonna go down, head first. Gotta start believing in us being able to score cos that’s the main problem. Worse than the defensive one. Our strikers reaching the opponent box and not being able to find target. Damn it this has to stop. The next game is not the one to improve anything. Playing against Nürnberg which is just 3 points from the first and has every motivation to come in Millerntor and kick our asses. Every demon is against us in this next game of Monday. But fuck that. When where we afraid of anything? We’re gonna kill the bastards and use their heads to decorate the surrounding place around Millerntor. Oahahaha…   Forza Sankt Pauli damn it!

Line Up:


Zander   Sobiech   Avevor  Buballa (Sahin 46′ (Neudecker 70′))

  Nehrig         Flum   

   Dudziak                                    Sobota        

                                     Diamantakos (Allagui 62′)


Match goals:

0:1 Bouhaddouz (8′, Header, Buballa)

1:1 Beermann (15′, Header, Schnatterer)

2:1 M. Thiel (16′, Left Foot Shot)

3:1 Verhoek (48′, Right Foot Shot, Schnatterer)

Spectators: 22826

Sankt Pauli cards:  Sobiech(3), Dudziak (3)

Match highlights, for anybody daring to watch, can be found here (have to know before you hit, this is Bild stuff)


Further reading:


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