Matchday 22: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Nürnberg 0-0

Posted: February 13, 2018 by Zouz in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Not bad, not bad at all

source: © Witters

Once more without a victory in Millerntor but this time was different. Having thrown in the bin already a significant amount of points, a victory over FCN who has set already one foot in the Bundesliga and scores almost always and everywhere, would be something slightly exceeding expectations. We didn’t won but we made the something extra required by stopping them and creating at the same time the opportunities to actually win this. Are we happy? Hell, we are 🙂


Monday night football, away as usual lately from Soridon but with a handy alternative this time, the Wapentake, one of the Yorkshire St. Pauli dens in Leeds. KICK-ASS atmosphere as usual, with a colorful bunch of people (also as usual 😉 ). YSP, Republica, people from Liverpool and NYC FCSP clubs, excellent atmosphere, mixed with the usual brown white optimism under which the “happy with the draw” mood was skillfully covered 🙂

Kickoff, and before even settling on our seats, the first attempt for FCSP with an Allagui 20-25m shot straight into Bredlow‘s grasp. Game on, game control and ball possession mainly for FCN but the next occasion (9′) again for FCSP, again for Allagui, this time with a shot from within the box that ended somewhere over the crossbar, if this was rugby this would make a finely executed penalty 😀


Complete blackout on 12′ and for the next 15′. You could hear all kind of shit about BT Sport (me first and dirtiest) but soon enough, after a quick check at the social media, got obvious that the problem was not about BT Sport alone but was affecting all broadcasts outside Germany (that’s the point of the game that I got really nostalgic of our Sky capable Soridon 😀 ). 15 really nervous minutes trying to get a German stream via mobile or keeping up with the outcome by watching updates on Twitter and finally back on 28′, having lost a big FCN opportunity on 20′ with Ishak and one of our posts involved (brrr!) and just in time for the replay of our even bigger (I suppose) chance on 26′ with Bredlow winning twice Allagui on the goal line (Ack!!!)

Same motif until the end of the half with FCN having possession (58%) and FCSP the chances. BIG ONE on 44! Nehrig corner kick form the left, reverse header from Sobota, waiting at the front corner, Bredlow beaten this time but Leibold saved FCN, this time with a clearing header from the rear corner right on the line – AAAAAARRRGHHH!!! Nothing more for the 1st half, teams to the dressing rooms with a 0-0, in view of an expected exciting 2nd half.

source: © Witters

2nd half underway and another big chance for FCSP already on 48′ with a Bouhaddouz 25m free kick banging on the FCN crossbar, near Bredlow‘s right junction, fuck! Same stuff again, FCN the possession, FCSP the substance and another good brown white chance on 53′: fast FCSP counter attack with Allagui who initially fucked up by opening the ball too much but manage to regain it thanks to an FCN defending error – a couple of more meters and the 20m shot that Bredlow saved, stretching all the way towards his right corner. Still the same type of game and the Kicker ticker stat on 64′ almost says it all, 71% possession FCN, 11-6 shots for FCSP. A small (one of the few) mess in our defense on 66′ and a Werner header safely into the hands of Himmelmann. FCN break over, next chance again for FCSP on 74′ – Nehrig corner from the left and a really good Sobiech header, ball side-netted on the upper side under a sound of phenomenal disappointment, both in Millerntor and Wapentake, that actually sounded to me more like approbation for the squad’s efforts than real disappointment 🙂 Last BIG chance of the game? Guessed right, again for FCSP on 78′. Deep cross (from Sobota I think) into the heart of the FCN box and some serious wanking-off by Ewerton who, under pressure from Bouhaddouz, almost gave away the ball to him with an erroneous header – Bouhaddouz tried immediately the volley from 7m but Bredlow dived low for the save of the match and kept FCN safe from a deadly situation, hats off to the man for this one. Not really much until the end of the game, even though that nobody was looking really happy with the draw that finally came. Full time 0-0 with FCSP being the more unhappy of the two squads with the result.

source: © Witters

Yes, we are happy, at least I personally feel so. Of course our inability to score is still here but at least our usually Swiss-cheese-like defense stood really good against the most effective offense in the league and didn’t allow them (at least during the time we had picture 😀 ) to seriously threaten us. It’s maybe just a point but in a kind of match that nobody could count as a victory beforehand. Remains to be seen if the squad can achieve a level of stability and go until the end of the season without any unpleasant implications.

Ingolstadt next week sounds like a first class opportunity to prove it. Don’t get carried away from the 1st round tragedy, a lot of things happened at the same time, won’t happen again. A serious FCSP can go and get something out of there, let’s go, do this and get back at home with at least one point in the bag, so that we will be able (with a couple of more good results) to drive away any worries and celebrate the closing period of the season without agony and anxiety, C’MON FCSP!

Line Up:


Park     Sobiech     Avevor    Buballa

     Nehrig                   Dudziak

                     Sobota                                   Neudecker (Kalla 82′)

                               Allagui (Diamantakos 70′) Bouhaddouz (Flum 90+1′)

Match goals:


Spectators: 29313

Sankt Pauli cards: Nehrig(3)

No “official” highlights so far, still some good stuff here


Further reading:




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