Matchday 27: 1. FC Kaiserslautern vs FC Sankt Pauli 1-1

Posted: March 19, 2018 by AndyChristos in Zweite Liga 2017-18
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Let’s use our brain for a change, shall we?

Unacceptable. As simple as that. You can’t beat a team like Frontzeck’s (yeh, yeh….remember that “gentleman”?) Kaiserslautern, you’re no good yourself. We were definitely better in every aspect. But that just won’t cut it! Defensively we suck big time, but that is not our only problem. Analysis to it though later. For now, just read below and witness how our beloved Sankt Pauli managed to lose the 3-pointer from this game…


No early action on this one. Game starts and both teams played their cards carefully. On 18’ Neudecker takes the rebound on a clumsy shot from Müller  and attempts to threaten from distance. Strong shoot but predictable. Ends up right to Müller‘s hands. Then a little later, on 21’ the first big chance for Sankt Pauli. Park with the ball at his feet sends a nice curved high ball to Allagui. He takes the header really strong but Müller reacts with class. Explodes and sends the ball to a corner. Of course the corner is gone to waste. On 22’ Park once again steals the ball and sends a direct pass to Allagui. He is way to the left side sending the ball in the outer net area. Bad luck these two. On 24’ a shot from Nehrig gives us another lost corner. Clock shows 30’ and thank G..d for Borrello ’s incompetence and thank G…d for Frontzeck coaching FCK. Guwara takes all our defensives on him and opens a nice direct pass to Borrello. Even Himmelmann was away. Borrello has to think through this though, and as he thinks it through we wake up and claim the ball back. On 37’ another big proof that our defense sucks. Moritz sends the ball to our box and everyone goes nuts. Everyone starts kicking without actual plan, until Himmelmann grabs the ball to safety. A last minute shot from Neudecker on 41’ changes nothing. Couple of minutes later, the final whistle for this first half sends the players to the locker rooms.

Second half underway and early on 47’ Daehli sends to Allagui. He sends back to Bouhaddouz who fails to control the ball. On 53’ Osawe tries his luck from distance. No chance at all. Ball ends up to Himmelmann. Similar luck had the shot of Seufert  from 18 meters on 56’. Ball ends up high above our post. Then on 67’ Bouhaddouz in a header that ends up 2 meters away from FCK’s post. On 68’ Himmelmann proved once again his stand to the game. Osawe shoots but he is there blocking the ball. 71′ was our moment. Rightfully deserved red card for FCK. Bracker  in particular for holding back Allagui who was in a profound position of scoring. The white dot was shown. On 73’ Bouhaddouz executes the penalty and opens the score for Sankt Pauli. We just couldn’t be left with the smile stuck on our faces though. On 84’, a totally unnecessary foul from Allagui. FCK executes fast and the ball ends with Spalvis. Avevor is on him. Spalvis finds no difficulty in aiming and sending the ball into our nets. On 90’+1 an act of desperation from Allagui. A 20 meters shot that ends in the hands of Müller. Last chance in the game on 90’+2. A distant shot from Park that ends way above FCK nets.

We were better. That’s a fact. But that alone just won’t do. These games are the ones to teach us stuff about the team. About its weaknesses. I mean…It was Kaiserslautern dude.  The weakest team in the league and clearly a team unable to create anything (Frontzeck coaching… no shit!!) and yet…They managed to take away three valuable points and leave us only with one. We have to start using some brain in our games man. Unnecessary fouls, lame defense, players that only run forward without plan or a single clue of where they could provide the ball. C’mon…. this has to stop. Let’s regroup and reorganize. See what we got and how we can use it. Next game is Sunday 1/4 against Sandhausen in Millerntor. Let’s gather all the positive energy we got for this one shall we? FORZA SANKT PAULI.

Line Up:


Park    Ziereis     Avevor    Buballa

     Nehrig     Flum (Dudziak 75′)

    Sahin                               Neudecker (Daehli 46′)

    Allagui                  Diamantakos (Bouhaddouz 46′)

Match goals:

0:1 Bouhaddouz (73′, Right Foot Penalty, Allagui)

1:1 Spalvis (84′, Right Foot shot, Halil Altintop)

Spectators: 32243

Sankt Pauli cards: Sahin(3), Park(2), Allagui(3)

Match highlights


Further reading:




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