Matchday 23: FC Ingolstadt 04 vs FC Sankt Pauli 0-1

Posted: February 18, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Yep…That’s more like it. The team seems to be leaving the bad results behind. First the tie with Nürnberg and now winning in such severe weather conditions against Ingolstadt. At last we saw St. Pauli playing with their minds, unfolding a game play based on pure strategy. Daaaamn it felt good…


The action starts early on 1’ with Allagui trying his feet. Nice shot but Nyland is in place and blocks. Then later on 5’, Allagui tries to sneak the ball to Bouhaddouz but Nyland again repels the dangerous incoming. Sankt Pauli seemed organized and tactical. The players seemed to know their place and everything seemed to be working well so far. 14’ and the snowfall starts to get thicker. On 20’ a good chance for Ingolstadt almost ends up in an opener but Robin Himmelmann is at his place stronger than ever. First repels the incoming header, and then the rebound shot is sent way above our upper post. On 27’ Nehrig fires off a dynamite from distance but Nyland blocks it. On 30’ though it was time for Allagui to fight his inner demons and win. A soo typical Sobota offence leads to a pass to Neudecker. He sends the ball directly to Allagui who takes his time and sends the ball in Ingolstadt’s nets. 0-1 for Sankt Pauli. The snowfall gets so thick that the ball had to be switched to an orange one so the players could see. Last moment of this first half belonged to Ingolstadt on 43’. Corner kick and Lezcano with a header threatens to even the score. Himmelmann says no once again, blocking the ball.

source: © Witters

Second half finds the field with red lines around the team boxes. Snow was getting serious. First chance of this second half for Ingolstadt. 48’ and a really close shot from Kittel in the outer net area. Our answer to that was an awesome game play and ball ending to Avevor. Avevor’s shoots all by himself but his shot is sloppy enough for FCI to worry. Way way above their post. On 61’ FCI players complain about Allagui using his hand to repel the ball, but replay shows elbow so… On 68’ Kittel on the corner and Schröck shoots but his shot is clumsy and way out of our right post. The gameplay from now and on is even hard to work in Audi-Sportpark stadion. Both teams try to work something but communication is hard in this heavy snowfall. Last chance in the game though belongs to FCI. 90’+1 and a corner kick for Ingolstadt. Lezcano fucks it up sending the ball away from our box. Final whistle 4’ later sends the players to the lockers.

Glorious day for Sankt Pauli.  Right here is where I want to send a big biiig hail to the 1500 heroes that traveled up til there in such cold weather and made Audi-Sportpark stadion sound like Millerntor. Constantly supporting the team and screaming their guts off without losing moral. Horns up mofos. You make all of us proud. As did the team of course. This is what we wanna see. This is how Sankt Pauli should play. Ball down and working through strategy and game plan. No heroic bullshit and no egos. Everyone working for the common good in the team. And everyone using their brains first. This is how we want to see Sankt Pauli next Sunday against Holstein Kiel in  Millerntor. Strong and decisive on the pursuit of a treffer. Forza Sankt Pauli.

Line Up:


Park    Sobiech     Avevor    Buballa

     Nehrig   Dudziak (Flum 72′)

  Sobota (Flum 87′) Allagui (Möller Daehli 80′) Neudecker (Zander 75′)


Match goals:

0:1 Allagui (30′, Right Foot Shot , Neudecker)

Spectators: 10071

Sankt Pauli cards:  Sobiech(4), Nehrig(4)

The winning goal here


Further reading:


  1. […] durch das 0:1 von Allagui, der immer anzukommen scheint, im Hinterkopf – mehr zu diesem Spiel… – war die Vorfreude auf den Abstecher von Kiel ans Millerntor eigentlich sehr groß – […]

  2. […] durch das 0:1 von Allagui, der immer anzukommen scheint, im Hinterkopf – mehr zu diesem Spiel… – war die Vorfreude auf den Abstecher von Kiel ans Millerntor eigentlich sehr groß – […]

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