Matchday 25: Fortuna Düsseldorf vs FC Sankt Pauli 2-1

Posted: March 5, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Momentum breakdown

All we needed was to keep that momentum. Fortuna was no easy case here and we knew it. Three points could easily pop em up to the first place (which eventually they did) and so they would kill for them. All we needed to do was keep a tight line on defense and hope for a good counter attack or why not a good and well organized offense. In the end we were just happy to leave Fortuna’s field defeated but decent.


First half underway and what a bad start for us. On 8′ Fortuna executes a corner kick. Hoffmann manages to confuse Avevor and pass right behind him. His hip receives the ball from Usami  and the ball ends up touching the inside of our nets. Now how did that happen right? The solid defense line we were talking about above? Maybe not today. On 10’, Neuhaus  fires off a dynamite heading right to our nets but Himmelmann says no to that one. On 17’ Dudziak tries to catch Fortuna of guard but with no luck. A left foot shot from him goes way way to the right causing no threat for Fortuna. The on 26’ Sobota sends a nice high ball to Bouhaddouz. Bouhaddouz’s response to that is lead to a corner from Wolf . Neudecker executes on 27’. New corner for Sankt Pauli from the left side now. No luck to that as Wolf blocks it. After the goal the teams seem kind of equal. Might be a bit bold but I could say that Sankt Pauli brought heat many times in Fortuna‘s box but with no luck as the final attempts were mostly sloppy. The biggest chance of the game so far belonged to Avevor. On 35’ Sobota flanks and sends a high ball to his head, right where he stood alone. Avevor just fucks it all up by simply executing the worst left foot shot in the history of football. Lack of basic technique took away a definite 1-1 here. Next big chance but simply accidental was the one on 45’+1. Wolf shoots the ball away but is unlucky enough to find Bouhaddouz’s head. The ball returns to Fortuna’s nets only to slightly hit the left post and stay out of their nets. Scheiße!!! Final whistle for this first half. Players to the lockers.

Second half underway early on 47’ Sankt Pauli has to stand a small siege of our box. A corner for Fortuna and on a first attempt we clear the ball but the rebound goes to Fortuna once again. Fink shoots but the ball ends away from our post. On 52’ Buballa opens the ball high for Bouhaddouz who gets a nice header but sends it a bit above Fortuna’s upper post. Then, one minute later, Sobota sends a direct pass to Schneider who shoots nicely but still…the ball will end a bit above Fortuna’s upper post. Damn. On 56’ Schauerte makes fun of Avevor by simply dribbling under his feet. Our defensive literally looked hopeless before Fortuna’s player. The ball ends up to our former striker, Hennings who shoots but Himmelmann says no once again. And then again on 58’ Himmelmann says no to a distant shot from Usami which he leads to a corner. On 63’ another corner for Sankt Pauli. No luck. On 66’ another corner for Sankt Pauli. Number 8. No luck again. On 70’ Fink passes the ball through our defensives and ends up alone with the ball before Himmelmann. Robin says no once again. On 74’ though he won’t be able to do much. From 20 meters distance, and after he receives the ball from Sobottka, Usami fires a big shot and doubles the goals for Fortuna. Needless to put blame on someone here. Noone seemed to think that Usami needed someone to apply pressure on him. Fortuna seemed to pull back after the second goal and this gave us the place to move a bit forward. On a desperate attempt on shot, on 90’+1 Sahin shoots. The ball is headed to Fortuna’s nets but Wolf seemed to be placed well to block it. Then Bouhaddouz just changes the course of the ball with the tip of his toe and the ball ends up to Fortuna’s nets. 3 minutes later the ref whistles finale.

Truth is we thought we’d have it worse. If we take some moments of extreme idiotic performance here and there though, we could say that Sankt Pauli stood its ground. If we didn’t have all that negative background, and lots points we want to cover, we could claim that we played well. Definitely if luck leaned over our side or Fortuna’s we could have suffered a bigger loss but easily we could have also won. Taking aside the fact that three precious points are gone, we could say that we’re happy of how Sankt Pauli ended up in this match day. Scored a goal and even saw proud Fortuna sweating through the last minutes of the game. Need more work? Ooooh yesh!!! Definitely we do need more work. But let’s face it. It is all about remaining in the league for us now. Next game is this Saturday, 10/3 against Eintracht Braunschweig in Millerntor. C’mon boys in brown. You got this! Forza Sankt Pauli damn it!

Line Up:


Park   Sobiech     Avevor    Buballa

    Flum          Dudziak

      Sobota (Sahin 55′) Neudecker (Allagui 78′)   

 Schneider (Diamantakos 75′)  Bouhaddouz

Match goals:

1:0 Hoffmann (8′, Hip, Usami)

2:0 Usami (74′, Left Foot shot , Sobottka)

2:1 Bouhaddouz (90′ + 1, Left Foot Shot, Cenk Sahin)

Spectators: 37208

Sankt Pauli cards: N/A

Match highlights here


Further reading:


PS: Wishes for today’s birthday boy 😉


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